The Song of Glory: Episode 25 Recap & Review

Liu Yikang tells Shen Lige not to admit that she assassinated him on The Song of Glory.

The Song of Glory: Episode 25 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

Li Ge and Yi Kang get married, but she doesn’t know the prince she wants to kill is her lover. She stabs him in the wedding. He worries that she will get hurt if people know she was the one who assassinated him, so he tells her not to admit it.

Yi Kang is injured. Li Ge comes to ask Master to save her lover. Master is furious and takes the sword to blame Li Ge. But she tells him that she will die if Yi Kang dies. Yi Xuan tells Le Qing that only the tiger gut can save Yi Kang.

Le Qing takes the badge and asks the bodyguard to arrest Li Ge. She says that it’s the order of Queen Ye. Shen Zhi protects Li Ge and makes sure his sister won’t get hurt.

The Song of Glory shows us the intense plot after Li Ge stabbed Yi Kang. Yi Kang is in danger after he got stabbed, and he loses many blood. Only the tiger gut can save his life. But the stuff is owned by Master, and he won’t give it to Li Ge as Yi Kang is his enemy.

Le Qing knows the tiger gut can save Yi Kang’s life, and she also finds out that Li Ge was the assassin. So she reports it to Queen Ye, and Queen Ye gives the badge to Le Qing. Le Qing takes the badge and goes to arrest Li Ge. But their elder brother Shen Zhi stops her. Because he knows Li Ge is a good person and she was forced to hurt the prince. The episode makes me want to know if Li Ge saves Yi Kang and how Le Qing fails.

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