The Song of Glory: Episode 38 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for The Song of Glory: Episode 38. Lu Yuan dies but the followers around like are still alive. Yi Kang and Yi Ge have to find them out and kill them.

The Song of Glory: Episode 38 Recap & Review

The Song of Glory

The Song of Glory recap contains spoilers.

Li Ge slaps Lu Yuan before he gets killed, and blames him for what he did on her. Wan Er goes to See Yi Xuan but she hears that he orders his men to get rid of the followers of Lu Yuan. Le Qing is chased by the bodyguard, and she is saved by Xue Qiu.

San Bao tells Yi Kang that the person who wanted to get rid of him was Queen Ye. Yi Kang tells Queen Ye that he didn’t expect that she would want to kill him. She gets on knees and asks for death. Yi Xuan stops Yi Kang and asks him to forgive his mother.

The Song of Glory: Episode 38 is full of intense moments, which make us want to watch episode 39.

Li Ge: She takes the revenge for Lu Yuan in the end, and her sisters can be happy to die.

Lu Yuan: His plan fails and he accepts his death. But his sister Wan Er still lives in the world. He worries about her although he doesn’t say a single word. I thinks Yi Xuan will take care of her since he had feelings on the girl.

Wan Er: She is scared after her older brother passed away. She thinks nobody will protect her except Yi Xuan. But she hears that he wants to get rid of her. He doesn’t know her identity and treats her like friend after Li Ge married Yi Kang. I think Wan Er will turn evil to hurt Li Ge and Yi Kang since everyone betrays her. There will be a person provoking her. The person is Xue Qiu who is Lu Yuan’s follower.

Queen Ye: She regrets for what she did, and asks for death. Yi Kang sees her sincerity and will forgive her even if she did many bad things. Because she is Yi Xuan’s mother. But she cannot be the queen anymore, and she will be kicked out from the palace.

Yi Kang: He feels happy after he gets rid of Lu Yuan. He can do the reform on the nation without any resistance. But he doesn’t expect that Queen Ye planned to kill him. Because he treated her as biological mom before.

Le Qing: She has to flee after Lu Yuan died. Xue Qiu saves her. The two will team up to continue doing bad things. Because they’re born to be evil.

This is all my review on The Song of Glory: Episode 38.

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