The Untamed: Episode 37 Recap

A Qing guides Wei Wuxian to find the body of Xiao Xingchen on The Untamed.

The Untamed: Episode 37 Recap

The Untamed

The Untamed recap contains spoilers.

The Untamed: Episode 37 begins with Wu Xian asking Si Zhui to help him. Jin Ling follows the two, and sees Wu Xian cooking porridge with sticky rice. Xu Xian reveals sticky rice can detoxicate, and asks Si Zhui and Jin Ling why they came to Qing He.

The two tell Wu Xian that they tailed the dead cat and arrived in Yue Yang. Si Zhui adds that he ran into a hunter. But Wu Xian remembers that he and Lan Zhan ran into a farmer. He thinks someone intended to draw the students there. Wu Xian gets Jin Ling and Si Zhui to share the porridge with the students. But they thinks the porridge is too spicy.

A blind girl walks around at the street, and her looks startles Si Zhui and Jin Ling. Wei Xian asks Blind Girl what she tries to tell him. She runs away when the blind swordman shows up. Wu Xian decides to save the blind swordman even if he has been poisoned.

He takes the the blind swordman into the room with eye summoning spell, and tells him that he is his old friend. Blind Swordman vomits blood, and Wu Xian tells Si Zhui to get Blind Swordman a glutinous rice congee. But Jin Ling is against it as he doesn’t know if Blind Swordman is friend or enemy. Si Zhui recognizes the ice sword Blind Swordman takes, and thinks he is Xing Chen.

Si Zhui tells people that there are tons of puppets in the street, and thinks the door cannot block them. Wu Xian takes away the paper from Jin Ling, and makes a spell seal the door.

Song Lan breaks into the room from roof, and he puts his sword on Jin Ling’s neck. Wu Xian plays the flute to control Song Lan, and gets the students to tie Song Lan up.

Wu Xian pulls the nail out of Song Lan’s head, and asks who learned “asking spirit”. Si Zhui says that he learned it, and he takes out the zither. Wu Xian asks Si Zhui if the spirit he invited lies. Si Zhui says that the spirit will speak the truth if he wants to answer. But the spirit tells Si Zhui that he was hurt by Xing Chen.

Wu Xian gets Si Zhui to ask Song Lan who controls him. Song Lan says that the person is behind them. The students pull out their swords and stare at Xing Chen. Xing Chen smiles and makes Song Lan kidnap Wu Xian.

Wu Xian stops the students and tells them that they’re not the rival of Song Lan. He gets them to go outside. Si Zhui thinks Wu Xian is like Lan Zhan who makes people not scared.

Xing Chen tells Wu Xian that everything he did was to act for him. Wu Xian asks Xing Chen what he wants him to do for getting the kids to be the hostages. Xing Chen gives the pieces of the soul to Wu Xian, and tells him to fix it. But Wu Xian says that he cannot do that as ther person has died.

Xing Chen gets angry and thinks Wu Xian has ways because Wen Ning died as well. Wu Xian says that Wen Ning didn’t die, and tells Xing Chen not to believe the legend. Xing Chen laughs and reminds Wu Xian that the kids are waiting for him to save them. Wu Xian asks Xue Yang why he dressed up to be someone else when he is a rogue.

Xue Yang laughs that he is discovered. Wu Xian points out that he treated him as Xing Chen if he didn’t fight with him. Xue Yang points out that he can only get the trust of people when he dresses up to be Xing Chen because he has a good reputation. He laughs and reveals he has a friend who is good at acting.

Wu Xian wonders why Xue Yang needs his help since he has fixed evil tiger symbol. Xue Yang points out that he cannot attach the efficacy on evil iron if Wu Xian didn’t make evil tiger symbol.

Wu Xian realizes that Xue Yang hid the evil iron of Chang clan. Xue Yang points out that Chang clan doesn’t have evil iron, and he hid it before going to Nightless city.

Xue Yang reveals evil iron comes from tortoise, and thinks Wu Xian was so lucky. He laughs and admits that he killed the families of Chang clan and White Snow sect. Wen Ning gets in the room with Song Lan when they’re fighting.

Wu Xian tells Wen Ning to fight outside, and thinks he will win. Xue Yang sighs that Wen Ning didn’t obey him even if he set so many nails for him. He thinks it’s a huge headache when some of stuff recognize their masters. Wu Xian tells Xue Yang that Wen Ning isn’t a stuff.

Xue Yang pulls out his sword to attack Wu Xian, and he wants to catch him to fix the soul. Lan Zhan shows up and takes the sword from Xue Yang. He thinks he doesn’t match the sword. Xue Yang takes out his sword “disaster”.

Wu Xian tells the students to follow Blind Girl. Jin Ling is against it and thinks she is a stranger. Wu Xian points out that she draws them out of the city, and thinks she is trying to save them. He tells them what Lan Zhan fights with is Xue Yang.

Wu Xian gets into the coffin store, and Blind Girl asks him to open the coffin. He tells the students to stay away as he worries that there will be poison powder. He finds the body of Xing Chen. The blind girl A Qing cries, and Wu Xian comforts her.

Si Zhui asks if they need to do asking spirit. But Wu Xian thinks the answer is very complicated. The Untamed ends with Wu Xian intending to share feelings with Ai Qing. Jin Ling is against it and worries about Wu Xian. But Wu Xian says that he doesn’t have enough time, and he needs to go to see Lan Zhan.

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