The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 8 [Recap]

Xing Yun falls asleep and tells Xia Ke that she wants to eat sweet and sour sibs, wontons. She wakes up and is surprised to see the foods she likes. Xia Ke tells her to eat, and she wonders why he is nice to her, thinking that he wants to know what happened on her at KTV.

The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 8 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Xing Yun shares that Xing Cheng took her to the karaoke bar and she was almost kidnapped. He tells her to eat fast as they will go to see the customer. When He Yu is flirting with the nurses, Xia Ke takes Xing Yun to see He Yu. Xing Yun is surprised to see He Yu, and Xia Ke introduces He Yu as the manager of Jiawo.

Xing Yun remembers He Yu and wants to leave. But Xia Ke asks her to apologize. She does so, and He Yu asks what kind of person she treated her since she hit him with the microphone. She says kidnapper, and offers to pay the medical bill. He shares that his brain got hurt, and his girlfriend won’t marry him.

Xing Yun promises to try her best to treat He Yu, but he asks her to marry him. Xing Yun is startled, but Xia Ke comforts her that He Yu is a person who doesn’t want to get married. He Yu brags that Xing Yun needs to take flight if she wants to marry him, and Xing Yun thinks He Yu’s arrogant looks is like Xia Ke.

He Yu returns the phone to Xing Yun, and she is surprised that her parents called her many times. Xia Ke explains that He Yu can only give phone to Xing Yun when he sees her, and Xing Yun thinks He Yu should get angry.

Xing Yun returns home, and Mom cries to hug Xing Yun. Xing Cheng shares that she was going to report to the police, and Xing Yun blames Xing Cheng for leaving early. Dad yells at Xing Yun, but Mom stops Dad and mentions Xing Yun just broke up. Xing Yun learns that her parents knew her breakup.

Xing Cheng explains that she told them when she couldn’t contact Xing Yun, and Xing Yun tells her parents that she and Chu Nan were friendly breakup. She adds that her phone was left at ktv. Dad asks Xing Yun why she didn’t tell them about her breakup, and she explains that she doesn’t want to disappoint them.

Xing Yun mentions Mom wishes her to be in love, but Mom points out that she just wishes Xing Yun to make more friends. She asks her if she doesn’t like Chu Nan, and Xing Yun thinks Chu Nan made her not to stay with wrong person next time. Xing Cheng realizes that she just called Chu Nan, and Dad wants to scold Chu Nan.

Xing Yun calls Chu Nan but learns that he arrived, and she feels sorry for getting him to get scolded. She asks him about him and Shen Qing, and Chu Nan says that he won’t give up. Xing Yun says that she knows a little about loving a person, and Chu Nan tells her that she will know when she meets the person.

Xia Ke calls Xing Yun, and she asks him if he is caring for her. But he says that he cares for if she will ask for leave. Chu Nan thinks the world owes Xing Yun a perfect first love, and shakes hands with her.

The seller tells Shen Qing that the customer ordered sweet ginger bread with black coffee, and Shen Qing drives to visit the customer. She remembers that she made the bread for Ling Shan, and they had a kiss. Ling Shan had a car race with Xia Ke, and he disappeared. Grandmother wanted to send away the baby because Ling Shan isn’t worth of being the baby’s dad, but Shen Qing left with the baby.

Shen Qing visits Ling Shan, and he intends to tell her why he left. But she says that the resentment is gone when she sees him. She intends to leave, but he wants to see his son.

The man asks Xia Ke to change a person as He Yu didn’t talk to him at all. Xia Ke takes off He Yu’s earphone and asks him if the project manager made him unhappy. He Yu wants to work with Xia Ke, but Xia Ke thinks He Yu isn’t qualified. He Yu wants to work with Xing Yun, and thinks she is funny.

Mr. Lin visits Xing Yun, and she takes him to the cafe. He is satisfied with her because she loves little animals and can do house works. He invites her to his place, but Xia Ke rejects Mr. Lin for Xing Yun, and thinks Mr. Lin’s age can be her father. Mr. Lin shares that he came to go on blind date for his son.

Xing Yun mistook Mr. Lin as the director of the cat shelter, and Xia Ke asks Mr. Lin where he got Xing Yun’s contact information. Xing Yun finds out that Xing Cheng posted her information at the park. Xia Ke takes off the poster, but the old ladies ask for his information. Xia Ke glares at Xing Yun, and tells her to reject the events Xing Cheng arranges for her. Because Xing Yun needs to work with He Yu.

Xiao Xi runs to Shen Qing, and she introduces Xing Shan to Xiao Xi as his dad. Ling Shan treats Xiao Xi the noodles, and is excited that he has a son. Xiao Xi calls Chu Nan and tells him that his dad came back. Xia Ke goes to Shanghai, and Xing Yun is happy that he won’t disturb her job.

He Yu arrives at TIG, and helps Amy carry box. She thinks he is a warm guy, but Dong Dong points out that He Yu is a love expert. Xing Yun gives the paper to He Yu, and tells him to call her anytime. He asks her to bring breakfast for him. Xia Ke’s friend likes the restaurant, and Xia Ke shares that he has a secret weapon. The friend tells Xia Ke to take his secret weapon to the Japanese gaming exhibition.

He Yu asks Xing Yun to help him get a sticky note, but she is startled after catching a snake. She takes off her clothes and cover the snake. Xing Yun tells He Yu to run, but he reveals he won the snake by playing darts. She is furious to leave, and gets a call from Xia Ke. He blames her for being sluggish, but she tells him to raise her salary.

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He Yu talks about work with Xing Yun, and thinks she is fascinated by the looks when he works. But she says that she isn’t superficial to think that artistic talent is integrity. The power goes off, and Xing Yun wants to leave. But He Yu asks her to come with him to the office to get something. He reveals he was watching a ghost movie in the office before she came, and Xing Yun agrees.

Amy asks Xing Yun what happened between her and He Yu after the power went off, and Xing Yun shares that He Yu was afraid to walk in the dark so that she walked him to the parking lot. Amy thinks Xing Yun was played by He Yu, and shows the photo that He Yu and Xia Ke went to the Fuji Haunted House.

Xing Yun wants to buy the action figure, but the store owner doesn’t intend to sell it. Xia Ke stands at the bund, and Xing Yun texts him that she specially prepared the night view for him. She says that there are different types of lifestyles represented under the never ending gleam of each light, and asks him if he is satisfied with his life.

Xing Yun says that she isn’t satisfied with his life. Because she offended her boss. Xing Yun asks Xia Ke if he will forgive her, and he calls her. Xing Yun asks Xia Ke to buy her an action figure.

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