The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 5-6

These are recaps of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 5-6, It’s first time to drink for Wang Ji, and he is drunk. Wu Xian helps Wang Ji go to the bed, and asks him to call him older brother. Wang Ji obeys Wu Xian. Wu Xian is surprised that Wang Ji still thinks about his forehead band when he is drunk.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 5

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 5-6.

Wu Xian’s answer completely irritates Qi Ren. Qi Ren punishes him to copy the rules of the family, and also lets Wan Ji watch on Wu Jian. Wu Xian has no choice but to copy it, but he is exhausted and puts down his pen, and the corner of his mouth shows an evil smile. He walks to Wang Ji and wants to know what he is doing. Wang Ji ignores Wu Xian and does his job. Wu Xian explains that he didn’t know the rules of Lan family, otherwise he would never drink. Wang Ji thinks Wu Xian is too glib and doesn’t realize his sin, so he gets him silenced.

Wen Ning thinks his older sister has been moodiness since she came to Gusu, and it seems that she is looking for something. Wen Qing frowns and remembers Ruo Han asked her to find the evil iron. Wen Ning doesn’t ask Wen Qing when she doesn’t want to talk. She touches his head and feels depressed. She cannot cure her brother’s illness since her families are doctors from generation to generation. She swears to take Wen Ning to leave No Night Sky. Wu Xian finishes up the copying, and cleverly stands in front of Wang Ji, taking out a portrait of Wang Ji, whose temples with a flower. Wang Ji blames Wu Xian for boring, and opens the book. But the book is replaced to be an erotic. Wang Ji is like to get burned, and throws away the book. He is furious to get up and blames Wu Xian for being shameless. He wants to beat him, but Wu Xian knows the place is forbidden to fight. Wang Ji is furious to tear up the erotic.

Wu Xian tells the thing to Jiang Cheng and Huai Sang, but Jiang Cheng thinks Wu Xian shamed Jiang family. People finds the owlet of Wen family, and wonder why Wen family sent owlet duty for monitoring there. Wang Ji and Xi Chen get the message that water spirit hurt villagers at garment town, and villagers ask Lan family to get rid of the spirit. Xi Chen wonders why the villagers raised water spirit since they have ability in swimming. He decides to take Wang Ji to deal with it.

Yan Li feels sick while walking by the crook, and Wen Qing sends Yan Li home. Wen Qing sees Yan Li caring for Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng, and thinks of Wen Ning. Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng volunteer to get rid of water spirit, and Wen Qing and Wen Ning agree to go. They arrives in garment town, and know that people sank into Blue Lake.

The team get in the boat, and Wu Xian gets the water to attack Wang Ji with his sword. Wang Ji avoid it, and they see the water spirit. Wu Xian explains to Wang Ji that the water spirit would run away if he made voices. But Wang Ji tells Wu Xian to stay away from him. The water spirits climb over the boat, and Wu Xian cuts them off with his sword. Wang Ji asks Wu Xian about the name of the sword. Wu Xian says “random”. Wang Ji thinks the sword contains spirit power, but has an informality name.

The water spirits return, and Jiang Cheng’s leg gets hurt. Wen Qing binds up for him, and Wen Ning finds out the water in the center of the lake turned into black. Wang Ji thinks the water spirit wants to draw them into the center. So they want to drive away, but the boat cannot move. So they have to ride the sword, but Wen Ning is missing. Wu Xian returns to the boat to save Wen Ning and is shocked that Wen Ning doesn’t have pupil. Wu Xian fails to grab Wen Ning’s hand, and Wang Ji saves them. Xi Chen blows the flute to deal with water abyss, and water abyss runs away. Wen Ning is in a coma, and Wu Xian goes to see him. But Wen Qing rejects his kindness. Wu Xian guesses Wen Ning isn’t weak to be in coma when he touches water, and he had a unusual experience so that he would get affected by evil spirit. He gives an amulet to Wen Qing, and asks her to hand it over to Wen Ning.

Wu Xian buys Wang Ji the loquat, but Wang Ji returns it to Wu Xian. So Wu Xian gives it to Jiang Cheng. Wang Ji still thinks about the water abyss.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 6

Wu Xian steals some wine and drinks with Jiang Cheng and Huai Sang. Wu Xian thinks the wine is mellow, and Jiang Cheng thinks Wu Xian treats wine as human. Wu Xian mocks at Jiang Cheng’s standards of choosing spouse. Wang Ji walks in, and Wu Xian invites him to drink. But Wang Ji rejects it. Wu Xian puts a spell on Wang Ji’s back, and Wang Ji obeys to drink.

It’s first time to drink for Wang Ji, and he is drunk. Wu Xian helps Wang Ji go to the bed, and asks him to call him older brother. Wang Ji obeys Wu Xian. Wu Xian is surprised that Wang Ji still thinks about his forehead band when he is drunk. Wang Ji thinks the forehead band is important, and nobody can touch it except his parents. Wu Xian laughs and thinks Wang Ji will be single all his life. He shares that his parents died when he is four year old, and Wang Ji lost his mom when he was still a child.

Xi Chen reports to Qi Ren about the case of water spirit, and thinks it’s related to Wen family. Qi Ren is surprised that Wu Xian is Chang Zi and San Ren’s son, and sighs that Wu Xian is like his mother. The disciple reports that Wu Xian took people to steal wine, and Wang Ji joined them. Qi Ren punishes Wu Xian and Wang Ji with iron ruler. Wu Xian asks for forgiving for Wang Ji, but Wang Ji volunteers to get punished. Xi Chen gets Wu Xian a place to heal and tells him that San Ren and Qi Ren were best friends, so Qi Ren treats Wu Xian strictly.

Wen Qing sends message to Ruo Han, “blue lake, water abyss and white pupil.” He replies that evil iron is in the water. Wu Xian visits Wang Ji at the back mountain. Wang Ji is taking a bath, and wears his clothes. Wu Xian laughs and gets in the spring water and wants to be his friend. He invites him to visit Lotus Dock. The undercurrent comes, and they fall into the swirl. They arrives at the blind pass.

At the end of the blind pass, they find a zither with spell of Lan family. The zither recognizes Wang Ji so that he doesn’t attack him. But he attacks Wu Xian. Wu Xian thinks the forehead band is effective, so they get it around their wrists. Wang Ji plays the zither, and the beauty Lan Yi walks out.

Wang Ji bows to Lan Yi, and Wu Xian knows she is the creator of string killing art and the only female chief of Lan family. Wang Ji and Wu Xian ask Lan Yi about evil iron. Lan Yi takes out the fragment of evil iron and remembers something.

Hundreds of years ago, the Yiling mass grave is a celestial mountain, but the most powerful national division Xue Chonghai absorbed resentment with evil iron and controlled an ancient monster with lives to kill sects. So the five familes united to kill Chong Hai, and the celestial mountain became mass grave. The evil iron has spirituality, and the resentment cannot be gotten rid of because of eating too many souls of people. The five families broke the evil iron into pieces, and put them at the places with spirit. They promised not to tell their sons about the evil iron.

Lan Yi adds that she found that the piece of evil iron was sealed in the cave of cold pool. She wanted to purify the evil iron, so she unsealed the seal. But the evil iron ate her. So she sealed the evil iron with her soul, but she cannot leave the cave of cold pool all her life.

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