The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

This is recap of The Legends Chinese Drama Episode 7, Zhao Yao and Zhi Yan sit on the bridge, and Zhi Yan thinks nobody needs their help when it’s sunset. She offers to return home, but Zhao Yao wants to check account somewhere. She visits the forbidden place and finds out she is visualization when it’s dark.

The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

The Legends

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legends Chinese Drama Episode 7.

Chen Lan walks in Zhi Yan’s room and spots her getting tied. He asks her who did it, she tells him it’s Zhao Yao. Zhao Yao jumps to the bed and pinches Zhi Yan’s neck. She tells her not to leak out her information and reminds her that she cannot live alone at Wanlu sect.

She says that she won’t tie her if she explains it for her. Zhi Yan tells Chen Nan that she doesn’t know where Zhao Yao is. But he mentions she said that Zhao Yao visited her dream. She says that she visited her dream is to ask her to do good deed, and she tied herself.

So he thinks she can find the way to untie, and asks her to show it to him. Zhen Yan unties it accidentally. Chen Lan steps out and asks A Da to watch Zhi Yan. Zhao Yao calls Zhi Yan little girl. Zhi Yan gets angry and asks Zhao Yao to call her real name.

Zhao Yao thinks Zhi Yan shames her because they have same face, but Zhi Yan points out people cannot see Zhao Yao’s face. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan to hug big leg, but Zhi Yan thinks it will harm her pride. Zhao Yao points out Zhi Yan’s pride will stepped by low level disciples.

She tells her that she got her a identity of Chen Lan’s disciple, and asks her not to be scared when she gets bullied. She asks her to get more medicine to promote her martial arts, and thinks she cannot defeat the pig she raised. But Zhi Yan mentions Zhao Yao got defeated by the man at North Mountain Gate.

She thinks she doesn’t have any martial art inside her body. Zhao Yao calms down and asks Zhi Yan to go downhill doing good deeds for her. But Zhi Yan fears the disciples, Zhao Yao promises to protect Zhi Yan. Jiang Wu shows up with his men in Jiangzhou while taking blade. He says that he will do something there.

Zhao Yao spots a boy being tripped, and asks Zhi Yan to comfort him. She tells her to call her name before comforting him. Zhi Yan gives the sugar-coated berry to the boy, but he runs away and yells, “Female Demon King wants to rob his sugar-coated berry”.

Zhi Yan mocks at Zhao Yao that she is so famous. Zhao Yao tells Zhi Yan to help the old lady who cannot get up. People run away when they hear Zhao Yao’s name. The old lady wrongs Zhi Yan hit her, and asks for money to see doctor. Zhao Yao finds out the man pretends to be old lady to blackmail, and kicks his ass.

Zhao Yao and Zhi Yan sit on the bridge, and Zhi Yan thinks nobody needs their help when it’s sunset. She offers to return home, but Zhao Yao wants to check account somewhere. She visits the forbidden place and finds out she is visualization when it’s dark.

She worries about the result since she kicked a old lady, but comforts herself that she did many good deeds. The man doesn’t allow her to get in the shop because she doesn’t have enough money. Zhao Yao feels wrong and claims that she did many good deeds.

But the man tells her that a person can only do one good deed everyday, and the rest will be confiscated. Zhao Yao gets angry that others get 1000 per good deed, but she only gets 100. The man tells her to ask Big Spirit Bank about it.

The man in Big Spirit Bank tells Zhao Yao that she had too many sins before she died, so she can only get ten percent money. Zhao Yao visits the guy who sold empty pill to her, and tells him that the cloaking is only available at night and asks them to fix it.

But the guy just writes down what she said and tells her to go home. Zhao Yao asks him about the after sale, but he says that after sale costs money. Zhao Yao thinks Qizhi place dislikes Unfettered guests like her, and decides to get more people to do good deed for her.

The man tells Zhao Yao to earn money in Jiang Zhou. But Zhao Yao thinks she needs to spend three days to get there. He tells her to walk through west gate, and reveals it connects with Jiangzhou city. Zhao Yao gets out from the tree, and startles Yue Zhu.

Yue Zhu asks Sima Rong to arrest Zhao Yao as she treats her as a thief. But Zhao Yao climbs over the wall to flee. Chen Lan visits Sima Rong and asks for a cup of tea. Sima Rong tells Chen Lan to take down Zhao Yao, but Chen Lan asks Sima Rong how he faced it in those days.

Sima Rong says that he couldn’t accept it, and kept Yue Zhu’s body. But he buried Yue Zhu and took down. Chen Lan asks Sima Rong why he still stays at the yard and made a wood robot. Sima Rong says that her traces are on the grasses and woods, and he cannot forgive himself.

He says that there are flowers blooming in advance, but he doesn’t expect they bloom too beautiful. Because it won’t last too long. Tian Ming reports to Su Ruo that Zhi Yan joined Wanlu sect and became Chen Lan ‘s disciple, and thinks it’s hard to catch Zhi Yan.

Su Ruo thinks there some guys who aren’t loyal to Chen Lan in Wanlu sect, Tian Ming thinks Yuan Jie is a good candidate. But she thinks Yuan Jie hates them as they killed his family. Tian Ming mentions Yuan Jie wants to murder Chen Lan, and the son of Yuan Jie’s adversary is at Phoenix Mountain.

The man reports to Zi Yu that Jiang Wu appears at Jiangzhou. She remembers Sima Rong is in Jiangzhou and asks him to protect Sima Rong. He tells her that Chen Lan asked A Da to watch Zhi Yan and thinks it wastes A Da’s talent. But Zi Yu scolds him and thinks Chen Lan has a reason to do it.

Zhao Yao sets up a shop at street and asks people to do good deeds. Jiang Wu passes by and is surprised when she mentions Zhao Yao. He says that he wants to tame Zhao Yao, and donates his clothes. But he asks Zhao Yao’s soul to kill Chen Lan.

Zhao Yao agrees it and asks people to donate their clothes. But they reject her. Jiang Wu threatens people to donate their clothes with his power. He asks Zhao Yao to join her because she is the only person who dares to stare at him. Zhao Yao rejects it.

The chief of Mirror and Heart sect wonders why Zhi Yan thinks he killed her father, and thinks someone provoked her. Su Ruo offers to throw a meeting a Immortal Sects and clarify the case. Zhao Yao returns home and tells Zhi Yan that she met a red hair guy, and thinks he is very funny.

Zhi Yan sighs and misses her father. But Zhao Yao tells her to get up early and not return until she is tired. Zhi Yan asks Zhao Yao about Cang Ling. Zhao Yao guesses he is in the jail.

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