The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episodes 9-10

These are recaps of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 9-10, Meng Yao takes people arriving at the No Cleaning World, and reveals Ruo Han asks the disciples of immortal sects to go to Qi mountain to get trained. Huai Sang panics as he is the only disciple of Nie family, and he doesn’t want to be the hostage.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 9

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episodes 9-10.

The zombies breaks into the gate of Goddess Temple. Wu Xian and his friends build a seal with magic to block the crazy villagers. Wang Ji offers to rush out, but Huai Sang is scared. The villagers are drawn out by the whistling, and the blower is Wen Qing.

Wen Qing makes villagers not move, but the owlet flies across the sky. Wen Qing’s face falls. Jiang Cheng smiles to show up and helps Wu Xian get out of the temple. They see Wen Qing struggling to suppress crazy villagers. She thinks the villagers be sober, only if they kill the owlet.

Wu Xian sets up golden shield to protect Jiang Cheng, Huai Sang and Wen Qing. Wu Xian and Wen Qing get in the woods and want to kill owlet. But the woods fill with fog, and even if they’re close, they cannot see each other. So they have to close their five senses, and coordinate to attack. The owlet ties Wu Xian up on the tree with iron chain, and Wu Xian pretends to pass away. Wu Xian kills the owlet, and the villagers get their souls back. Wu Chao is furious to blame the owlet.

Wen Qing takes people to the place Wen family buried, and shares that the goddess temple was Wen family’s temple. She went to worship with her family, but the goddess attacked them because she was lack of something in her heart. Wen Qing fled, but Wen Ning’s soul got absorbed. They were adopted by Ruo Han then. Wen Chao gets scolded by Ruo Han for didn’t aid Xue Yang, and Ruo Han asks Wen Chao to get the evil iron back.

Wu Xian and his men find a pheasant, and go to catch. Wang Ji asks Wen Qing if she really didn’t know why the goddess turned mad, and she denies. Wu Xian tells the truth that the goddess had an evil iron in her heart, and the evil iron helped her absorb the spirit power. But Ruo Han took it away. So the goddess begins to absorb human’s soul. Wen Qing knows that what Wu Xian said is the truth, but she cannot chance people’s minds. So she returns to No Dark Sky because her mom is there. Jiang Cheng doesn’t want Wen Qing to leave, and Wu Xian comforts Jiang Cheng that they will see again.

Wu Xian arrives at Liyang and goes to buy wine. The waiter shares that Chang families disappeared, and there is knocking sound in the house. Wang Ji’s evil iron moves, and he sees the miserable scene. He decides to visit Chang family, but Huai Sang rejects it because he is timid.

The team opens the gate with spirit power, and two body with red clothes hang on the gate. The blood flows into river inside, and all of people are killed, and they don’t have pupils. It seems that they were made to puppet before passed away.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 10

Wu Xian wonders who made this, and Wang Ji sees Xue Yang on the roof. Xue Yang smiles and greets people. Xing Chen shows up from sky and blames Xue Yang for killing colleagues. Xue Yang prepares to flee with his light art, but Wu Xian ties Xue Yang up with silk. Xue Yang falls from the roof.

Xue Yang isn’t scared but thinks it’s funny, and fights with Xing Chen. Wu Xian aids to control Xue Yang with the spell of “No Clothes”. But Xue Yang wants to take people’s lives with universe sleeve. Song Lan arrives and catches Xue Yang. Xing Chen shares that Xue Yang killed many people of immortal sects. Wang Ji guesses Xue Yang owns evil iron, and asks him to hand it over. But Wu Xian gets nothing after searching on Xue Yang.

People suspect the evil iron is in Chang family, but they get nothing then. Wu Xian questions Xue Yang if his behind is Ruo Han. Xue Yang denies and reveals it’s his personal resentment. Huai Sang and Meng Yao arrive, and share that Guang Shan invites Wang Ji to Qinghe. Wu Xian decides to leave with Wang Ji, and he thrills when he knows Xing Chen is the disciple of Baoshan Sanren. But Xing Chen shares that he never sees Zengse Sanren.

Meng Yao takes people arriving at the No Cleaning World, and reveals Ruo Han asks the disciples of immortal sects to go to Qi mountain to get trained. Huai Sang panics as he is the only disciple of Nie family, and he doesn’t want to be the hostage. His older brother Ming Jue shows up. Huai Sang fears Ming Jue and lowers down his head.

Ming Jue knows Xue Yang’s sins and wants to kill him. Meng Yao offers to get the whereabouts of evil iron from Xue Yang, and Ming Jue sends Xue Yang into dungeon. Meng Yao asks the general to watch on Xue Yang, but the general abuses Meng Yao to be prostitute’s son. Wu Xian thinks Xue Yang is the son of Chong Hai, and Wen family wants to get the evil iron.

Wu Xian drinks and lies on the roof of Wang Ji. But Wang Ji has left. Wen Chao asks Nie family to hand over the evil iron and Xue Yang. Ming Jue rejects it, and someone else yells that Xue Yang fled. Ming Jue goes to dungeon and spots Xue Yang stabbing in the general’s chest. Meng Yao claims Xue Yang killed the general. Meng Jue doesn’t not the attacking from his back, and Meng Yao blocks it. But Ming Jue gets a palm from Wen Chao, and begins to vomit blood.

Wu Xian warns Wen Chao that it’s the place of Qinghe. Wen Chao shares that his older brother Wen Xu went to Gusu to kill people, and Wang Ji will only see the ruins of his family. Ming Jue asks Meng Yao to come to his room, and Meng Yao admits that he killed the general because he insulted his mom to be prostitute. Ming Jue cannot kill Meng Yao so that he asks him to leave Nie family.

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