The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 5 [Recap]

Xia Ke is surprised to see Xing Yun’s new looks, and he thinks it’s ugly. Shen Qing asks for wine, but Xia Ke gives her the water. Chu Nan sees the shoes Xing Yun just took off, and thinks he returned too early. She says that it’s original herself, and he thinks she is lovely.

The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 5 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Chu Nan invites Xing Yun to dance and intends to kiss her. But he remembers Shen Qing’s smile. He offers to keep it until wedding night, and Xing Yun thinks so as well. She goes the swimming pool but notes that someone is chasing her. She remembers Xia Ke told her to kick the crotch, and she does so.

But Xia Ke takes her thigh. Xing Yun sees him why he didn’t make sound, and he says that he wanted to see where she adventured. She explains that she wanted to go to swimming pond, and he asks her to follow him.

Chu Nan sees Shen Qing and asks her where she wants to go when she is drunk. She thinks it’s not his business, and he says that she doesn’t know why he did it. Xing Yun praises Xia Ke for took her leg, but he blames her for her bad technique. He asks her if she thought of Chu Nan. She denies and thinks Xia Ke’s image is more effective.

Xia Ke thinks Chu Nan is an idiot to let Xing Yun go out, and they’re just team members to complete the love task. But she says that she likes Chu Nan. Xia Ke approaches Xing Yun and asks her why she blushes, and she explains that it’s hot. He is close to her lips, and mentions she accepted it when he tried to kiss her.

Xing Yun denies, and Xia Ke asks her why she closes her eyes. She tries to push him over but falls into the water. Xia Ke returns and sees Chu Nan kissing Shen Qing, so he stops Xing Yun seeing the scene and puts the towel on her head. She asks him for another room, and he agrees on it.

Xiao Xi falls on while taking the candies. Shen Qing tells Xia Ke’s Xiao Qi’s leg is hurt, and he wants to drive her. But Chu Nan wants to drive Shen Qing, and explains to Xing Yun that his family has a business as well. Xing Yun gets a driver for Shen Qing and Chu Nan because they’re drunk.

Xing Yun wants to ask Chu Nan to take care of Shen Qing, but Xia Ke thinks it’s not her business and tells her not to think about it. Nanny tells Shen Qing that Xiao Xi needs to get surgery but the doctor doesn’t arrive. Shen Qing wants to change a hospital, and Nanny reveals Xiao Xi went to kitchen to take chocolate.

Shen Qing tells Nanny to leave, and comforts Xiao Qi that he will be cured when the doctor arrives. Chu Nan calls his mom and asks her to come. Xing Yun learns that her eyes will shine when she likes someone, but she doesn’t get the point while blink to the mirror. Chu Nan’s mom arrives and asks to prepare the surgery.

Shen Qing thinks she should go home, and Chu Nan grabs her hand to comfort her. But she avoids him. Chu Nan thanks Mom when he knows that she cured Xiao Xi, and she still disagree the marriage of Chu Nan and Shen Qing. Shen Qing promises to transfer to private hospital after Xiao Xi wakes up.

Nurse reminds Shen Qing that Xiao Xi will get scar if she sends him to private hospital. Mom tells Shen Qing and Chu Nan to think about where they were if they care for Xiao Xi. Amy and Yi Yi visit Xing Yun, and they’re shocked that Chu Nan left last night. Amy blames Xing Yun for ruining their work, and Yi Yi mentions Shen Qing left last night.

Xing Yun mentions Shen Qing and Chu Nan took same car, and Amy thinks Shen Qing is wonderful. Dong Dong wakes Xing Yun up, and shares that she is hot on the web. Xing Yun blames Amy for putting her video on the web, and asks her to delete it. Amy refuses it, but Xia Ke deletes the video. Amy wonders why Chu Nan left, and Dong Dong thinks Xing Yun’s love combat index is zero.

Xing Yun wants to challenge Dong Dong in the CS game, and Xia Ke announces that the first will get 10,000 yuan. Dong Dong thinks the CS becomes big running killing.

Amy notes that she gets the green stick like Xia Ke, and asks Xing Yun to exchange it. Xing Yun sees Xia Ke’s green stick and realizes that she was tricked. Xia Ke tells Xing Yun not to drag him if she wants vacation, and she says that she will protect him.

Xia Ke tells Xing Yun that the secret of CS is not to shoot without a target, and gets rid of Amy. He gets the enemies to shoot each other after throwing a stone to them. But he pushes Xing Yun out so that he gets the chance to shoot Yi Yi. Xing Yu blames Xia Ke for treating her as bait, and Yi Yi cries that she lost the bonus. Dong Dong blames Yi Yi for being pig team member.

Xing Yun catches Dong Dong and asks him to flatter her. He praises her to be the pretty girl but picks up his gun. Xia Ke shoots Dong Dong. Xing Yun goes to be the bait, but Xia Ke passes out for helping her. The eneies want to shoot Xia Ke, but Xing Yun reminds them to take the doctor to see Xia Ke. Xia Ke catches the chance to get rid of them.

Xing Yun blames Xia Ke for using her worrying to win the battle, and is furious to leave. Amy regrets for exchanging the stick wih Xing Yun, but Yi Yi points out that Xing Yun got the holiday with pain. Xing Yun buys Chu Nan a humidifier, and the seller mentions the goddess temple is very efficacious. Amy wants to go to the place, and Xing Yun agrees.

Dong Dong mentions the news that the girl falls off the building after getting dumped. Meng Meng claims that she can find any person if she is pretty. Dong Dong reminds Meng Meng that she was very sad when she was in her first love. She says that she forgot it early, and he thinks the woman will hurt more when she is in love late.

Yi Yi asks Xing Yun to ask for the love of her and Chu Nan when they’re in goddess temple. But Xing Yun shares that Chu Nan didn’t call her. Yi Yi tells Xing Yun to ask Xia Ke about it because Shen Qing left with Chu Nan. Xia Ke arrives and wants to hands the note for Xing Yun. But he makes the note fall into water when he knows that the note is about Xing Yun and Chu Nan’s love.

Xing Yun asks Xia Ke when Chu Nan parted with Shen Qing, and Xia Ke says that they did it after they arrived at the hospital. Xia Ke remembers the girl jumps off building and asks for being in love. He asks Xing Yun if she cannot recover after a setback. Xing Yun points out that her capacity of resistance blow is very high. But she says that she will get depression one day, and tells him to be nice to her.

Chu Nan’s mom has a talk with Xiao Xi, and learns that Xiao Xi’s father abandoned Xiao Xi and Shen Qing had to take care of the son herself. Xing Yun worries that the programmer will trouble her, and Yi Yi tells Xing Yun to ask Dong Dong a favor. Xing Yun brings the cake Dong Dong likes to him, and asks him to teach her how to deal with the programmer. He promises to help her because he wants to be a nice guy.

Xia Ke tells Chu Nan that he won’t let him hurt Xing Yun or Shen Qing, but he is informed that Xiao Xi’s condition is bad.

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