The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap of The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4. Xing Yun tells Chu Nan that nothing happened on her and her boss, and he thinks she wouldn’t go on the blind date if she loved her boss. Chu Nan leaves, and Xing Yun is startled when she notes that she didn’t turn off her phone.

The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The World Owes Me A First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 4.

Xing Yun asks Xia Ke why he is online, and thinks he was bored to wait for her. But he says that he heard the stupid talk of her and her boyfriend.

Xing Yun blames Xia Ke for eavesdropping her privacy, but he points out that she spread his privacy on the company group. He thinks Chu Nan doesn’t care for her, but she claims that it’s mature love to trust each other. She thinks he should learn it from her boyfriend, and he thinks she is an idiot. She hangs up, and he wants to reduce her year-end awards.

Chu Nan wonders why Xing Yun decided to go to work at office, and she doesn’t want to do the one to one connection with her boss. He wants to see Xia Ke, and she thinks she has learnt many knowledge from Xia Ke. She just doesn’t want to get watched over. Xing Yun notes that Chu Nan looks at the cake shop, and mistakes that he wants to eat cake.

Chu Nan sees Mr. Li picking up Shen Qing, and Mr. Li is Nina’s father. Chu Nan drives to chase Mr. Li’s car with high speed, and he stops the car suddenly when seeing the red light. The bracelet is broken, and Xing Yun feels sorry. But Chu Nan asks her to marry him. Xing Yun asks for the invoice and wants to compensate the bracelet. But he thinks she has rejected his proposal.

Xing Yun explains that she doesn’t think about marriage because they has only known each other for one month, and wants to pay the bracelet by installment. Chu Nan tells Xing Yun that he isn’t a miser, and asks her to forget the marriage.

Xing Cheng is surprised that Chu Nan made a proposal, and asks about the diamond ring. Xing Yun denies, and Xing Cheng wants to call Chu Nan. Xing Yun says that she didn’t promise him, and Xing Cheng persuades Xing Yun that women are born to nest. She tells her that she can only get the sense of security while getting into marriage. She brags that she gets in the nest from another.

The man thinks it’s risk to give the game instance to a newbie, and another man wants to hire a person with background. But Xia Ke thinks he needs the person who has new idea. Xing Cheng sees Xing Yun’s wedding dress, and thinks the bridesmaid took away her light. Xing Yun wants to leave, but Xing Cheng takes Xing Yun’s phone and takes a photo of Xing Yun, sending it to Chu Nan.

Xing Ke sees the photo, and reminds Mr. Sun that the the profit of the three companies Mr. Sun have invested can only matches the profit of Xia Ke’s company. He offers to supervise and urge Xing Yun, and he leaves. Ms. Sun thinks Xia Ke is very arrogant.

Yi Yi tells Xing Yun to be fast when Xing Yun is eating instant noodles, and reveals Xia Ke will be back soon. Xing Yun thinks Xia Ke offended the gold owner, and Xia Ke thinks Xing Yun knows him. His showing up startles her, and she claims that she will be back soon. He asks her where she went in the morning, and she says that she went to look for inspiration.

He asks her if she knows the taboo of love, and shares that it’s marriage. He shows her photo to her, and thinks she was absenteeism. She apologizes for taking wedding photos with her cousin, and he asks her if she wants to get married. She says that she didn’t promise Chu Nan, and she stains Xia Ke’s clothes.

The seller tells Xing Yun that her card is lack of money when Xing Yun is going to buy Xia Ke suit. Xing Yun tells Xia Ke to visit other shop, but he chooses the one that he is wearing. Xing Yun gives her another card to the seller. Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to wash his clothes, and she complains that his clothes costs her the salary of two months. He turns around when she intends to beat him.

Xing Yun pretends to have a headache, and Xia Ke asks Xing Yun if Yi Yi told her the bonus. She thinks she is going to be rich, and wants to give the suit to him. She sees the two-piece swimming suit, and mentions Dong Dong mocked at her for her one-piece swimming suit at the gathering. She thinks she will have on face if they scold her in front of Chu Nan. Xia Ke is surprised that Chu Nan will attend the gathering, and Xing Yun wants to take the chance to get along with Chu Nan.

Xing Yun decides to buy the swimming suit, but Xia Ke tells her that he doesn’t hire her to go shopping.

The next day, Xing Yun is informed that the family needs to go alone. She tells it to Chu Nan, and he thinks the arranging is too weird. Amy waves to Xing Yun, and Xing Yun gets in the bus. She trips, and Xia Ke hugs her. She tells him not to rent the expensive bus, but he asks her if she is intending to teach him how to spend money. She denies.

