The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. Xia Ke calls Xing Yun after he had a traffic accident, and the lady wants to treat Xia Ke a cup of coffee. Xing Yun tells the lady to tell it to her, but the lady thinks the car doesn’t belong to Xing Yun. She asks for Xia Ke’s number, but Xing Yun reminds the lady that she needs to pay the loss of delaying Xia Ke.

The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

The World Owes Me A First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

Xing Yun rushes into the elevator and tells Xia Ke that she dealt with the the case of car. She tells him to ask other male employees if he has a car problem, but he thinks she is close.

Xing Yun introduces Xia Ke as the president who is good at using people and likes to invite employees to his house.

The girl sees the man is driven out by Xia Ke, and thinks he must be not satisfied with the game instance. Another girl adds that the person will take the project if she can give a good idea. Xing Yun thinks that if she has the chance, and the first girl thinks Xing Yun’s salary will be double. But Xing Yun thinks there are many employees who are better than her. The second girl reminds Xing Yun that she is the first employee of the company.

The two girls sees Xia Ke riding horse and want him to be their boyfriend. But Xing Yun thinks the man who rides horse is a jerk. Mr. Chen wants Xia Ke to sign the contract, but Xia Ke wants Mr. Chen to lower the price. Xia Ke reveals that his horse doesn’t want to fail, and Mr. Chen wants to challenge Xia Ke with his horse. Mr. Chen loses on the end, and Xing Yun thinks Mr. Chen is very sly.

Xing Yun tells Xia Ke that she got the paper for the game instance, but he hugs her when the car almost hits her. She thinks he intends to confess, but he hits her head and asks her if she was in love. He tells her to get a man to date her if she wants to do the game instance.

Xia Ke notes that the girl punches card for Xing Yun, and threatens to reduce her year-end bonus. The girl has to confess that Xing Yun went on blind date.

Chu Nan meets with Xing Yun at the cafe, and he asks her why she wants to go on blind date. She lies that she is busying in work like him. Xia Ke calls Xing Yun and blames her for hanging up his phone. He asks her to go back to work.

Chu Nan drives Xing Yun to the company and asks to treat her a meal next time. Xia Ke tells Ms. Sun that his stray cat took back other cats, and Xing Yun texts him that she is back. Shen Qing calls Xia Ke, and he reveals he is arranged to go on the blind date.

Shen Qing wants to see Ms. Sun, and Ms. Sun takes the phone. The two women blame each other’s looks. Ms. Sun thinks Xia Ke is a jerk who still loves his ex, and she leaves. Shen Qing asks Xia Ke to pick her up next week.

Xing Yun thinks being love is very simple, and imagines that Xia Ke begs her to take part in the game instance. She is surprised to see the employees, and says that she is waiting for her works. But she is told that there isn’t any work for her.

The girl tells Xing Yun not to get angry, but Xing Yun still calls Xia Ke. She blames him for keeping her, and he asks her if she fails on the blind date. But she tells him that she is in love. Xia Ke is frozen.

Monica gives a house key to He Yu and asks him to go to her house. But he dumps her, and tells the driver to drive him to the address. The driver thinks He Yu’s girlfriend is waiting for him, but He Yu says that the person is more important than his girlfriend.

Xia Ke dreams that Xing Yun defeats him in the game, kicks He Yu off the bed. He Yu mentions Xia Ke met with the girl at the restaurant last night, and asks if Xia Ke took the girl home. Xia Ke tells He Yu to get lost, and He Yu thinks the girl is the first one after Zhang Rui.

He Yu tells Xia Ke to join him, but Xia Ke doesn’t want to work with the guy, whose brain is full of hormone. He Yu thinks Xia Ke’s dating wasn’t running well, and offers to set up a single department for Xia Ke. Xia Ke drives He Yu out.

Xing Yun introduces her scheme to the employees, and she gets Amy to get coffee for them. She points out only some of them opened the game during drinking coffee, and offers to add the module for the piece of time. The man mentions that Xing Yun went on the blind date, and thinks the result is good even if she fails.

Xing Yun tells Yi Yi that Mr. Wang and Mr. Li praised her, but the man points out that Xia Ke just got them to provoke the people of planning department. Xing Lun blames Xia Ke for playing the people who have ambition. Yi Yi reminds Xing Yun that Xia Ke is standing behind her. Xing Yun says that she just talked another boss, and praises Xia Ke for being handsome and rich.

Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to go to his office, and Yi Yi thinks Xing Yun is doomed. Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to speak out her complaints, and she thinks he just wants to train them. She says that they learnt something and grew up during the process. He tells her to give her work to Maggie, and Xing Yun asks Xia Ke for forgiving her as she is the first employee. He tells her that he will give the game instance to someone else, and she realizes that she is chosen.

Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to modify the scheme until he is satisfied. She is happy to leave. He Yu asks Xia Ke if the person is chosen, and Xia Ke admits it and shares that the person is worth to expect.

The next day, Xing Yun if surprised that Xia Ke read the scheme. But he tells her that it’s lack of love atmosphere. She doesn’t get his points, and he thinks she was dumped. Xing Yun shares that Chu Nan didn’t send any text or call her after the dating.

Xia Ke asks for Xing Yun’s phone and texts Chu Nan to watch movie. Chu Nan agrees with it. Xing Yun is happy to leave. Xia Ke thinks Chu Nan is a experienced person because he got Xing Yun to ask him out. The employees talk about Chu Nan and think Xia Ke is better than him. Yi Yi points out that it’s marriage by cheating if Xia Ke needs to go on blind date. But the girl points out that Xia Ke saw Ms. Sun as Ms. Sun is the sister of investor. The Man doesn’t expect that Xia Ke is such person, but Xia Ke shows up behind him.

Xia Ke shares that he came to buy water, and the three want to flee. Xia Ke asks them if the man if Xing Yun’s boyfriend, and they say yes.

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