The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

These are recaps of The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 3-4, Min-Ik visits Gal-Hee and thinks he didn’t answer her question well because he was nervous. He asks her for one more chance, and tells her that she is the only one she can see, and she is someone he desperately needs. Gal-Hee returns home and is told that Nam-Hee got in, and she needs to pay the tuition.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 3

The Secret Life of My Secretary

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Episodes 3-4.

Min-Ik goes to hug his mother Hae-Ra, but she lets his hands go and asks him what he wanted for his birthday. Dae-Joo hints Min-Ik to speak out “A boat”. They sigh when they see the real boat. Dae-Joo gives the model of boat to Min-Ik, and Min-Ik wonders how to deal with the boat.

Dae-Joo offers to use it as their secret place, and they will meet there when he wants to share his secrets.

Min-Ik takes Gal-Hee into the room when Seok-Chan is looking for him. He stares at her and thinks it’s back, and she is startled when he takes off his clothes. He asks her to give the dress shirt to him, and she realizes that he isn’t allowed to leave the hospital.

They run out of the hospital and get in the taxi. She wants to go to the police station and clear her name, so he asks her to get out of the car. But she worries that he won’t come. They arrive at the office, and she asks him if he will go to the police right after the shoot.

He says that he won’t run away, and Eul-Wang calls him. He doesn’t recognize Eul-Wang until Gal-Hee tells him. Gal-Hee tries to avoid Eul-Wang because she knew she got fired. The video director shows up and tells Min-Ik that everyone is waiting for him.

Gal-Hee wants to leave, but Min-Ik grabs her arm and tells her to stay by his side. Min-Ik cannot recognize the kids, but the Video Director asks him to stand next to the kid Da-Young. Min-Ik asks Gal-Hee who Da-Young is, so she asks the kid to raise her hand.

She wonders why he keeps asking her who people are, and thinks he is good at remembering people’s faces. She gets a call from Ha-Ni and leaves. He yells at her in the elevator and mentions he told her to stay right by his side, and she goes to wipe his sweat.

He wonders why she is the only one who doesn’t change, and she thinks she still helps him out after she got fired. He thinks he needs to see the doctor Seok-Chan, but she asks him to see the detective. The cop asks Gal-Hee why she keeps answering questions for Min-Ik.

She explains that Min-Ik has trouble memorizing his own address, and the cop asks Min-Ik who he was supposed to meet at the site of the incident. Min-Ik shares that it was his friend, but he didn’t show up. The cop wonders why his friend didn’t call him, and Min-Ik shares that they’re close enough to understand.

The Cop mentions Min-Ik said that he saw the criminal’s face, and asks if he can recognize him. Another arrives with the CCTV, and shares that nothing got caught on camera because it was dark by the dock. Min-Ik recognizes the guy wearing a black outfit and a black hat.

He also notes that Gal-Hee and the secretaries came. She explains that they overate and wanted to work out. She mentions the golf club, the baseball bat. She thinks they’re all for sports. But he wonders why they need a jokbal. So she explains that it’s a great replacement for dumbbells.

But he finds out that she said to kill him. She explains that it’s a killer view, and spots Dae-Joo in the footage. Min-Ik asks Gal-Hee why she knows the secret place while going outside. She shares that everyone knows the place, and he asks her to take him home.

She shares that it made her so angry when thinking of her mother, and she saved his life. She claims that it’s her final act as his secretary, and leaves. Min-Ik returns home and calls Hae-Yong uncle. But Hae-Yong thinks they’re not actually related by blood. Min-Ik points out that they swapped saliva, and they used same bowl ever.

Hae-Yong laughs and thinks Min-Ik is a cuckoo. Hae-Ra claims Min-Ik is his son whom she gave birth to, but Hae-Yong points out that she took him in while her husband was alive. Hae-Ra asks Min-Ik if he is sick, and tells him that her goal is to conceal how they’re not blood-related, and his role is to be the perfect son.

He tells her that he loves her and hugs her. Min-Ik walks in when Seok-Chan is talking about him with other doctors. Seok-Chan finds out that Min-Ik cannot recognize faces. Min-Ik shares that he can recognize one person. Gal-Hee tells the boss that she is 29 year old, but he only wants to hire the one below 26.

He thinks secretary is the face of company, and complains that she is dry and boring. She conducts an interview of her own and wants to see if her future boss has good conduct. He is furious and wants to hit her. Gal-Hee flees out and gets a call from the hospital, and the lady calls her because Min-Ik didn’t pick up his phone.

