The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

These are recaps of The Legends Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4, Zhao Yao asks Mo Qing to draw the attention of enemies. But his blood awakes Wanjun sword. She thinks he betrays her, and is killed by Wanjun sword. She passes away with hate, and Mo Qing gets her position of Wanlu sect.

The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

The Legends

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Legends Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Zhao Yao visits Luo Mingxuan, and he asks her about Mo Qing. She realizes that Luo Mingxue wants to kill Mo Qing, and wants to leave because Luo Mingxuan isn’t the one she knew. But the sword men block her way. She claims that nobody can block her. Luo Mingxuan ties Zhao Yao with light rope and locks her up.

Changyu Shengzhu visits Zhao Yao in jail and tells her that they will forgive her if she reveals Mo Qing’s whereabouts. She says that she is Luo Mingxuan’s wife, but Zhao Yao doesn’t believe it. The chief of immortal sect is dying, and he regrets for didn’t achieve the realm of immortal. So he gives the task to Qin Qianxuan. Qin Qianxuan walks out and tells the disciples that chief passed away.

Luo Mingxuan watches Zhao Yao get whipped and asks her to admit her mistake. But she thinks she didn’t do anything wrong. So he tells her that Mo Qing is evil. She asks him how many good persons was killed by him, and thinks he cheated her. She says that she wants to protect Mo Qing even if he is devil’s son.

Luo Mingxuan summons the sword and thinks Zhao Yao’s family is evil. She yells that she doesn’t feel guilty for what she did, and thinks he killed innocent. Luo Mingxuan is furious to kill Zhao Yao, but grandpa saves her. Grandpa hits Luo Mingxuan for bullying his granddaughter. But Luo Mingxuan flees away.

Grandpa helps Zhao Yao flee through a red hole, but he gets backstabbed by Luo Mingxuan. Luo Mingxuan is pleased because grandpa cannot use teleport anymore. But grandpa laughs, “It’s worth to save my granddaughter with my life.” He tells Zhao Yao to live by herself. Luo Mingxuan summons phoenix and kills grandpa.

Zhao Yao wakes up in the rain and calls grandpa. But she trips and her forehead is injured. She spots grandpa’s rod and picks it up. She remembers Luo Mingxuan killed grandpa and hugs the rod, calling Luo Mingxuan.

Mo Qing spots Zhao Yao and runs to her. But she passes through him gauntly. She asks him how long he stayed there. He says one month, and asks her if she gets injured. She says that it’s the lesson someone gave her, and swears not to be hypocrisy person.

Zhao Yao says that the gold immortal is her enemy, and wants to set up Wanlu sect. She wants open a bloody path with blade and gets a justice with sword.

Since then I become female devil in people’s talk. I kill people and save people at the same time. I make people who hate ancient sect join Wanlu sect. I accept east, west, south and north chiefs against ancient sect. I make people know my name and seals Luo Mingxuan. I ask Mo Qing to guard gate and forgets the past, and become chief of Wanlu sect.

5 years later.

In phoenix mountain, people talk about how to ruin Wanlu sect when Wanjun sword is going to be born. But Jing Xiu mentions Zhao Yao sealed gold immortal, and thinks they’re not her rivals. But Changyu Shengzhu reveals she has the plan. Jing Xiu doesn’t want to join them and leaves.

Changyu Shengzhu wants to kill Zhao Yao to take the revenge. But Chief Liu persuades to give up the revenge. Changyu Shengzhu thinks her brother doesn’t have revenge, so he said that.

She visits Luo Mingxuan and remembers their wedding. She was nervous because the groom is gold immortal while dressing up. Luo Mingxuan arrived to pick up Changyu Shengzhu, Liu Suruo.

Zhao Yao is feeding the eagle with meat. The spy reports that some people plan to kill her. Lu Shiqi and Yuan Jie volunteer to kill them. But Zhao Yao wants to do it in person.

Peope flees away when Zhao Yao shows up at street. She robs the sugar-coated berry from the kid and slaps his head.

The Legends Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

The follower reports to Liu Suruo that Qin Qianxian left. She asks him if Qin Qianxian looks weird. The follower denies. She tells Luo Mingxuan that Zhao Yao died, and thinks it’s too light to her. Qin Zhiyan spots Liu Wei stabbing her father, and wants to stop him. But Liu Wei attacks her. Qin Zhiyan’s father helps her flee with teleport.

The sword men talk about how to kill Zhao Yao while looking at the map. A stone flies to the fire and burns the map. The sword men surround Zhao Yao with their swords. She asks them to attack her, and she doesn’t attack back. But they have to commit suicide if they fail. She gives them the time of eating sugar-coated berry. The sword men fail.

Yuan Jie welcomes Zhao Yao and reminds her it’s time to sword tomb. They arrive at sword tomb, and Yuan Jie makes earthquake. Lu Shiqi tells the sword men to get lost while throwing a rock to them. Zhao Yao gets in and asks Lu Shiqi to guard sword tomb. She arrives at the place where Wanjun sword sleeps. But the evil gas block her way.

Yuan Jie and Lu Shiqi fights with immortal sects outside. Zhao Yao breaks the array of immortal sect, but Liu Suruo attacks her. Mo Qing arrives and is told that Zhao Yao is inside the sword tomb. But his heart beats fast. Zhao Yao defeats Liu Suruo, but she is hit by a mysterious force. Mo Qing realizes Zhao Yao is in danger and gets into sword tomb.

The people of immortal sects save Liu Shuruo and want to kill Zhao Yao since she is injured. Zhao Yao wants to give her silver mirror to Mo Qing for drawing the disciple of immortal sects. He doesn’t accept the silver mirror, but he swears to take down all he owns for her. But Zhao Yao thinks he owns nothing.

The disciple of immortal sects hurt Mo Qing but his blood awakes Wanjun sword. Wanjun sword summons other swords to kill the disciples. Zhao Yao is happy because the sword is born, but Mo Qing grabs Wanjun sword when the sword summons him. Zhao Yao runs to him and asks Mo Qing to release his hand. But she is injured by Wanjun sword, and the silver mirror drops.

Zhao Yao realizes Mo Qing is devil’s son and he used her when he pulls Wanjun sword out. She praises his plan and yells, but falls into abyss when Mo Qing gets the Wanjun sword. Yuan Jie searches the sword tomb but doesn’t find Zhao Yao. He reports it to Li Chenlan. Li Chenlan steps outside and picks the fruit. He remembers it’s the smell Zhao Yao likes.

Liu Wei tells Qin Qianxian that he is intention to find who killed Qin Yu, and reveals he drank with Chief of phoenix mountain, Chi Tianming, when Qin Yu died. The disciple reports to Qin Qianxian that Qin Zhiyan got into confused array. So Qin Qianxian leaves and spots the black sign on Liu Wei’s neck.

Qin Zhiyan flees away because Qin Qianxian doesn’t believe her. She trips in the array and her blood awakes Zhao Yao.

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