Xing Yun has a dream that Xia Ke pushes her into the water, and wakes up to rub his clothes as she worries that her saliva drops on his clothes. She thinks she will drink northwest wind if she stains his clothes again. He eats the sushi, and she reminds him that it was made by her. He thinks it tastes terrible.

The wife asks for the best strawberry to make the cake, but Shen Qing points out that the strawberry comes from Japan will effect the the taste of the cake. The wife claims that she wants imported stuff, but Shen Qing doesn’t want the guests taste the no quality cake. The husband reminds his wife that her makeup is messed, and gets her to leave. He touches Shen Qing’s hand and thinks the cake is made by her won’t ruin the brand because she is pretty. Shen Qing applies the cake on his mouth, and leaves.

Yi Yi wonders why Xing Yun’s high quality boyfriend doesn’t come, and Xing Yun shares that Chu Nan had a traffic accident. Yi Yi blames Xia Ke for not renting another bus, and Xing Yun is surprised to see Shen Qing. Xing Yun shares that they’re in the gathering, and the group learn that Shen Qing is Xia Ke’s girlfriend.

Shen Qing calls Xia Ke darling and takes his arm, but he doesn’t think he called her. He asks Amy to get the group to live, but she tells him to take people to walk around. Shen Qing shares that there is a tourist attraction, but Xing Yun wants to wait for Chu Nan. Xia Ke threatens to reduce Xing Yun’s year-end awards.

Shen Qing tells Xia Ke that she won’t forgive him if he cheats on her. The man tells Amy to be careful because she is the secretary of Xia Ke. But Amy points out that Xing Yun is the mascot of Xia Ke. Shen Qing takes a photo of girls, and asks Xing Yun if she is the mascot of the company. The man shares that the position is set by Xia Ke for Xing Yun, and Amy says that Xing Yun brings the good luck to the company.

It’s flashback. Xing Yun wants to drink for Xia Ke because he is drunk. But he says that Mr. Jin didn’t come. She drives him but hits the car. The man thinks Xing Yun is a road killer, and leaves his business card. Xia Ke is surprised that the man is Mr. Jin.

Amy thinks Xing Yun takes good luck, but Yi Yi points out that Xing Yun is very loyal. Xing Yun says that she worried that she would lose her job if something bad happened on Xia Ke. Yi Yi shares the case of copyright acquisition.

It’s flashback. Yi Yi thinks they will fail, but Xing Yun thinks the writer worries that they will ruin his story. She offers to draw it and wants to go back. But Xia Ke asks Xing Yun to paint it on the wall.

Shen Qing thinks the write was moved by Xing Yun’s painting, and Yi Yi shares that the painting is there. Shen Qing thinks Xing Yun has tacit understanding with Xia Ke, and Xing Yun thinks it’s not the right time to recall. She hints Xia Ke to explain it, and he calls Shen Qing sister. Shen Qing blames Xia Ke to ruin her joke in front of people, and explains that she follows her mom’s name to commemorate her dead mom.

Xia Ke thinks Xing Yun wanted to leave, but she wants to row. Xing Yun introduces Chu Nan to Yi Yi and Amy, but Yi Yi calls him virgin. Chu Nan is surprised that Xing Yun’s boss is Xia Ke. Xing Yun learns that her room is upgrade to executive suite, and Xia Ke reminds Chu Nan that the budget of the company is tight. Chu Nan claims that he will pay it himself. Shen Qing asks to open a room next to Xing Yun.

Xing Yun wants to get dishes to Chu Nan, but the dishes are robbed by Xia Ke. She asks him where she offended him, and he says that it’s delicious. The roast duck arrives. Xing Yun pretends to get the roast duck for Xia Ke but gives it to Chu Nan. Yi Yi throws a game that the rest should drink wine if they did it, when the person says that he never does it. Amy threatens that the one will be single all his life if he lies.

Yi Yi says that she never meets the person she wants to get married with first sight. Chu Nan drinks, and the people ask Chu Nan and Xing Yun to get married. Amy says that she is never saved by a man. Xing Yun remembers she is saved by Xia Ke, so she drinks. Yi Yi asks Chu Nan to drink because she thinks he is the man who saved Xing Yun. Xing Yun says that the person is one of her friends, and Xia Ke drinks it.

Shen Qing thinks Xia Ke said not to join, and he says that he is thirst. The man says that he never sleeps the bed of men, and asks Xing Yun to drink it. But Chu Nan denies that he slept with Xing Yun. Xing Yun remembers she slept in Xia Ke’s bed, and wants to rest.

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