The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 49

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 49. Meng Yao tells everyone his sins and catches chance to kidnap Jin Ling. Wen Ning shows up with Ming Jue’s blade spirit and cuts off Meng Yao’s arm. Xi Chen stabs Meng Yao when Huai Sang reminds him that Meng Yao intends to hurt him.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 49

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 49.

Meng Yao is on knees to Xi Chen and asks for forgiveness since he handed over evil tiger symbol. But Qi Ren is heartless to mention that he said not to call him second brother when he schemed the chaos of random burying post. Meng Yao cries and thinks he doesn’t have the route of retreat. Lan Zhan and Wu Xian tell Xi Chen not to talk with Meng Yao, but Meng Yao grabs Xi Chen’s clothes and says that he received a threatening letter. It said to publish the things in seven days and threaten Meng Yao with death. Meng Yao says that he had no choice but killed them.

Xi Chen scolds Meng Yao that they wouldn’t get the evidence if he didn’t do so many bad things. Meng Yao thinks Xi Chen doesn’t trust him, and Xi Chen asks Meng Yao why he married his younger sister Qing Su. Meng Yao says that he had to marry her, but Xi Chen thinks he ruined a girl who truely loved him. Meng Yao says that he tried his best to get Cang Ye to agree with the marriage, and he could explain to Cang Ye and Guang Shan if he broke the engagement. He shares that Madam Qing told him the truth when he thinks everything was fine. He yells that he felt the thunder hit him.

Meng Yao adds that Madam Qing didn’t visit Guang Shan but begged him. Because she was forced. He says that his good father didn’t let off the wife of his subordinate, who followed him for many years, and he didn’t remember when he got a daughter. Madam Qing didn’t dare to tell his husband the thing. Meng Yao says that he would be doom if he got Guang Shan and Cang Ye broken. Xi Chen thinks Meng Yao can be cold to Qing Su even if he was forced, and asks him why he slept with her. Meng Yao doesn’t know if he should hate his father or himself, and Xi Chen asks Meng Yao if he killed his father.

Meng Yao admits it and remembers he told his father that they got many women for him. Xi Chen slaps Meng Yao, and asks him if he planned Zi Xuan’s death. Meng Yao says that he didn’t run into Zi Xuan by accident, and Wu Xian rages to grab Meng Yao’s clothes and ask him what he did.

Zi Xuan sees Meng Yao talking with the man, and he asks him what he did after the man left. Meng Yao denies, and Zi Xuan says that he didn’t dare to look at him when he lay. Meng Yao says that Zi Xun took people to go to Qiongqi path to visit Wu Xian, and Xi Xuan blames Meng Yao for not stop Zi Xun. Zi Xuan goes to stop Zi Xun, but he is killed by Wen Ning.

Jin Ling grabs Meng Yao’s clothes and asks his little uncle why he did that, and cries. Meng Yao complains that he always smiled to people but got looked back telling him that they feel disgusted. Jin Ling’s father was extremely arrogant but people scrambled for him. Meng Yao asks Jin Ling why he was asked to all kinds of things when his father only needed to accompany his wife and child. He says that he and Zi Xuan’s birthday are in same day, but Guang Shan threw party for Zi Xuan, and let his man kick off Meng Yao from golden stage. Meng Yao rolled over from the stage, but he bowed to his father.

Meng Yao says that he wanted to be a good man, and had the expectation to his father. He would do no matter how stupid Guang Shan’s order was. Meng Yao says that Guang Shan disappointed him when he confessed to the chicks. He asks Jin Ling if he knows why Guang Shan didn’t intend to redeem his mother.

It’s flashback. Guang Shan plays with the girls in the hall, and thinks redeeming is impossible. He says that if he redeems for the women studied, he will be tangled by the women. The girl gives the grape to him, and he eats with her mouth to mouth. She mentions he has a son, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Meng Yao laughs, and Xi Chen thinks it’s useless to say that. Meng Yao says that he is the person did bad things but asks for pity. He goes to thread Jin Ling’s neck. Su Zhe wants to take action, but Xi Chen stops him with his sword. Jiang Cheng is anxious and thought Wu Xian took away Meng Yao’s weapon. Wu Xian thinks Meng Yao can get weapon with empty. Lan Zhan points out that Meng Yao hid it in his body. Meng Yao makes Jin Ling bleed and comforts people that he saw Jin Ling growing up, and he will return an intact Jin Ling after a few days.

Jiang Cheng tells Meng Yao he is same to Jin Ling if he needs hostage. But Meng Yao disagrees and thinks Jiang Cheng will encumber him as he is injured. Wu Xian reminds Meng Yao that his subordinate is on their side. Su Zhe tells Meng Yao to ignores him, and Meng Yao thanks Su Zhe. Xi Chen thinks Meng Yao lay to him, and Meng Yao says that he only does it this time. Xi Chen mentions Meng Yao said same words last time, and he cannot distinguish which sentence he said is truth.

Si Zhui flies in the temple and tells Wu Xian that he couldn’t stop Wen Ning. Wen Ning shows up with a blade, and Xi Chen recognizes the blade tyrant down. Meng Yao learns that the blade belongs to Ming Jue, and Jiang Cheng asks Wu Xian why Wen Ning took Ming Jue’s blade. Wu Xian asks Si Zhui about it but Si Zhui knows nothing. Wu Xian whistles and wonders why Wen Ning didn’t listen to his order. Lan Zhan says that it’s blade spirit possession. Wen Ning flies to chop Meng Yao, and Meng Yao releases Jin Ling. Wu Xian catches the chance to take away Jin Ling, and Meng Yao’s arm is off.

Su Zhe goes to treat Meng Yao and asks Xi Chen to help Meng Yao. But Wen Ning approaches Su Zhe and Meng Yao. He goes to attack Jin Ling, but Wu Xian stops Wen Ning by calling his name Wen Qionglin. Wen Ning gets his consciousness back and says that he cannot control the blade. Jiang Cheng gives the flute to Wu Xian, Wu Xian blows the flute and makes the blade get in the coffin.

Huai Sang screams and asks Su She why he wants to kill him, and Su She throws away the sword. Tyrant down flies to stab Su She and kills him. Wu Xian puts tyrant down and evil tiger symbol together with Ming Jue, and seals the coffin. Huai Sang yells and asks Xi Chen if his leg is still there, Xi Chen comforts Huai Sang that his leg just got punctured. Huai Sang thinks he is dying, and Xi Chen feeds him with the pills to stop pain. Xi Chen turns to care for Meng Yao and tells him not to do the useless action, otherwise he will kill him.

Xi Chen asks Huai Sang to give the medicine bottle to him, but Huai Sang puts it into his clothes. Xi Chen goes to look for the medicine bottle, but Hua Hai tells Xi Chen to be careful of his back. Xi Chen turns to stab Meng Yao, and Hai Sang explains that Meng Yao hold out to Xi Chen’s back.

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