The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 7 [Recap]

Xing Yun keeps having cold fight with Xia Ke, and she puts many salts in his coffee. Yi Yi explains that Xing Yun is lack of sleeping because of works.

The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 7 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Xing Yun wants to complete the work, but the painter Maggie and the programmer Lao Hu don’t cooperate with her. So that she has to work overtime.

Xia Ke wants to drive Xing Yun home, but she chooses to ride bus. He follows her until she gets off the bus safely, but he calls her and blames the process of her work. It makes her think that he is a bad boss.

Xing Yun takes her plan to see Lao Hu, but he tells her to rewrite it. Xia Ke passes by and takes a look at the plan. He calls Xing Yun to his office, and asks her to play game with him.

Doctor Lan notes that Shen Qing only gave junk foods to Xiao Xi, and she gives her foods to him. Xiao Xi likes the ribs.

Xia Ke notes that Xing Yun is bad at playing game, and tells her to come to his office to play game each day. Xing Yun complains that Lao Hu and Maggie refuse to help her, and Amy informs Xing Yun that there will be a gathering.

Maggie asks Xia Ke why he treated them with the meal, and Xia Ke shares that the idea is offered by Xing Yun. The people thank Xing Yun, and Lao Hu offers to play game after the meal.

Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to play game with the programmers, and Xing Yun wins Lao Hu. Lao Hu praises Xing Yun, and asks her to play with them.

Xing Yun walks Xia Ke and thanks him. He tells her to get trusted by other people and think about questions through standing their angles. She regrets for not asking him a favor early.

Xia Ke drives Xing Yun home, and he learns that she didn’t tell her mom that she and Chu Nan has broken up. She worries that Chu Nan gets involved, and Xia Ke blames Xing Yun for taking the revenge on him. He drops her when she doesn’t arrive home.

Chu Nan returns the bracelet to his mom, and thinks he cannot match Shen Qing or Xing Yun. Doctor Lan tells Chu Nan that she won’t care for him and Shen Qing anymore.

Mr. Sun takes the man jack to see the process of the game, and Xia Ke tells Xing Yun not to be nervous because he will help her. Shen Qing learns that Xia Ke cannot pick her up, and decides to call a cab.

Shen Qing stops Xiao Xi calling Chu Nan dad, and Mr. Ling knows that Xiao Xi is his son. Shen Qing tells Chu Nan not to take care of her, and he thinks she closed her heart.

Chu Nan apologizes to Shen Qing for getting Xing Yun involved, and wants to live together. But she says that it’s impossible. Chu Nan doesn’t believe it and thinks he is in her mind.

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Chu Nan tells Shen Qing that his mom promised not to mind their business, but Shen Qing points out that Doctor Lan wanted her to owe her so that she saved Xiao Xi. She thinks all she can do is to return Doctor Lan’s son to her.

Xing Yun asks Xia Ke why he got Mr. Sun only water when he likes oolong. Xia Ke blames Mr. Sun for delaying his business, and Xing Yun reveals Chu Nan drove Shen Qing home. He thinks she contacted Chu Nan, but she reveals Xiao Xi told her about it.

Xing Cheng hugs Xing Yun and blames her for not telling her that she broke up with Chu Nan. Xing Cheng thinks Chu Nan is a jerk, and takes Xing Yun to the karaoke bar. He Yu invites Xing Yun to sing with him, but she hits him with the beer bottle.

He Yu tells Xia Ke that Xing Yun hurt his head, and Xing Yun looks for foods. She finds the pancake Xia Ke left for her. But she thinks he didn’t like the pancake so that he left it for her.

Xia Ke tells people that He Yu will come to the office, and he notes that Xing Yun sleepy in the meeting, telling her to sleep in his couch.

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