The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 6 [Recap]

Chu Nan wants to replace Shen Qing to take care of Xiao Xi, but she rejects it. Xia Ke asks Amy to take his stuff to the hospital, but Amy leaves the job to Xing Yun.

The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 6 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Xing Yun arrives at the hospital and mistakes that Xiao Ke’s head got hurt. Xia Ke is informed that Xing Yun arrived at the hospital, and Xing Yun gives the laptop to Xia Ke.

Xing Yun runs into Chu Nan at the hospital, and he asks to have a meal together. Chu Nan runs into his friend, who asks Xing Yun to help Chu Nan out of the swamp of unrequited love.

Xia Ke takes Xing Yun to the game meeting, but she wants to go to sub meeting. Yang Guang gives his business card to Xing Yun after knowing that she is working for TIG. But she rejects it.

Xia Ke tells Xing Yun that evening party is cancelled, and she is sad that she cannot meet with the teach Fu You. Shen Qing returns to shop and wants to help send the cakes. But she is informed that Chu Nan did it for her.

Xia Ke takes Fu You to see Xing Yun, and she is happy to have a group photo with Fu You. Xing Yun grabs Xia Ke’s hand because he keeps Fu You’s body temperature, but Chu Nan’s friend mistakes that Xing Yun has an affair, and asks her to visit her. Xing Yun and Xia Ke scold Chu Nan’s friend.

Xing Yun asks Xia Ke what he wishes his friend to do if his brother is sick. He says that he wishes his girlfriend to see his brother. Xia Ke drives Xing Yun home, and she thanks him for helping her see Fu You.

Nurse tells Shen Qing that Chu Nan left foods for her, and Shen Qing takes the umbrella to run out because it’s raining. But she sees Chu Nan’s mom Ms. Lan holding umbrella for him.

Ms. Lan thinks Xiao Xi is pitiful, but she cannot see Chu Nan jumping into the abyss because he is her son. Chu Nan walks away.

Chu Nan takes Xing Yun to try on wedding dress, and she is startled by the price of the wedding dress. Shen Qing remembers that Ms. Lan said that Chu Nan took the ring to make a proposal, and she is sad to drink.

Xia Ke looks for battery for Xiao Xi, and he finds a medicine bottle. Xiao Xi shares that his mom eats the vitamin every night. Xing Yun picks up the phone for Chu Nan, and Xia Ke mistakes Xing Yun as Chu Nan.

Xing Yun learns that Chu Nan has an affair with Shen Qing, and she tells Chu Nan that Shen Qing eats sleeping pills every night and she is at Three King Hotel.

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Xing Yun arrives at the hotel, and sees Chu Nan hugging Shen Qing. Xia Ke arrives and holds umbrella for Xing Yun. She says that her first love ended in such way, but he tells her that it’s not her first love.

Xing Yun realizes that Xia Ke messed her first love for Shen Qing, and thanks him for making her see the ending the love. She is furious to leave, but he threatens that she won’t get her bonus if she doesn’t get in his car. But she kicks his car and doesn’t want to see him anymore.

Chu Nan takes Shen Qing to see Ms. Lan, and tells his mom that he wants to become a divorced man when he gets marry with Xing Yun and divorces with her. Shen Qing gives Chu Nan a slap and walks away.

He Yu wonders why Xia Ke didn’t take Xing Yun to the tennis court, and Xia Ke shares that Xing Yun lost her love. He Yu thinks Xia Ke did it for Shen Qing. Xing Yun offers to break up, and Chu Nan tells Xing Yun that he regretted for hurting her each day, and Xing Yun remembers Xia Ke thought they’re team members to complete the love task. She thinks he isn’t her first love.

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