The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

This is the recap for Korean drama The World of the Married Episode 7. Tae-Oh becomes a successful producer and comes back. He goes to see his son and ex-wife Sun-Woo.

The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

The World of the Married Episode 7 Recap: Seeing Again

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World of the Married Episode 7.

The seller takes Sun-Woo to see the house, and asks her to make a down payment. But she asks him to give her a weekend to think about it. She sees the workers moving furniture from the truck before she leaves. Da-Kyung shows up from the top, and she looks around.

The classmate flatters Joon-Young and tells him that his dad is the producer of the movie. So another classmate asks for free tickets from Joon-Young. But the first classmate points out that Joon-Young doesn’t live with his dad. Joon-Young walks away but he sees Tae-Oh.

The woman flatters Hyo-Jung that Tae-Oh’s movie is pretty good when Hyo-Jung gives them invitation card. Hyo-Jung tells the woman that her son-in-law is a genius. Ye-Rim cannot stand it, and puts the invitation card on the table. Hyo-Jung walks to Sun-Woo, and Sun-Woo greets Hyo-Jung. But Hyo-Jung ignores Sun-Woo and walks away.

Joon-Young meets with Tae-Oh and asks him who he chose to be the producer. Tae-Oh says that the producer is in charge of everything, and he tells his son that he misses him a lot. Joon-Young points out that Tae-Oh never called or texted once, and he doesn’t believe it.

Tae-Oh tells Joon-Young that he wants to come back as a proud dad, and he gives him a club. He promises to get him to see the star he liked in his house, and asks him if he received the invitation card.

Sun-Woo finds the invitation card, and she is told that Joon-Young didn’t go to the academy. She runs out and intends to drive away. But she sees Joon-Young staying with Tae-Oh in the car.

Joon-Young is cold to walk away. Tae-Oh gets off his car and greets Sun-Woo.


The World of the Married Episode 7 shocks us with Tae-Oh’s new identity, and it seems like that he has a big plan to take revenge. Hyo-Jung is cold to Sun-Woo since she always flattered her before.

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