The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 1-2, Wu Xian gets the evil flag from Zi Yuan’s body. It seems that Zi Yuan treated the evil flag as rare treasure, and he got possessed. People stabilize Zi Yuan, but Master Mo gets possessed and begins to hurt people. The servant A Tong turns into ferocious and horrible, and takes his life with his left hand.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 1-2.

Sixteen years ago, Yunmeng Jiang, Lan Ling Jin, Gusu Lan, and Qinghe Nie. The four big families encircle and suppress Yiling Ancestor Wei Wuxian’s camp, disordered burying post. The wind and cloud move, and bloods gather into a river. Wu Xian stands at the mountaintop and looks down on the people, who fight for evil tiger symbol, and most of them died. Wu Xian hopelessly closes his eyes and tears up. He lets his body fall off the peak, but the hands pull him. He is the second young master of Lan family, Lan Wangji.

A man named Jiang Cheng shows up from Wang Ji’s back and takes a sword with cold light. He rages and tells Wu Xian to die, and stabs him. Wang Ji doesn’t grabs Wu Xian’s hand on the end, and he falls off the cliff. Sixteen years passed, Jiang Cheng hasn’t found Wu Xian’s body, and nobody knows if he is still alive. But he has the ability to turn over mountain and sea. Maybe he will return there in the casual moment.

The young boy Mu Xuanyu makes Wu Xian be resurrection with sacrifice and giving up method. The sacrifice and giving up method is a giving body up spell, and it’s speller cutting out wound with lethal weapon, spending blood and life to voluntarily summon an evil spirit getting into his body, and helps himself to achieve the wish. No matter whether or not Wu Xian agrees, the sacrifice and giving up has taken effect. He must take revenge according to Xuan Wu’s wish, so his wounds will be healed, otherwise his soul will disappear.

Wu Xian sighs and knows Xuan Yu lives in his aunt house. Xuan Yu not only didn’t get treated right, but also got bullied. His cousin Mo Ziyuan kept beating him. Mo family invites Lan family to catch demon, Wu Xian catches the chance to embarrass Zi Yuan, and takes revenge Xuan Yu.

Wu Xian sees people of Lan family inserting evil flag, and finds out the drawing doesn’t have any mistake. It still spreads since Yiling Ancestor has died over sixteen years. The disciple of Lan family, Si Zhui, telling Wu Xian not to step out even if he hears something. In the evening, Zi Yuan is possession by demon, and lost his left hand. He turned into a raged zombie so that people has to tie him up. Madam Mo cries up and thinks Xuan Yu killed her son.

Wu Xian gets the evil flag from Zi Yuan’s body. It seems that Zi Yuan treated the evil flag as rare treasure, and he got possessed. People stabilize Zi Yuan, but Master Mo gets possessed and begins to hurt people. The servant A Tong turns into ferocious and horrible, and takes his life with his left hand. The disciple of Lan family knows he cannot defeat the demon, and asks Han Guang a favor. Wu Xian knows Han Guang is Lan Zhan’s friend, and fears to see his friend Wang Ji.

Wu Xian detects the demon stays in someone’s left hand, and Madam Mo’s left hand grows black nails, attacking people. Wu Xian knows the demon is in Madam Mo’s body, and gets Master Mo and Zi Yuan to attack her.

Wang Ji takes zither arriving, and defeats the demon. He finds out the demon is just a sword spirit with resentment, and the sword has trace of evil symbol. People don’t expect the evil symbol still exists, and think Yiling Ancestor doesn’t die. Nobody notes that Wu Xian hides himself, and he stares at Wang Ji with smiling.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 2

Wu Xian takes the donkey to leave, but the donkey is hard to serve. He spots a well and sits to take a break. A group of people come, and he leaves the place for them. The people with straw sandals mutter why the pointer doesn’t move since they arrived at Big Buddhist Mountain. Wu Xian asks them what happened to the mountain, and knows the eating soul beast show up to hurt people. People gets illness of losing soul.

Wu Xian runs into a dancer A Yan, who got mad after looking for her husband with losing soul illness. Someone asks for help, and Wu Xian finds out the people he ran into are tied up by a golden net. He sees a guy with golden clothes and thinks he comes from Jin family. The guy is surprised to see Wu Xian, and shares Xuan Yu got driven out after going and living with relatives to Jin family. Wu Xian doesn’t like the boy, and makes him not move with spell. The boy yells to get his uncle to deal with Wu Xian. Wu Xian is surprised to see Jiang Cheng. Jiang Cheng doesn’t recognize Wu Xian, and unlocks the spell. When he wants to deal with Wu Xian, Wang Ji arrives with Si Zhui.

Wang Ji dislikes Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling to set up nets. He not only breaks the nets and uses dumb spell on Jin Ling. Jiang Cheng is furious but he needs to give Wang Ji a face. So he takes Jin Ling to leave. Wu Xian shows up after people left, and knows that Jiang Cheng hates Wu Xian because he killed their senior sister apprentice Jiang Yanli. He knows that Yan Li is Jin Ling’s mother, and slaps himself. He cannot rob Jin Ling’s stuff.

Jin Ling takes people to get in Apsara temple, and Si Zhui arrives with his men. The goddess statue is very weird. Jin Ling ignores it and makes a wish to let the demon who eats people show up in front of him. The friar passes out without breath, and people are shocked. The goddess statue moves, and Wu Xian arrives to put the spell on the statue. He asks people to leave because it’s a soul eater.

The thing eats villagers isn’t beast but the goddess. The people lost their souls made wishes to goddess, and the cost is their souls. The friars attack the goddess but cannot hurt her. Wu Xian blows his flute and summons the ghost general Wen Ning.

People are scared to see Wen Ning. Wen Ning is the first man of Yiling Ancestor, and he disappeared after Yiling Ancestor died. Wen Ning defeats the statue, but people surround him. Wu Xian blows his flute and gets Wen Ning not to hurt people. Wang Ji and Jiang Cheng arrive, and Wu Xian lets Wen Ning leave. Wang Ji is shocked to grab Wu Xian’s hand, and thinks the scene is so familiar. But Wu Xian died in Wang Ji’s mind.

Jiang Cheng attacks Wu Xian with purple electric to test Wu Xian. Wu Xian will get soul and body separate if he gets hit. But Wu Xian doesn’t get hurt, and it means he didn’t possess someone’s body. But who can summon Wen Ning, except Yiling Ancestor. Jiang Cheng questions Wu Xian’s identity. Wu Xian looks up at the sky, and remembers the things happened sixteen years ago. If he can, he really wants to return to the past.

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