Min-Ik remembers that Seok-Chan told him that the falling narrowing the blood vessel connected to the face recognition, and thinks he will get back soon. He notes that a person follows him, but finds out he is Dae-Joo. Dae-Joo thinks Min-Ik must be really mad at him since he pretended not to know him. He shares that he tried to contact him, but he didn’t answer his phone.

But Min-Ik points out that Dae-Joo came. Dae-Joo explaims that he almost went in, but he left because Secretary Lee got in trouble. Min-Ik asks Dae-Joo if he keeps any secret from him. Dae-Joo admits it and wants to tell Min-Ik later. Min-Ik asks Dae-Joo if he needs a driver, and Dae-Joo claims that he prefers a bicycle.

Dae-Joo asks Min-Ik why he asks it. Min-Ik shares that he needs a driver. Dae-Joo wants to get his former driver for Min-Ik. The Manager Kim of art center calls Min-Ik and asks him if he will come to the opening. He says that he will appear there and asks about his mother wearing. She shares that his mother wears a black jacket with a floral shawl.

Min-Ik arrives at the art center and walks through Hae-Ra when she recognizes him, and hugs the woman who wears floral shawl. She gives him a slap, and he panics to flee away when Hae-Ra asks him what he did. Gal-Hee takes Min-Ik’s stuff at the hospital, and wonders why he doesn’t get a new phone.

She spots Min-Ik grabbing Seok-Chan’s collar, saying that people’s faces disappeared. He mentions he promised there would be no problem with his brain. Seok-Chan points out that as it’s deteriorating rapidly, it’s likely to be chronic. So Min-Ik asks for the medication. Seok-Chan reminds Min-Ik that he is a survivor from a very dangerous surgery.

But Min-Ik doesn’t want to be a survivor, and tells Seok-Chan that he will give him everything he wants, asking him to make him see people’s faces again. Min-Ik spots Gal-Hee whose face doesn’t change.

The Secret Life of My Secretary Korean Drama Recap: Episode 4

Min-Ik calls the cop and tells him that he wants to see the criminal’s face. The criminal Jung-Soo tries to leave the elevator when seeing Min-Ik. Min-Ik lets him in and asks him which floor he is going to. Jung-Soo tells Min-Ik to press the button to the rooftop.

Min-Ik spots Eul-Wang looking for something in his office, but he doesn’t recognize him. She explains that she was looking for his schedule, and mentions he postponed the secretary interviews. He shares that he had a situation. Min-Ik takes Gal-Hee’s personal contract, and decides something.

Gal-Hee is waiting for the news of her job, and finds a bag of money from Joong-Hee. He knows that she got fired, and asks her to have a compulsory holiday with the cashes. She chases him home and finds out that he did the part-time massage job again. He shares that Nam-Hee didn’t make it because of her.

He tells her to use the cash as toilet paper, but she thinks it’s his blood. So tries to throw the cashes into the paper, but she catches them. Joong-Hee kicks Gal-Hee out, and she decides to spend all the money. Min-Ik hears Ha-Ni talking with Gal-Hee, and knows that Gal-Hee wants to watch the plays.

Gal-Hee arrives at the theater, and gets a message from Ha-Ni who cannot come. Min-Ik shows up and drops the tickets. She realizes that he bought all the tickets, and he says that he didn’t want to be around anyone. She tells him that people don’t want to be around him as well, and decides to leave.

He stops her and reveals he came there to see her. He laughs to congratulate her on getting hired by him again. But she tells him to get lost. So he asks her about her conditions. She asks him why he suddenly wants her back after firing her. He says that she were that kind of person to him, and she thinks she is someone precious to him.

But he tells her that he is someone convenient. She thinks the convenient is a word describing a remote control, and shares that she decides to enjoy her holiday. She shares that her brother worked hard to earn the money until his wrists turned green, and he forced her to go on a holiday.

Min-Ik visits Gal-Hee and thinks he didn’t answer her question well because he was nervous. He asks her for one more chance, and tells her that she is the only one she can see, and she is someone he desperately needs. Gal-Hee returns home and is told that Nam-Hee got in, and she needs to pay the tuition.

Eul-Wang announces that they have a waiting room of their own, Ri-Ra thinks if it wasn’t Gal-Hee, they won’t get the waiting room. Dae-Joo tells Min-Ik that he left a gift for him in his office, and thinks he will love it. Min-Ik returns his office and is startled by Gal-Hee. She congratulates him on getting back to her, and he shakes hands with her.

Jung-Soo shows up, and Gal-Hee introduces him to Min-Ik as his new driver. The cop finds out that Dae-Joo met with Jung-Soo that night.

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