The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 9 [Recap]

Xia Ke sees the couple, and the man tells the women that no matter how pretty the view is, if she’s not here to experience it with him, then it’s a pity. Xing Yun is surprised that Xia Ke wants to take a plane there, and reveals there isn’t a flight for something so close. He tells her that he wants her to buy it herself, and she learns that he rejects it.

The World Owes Me A First Love: Episode 9 Recap

The World Owes Me A First Love

Amy invites He Yu to take part in the VR game Zombie Asylum, but he worries that if he attend then the issue back then will be exposed. But Xing Yun supports him. He Yu asks Xing Yun why she still supports his participation in the Hero Competition, after what happened during the power outage. She tells him to find an excuse to reject it.

Yao Qing beats the man who is trying to force the girl to drink in the restaurant, and Xia Ke helps Yao Qing. Yao Qing walks Xia Ke to the hotel, and borrows his place to fix her shoes. Amy calls Xia Ke, and Yao Qing says that Xia Ke is showering. Xia Ke has a talk with Amy, and Yao Qing is blinded by his halo. She shares that she also studied Kendo.

Amy shows the keywords: Xia Ke’s room, woman, shower. Yi Yi comes up with the romantic encounter. Xing Yun complains that she is here serving tea and water, but Xia Ke is flirting with women. Lao Hu is scared to play the game, and Amy reminds him that he didn’t break Maggie’s record. Dong Dong thinks Maggie will win, but Amy points out that He Yu didn’t play.

Xing Yu thinks He Yu won’t make it back, but he shows up to repay her support. He wins and donates the prize tp pay for everyone’s afternoon tea. He Yu asks Xing Yun to repay him, but she points out that he passed the Fuji haunted house. He learns that she used him to win the afternoon tea and pretended to worry about him.

Xing Yun thinks they’re equal since He Yu tricked her once and she used him once. But he says that he gave up the meeting and wanted to see her being moved. He threatens to delay giving her the plan, and asks her to treat him a meal. Yao Qing picks up Xia Ke and asks him not to tell He Yu about their meeting.

Xing Yun finds He Yu’s USB, and he asks her to take it to go to the hotel. Amy gives the phone number of the web celebrity restaurant to Xing Yun. Yao Qing does a video chat with He Yu, and asks him to show her the conference room. But he tells her to change her temper, otherwise Xia Ke will never likes her.

Xia Ke takes Yao Qing’s phone after seeing Xing Yun, and thinks He Yu abused the resources of his company. He Yu ends the talk. Alice sees He Yu taking Xing Yun’s hand, and she gets angry. The man reports to He Yu that guests and models are fighting because models got in guest’s dressing room. Alice hugs He Yu, and shares that she works in the hotel. She promises it but locks him up in the room.

Shen Qing and Ling Shan bring the cakes to the kids, and President mistakes that the two are in love. Shen Qing explains that she just helps send cakes. Yao Qing learns that Xia Ke wants to buy the figure, and thinks he has a girl he likes. But he explains that he just buys it for someone. But he buys the lucky china doll.

Alice opens the door, and tells He Yu that his customers were not happy to leave. The man tells He Yu that the photography works don’t get authorization, and the customers want to sue He Yu. He Yu scolds the man for playing the one with the date, and the man says that he forgot it. President Qian intends to fire the employees who played wrong video, but He Yu thinks he has the duty. President Qian suspends He Yu from his duties.

He Yu learns that Xing Yun is still waiting for him at the restaurant, and he hugs her thinking she is very cute. She wants to leave, but he takes her to the cafe. He asks her to be his girlfriend, and she is shocked to spit coffee to his face. Yao Qing tells Xia Ke that He Yu is going to get suspended, and he decides to return with her.

Ling Shan drives Shen Qing home, and hugs her to confess his feelings. But Shen Qing rejects it. Chu Nan sees the scene. Xia Ke dreams Xing Yun, and she asks him if he fears to like her, and she breaks the china doll. Amy picks Xia Ke up, and explains that Xing Yun has a business. He tells her to drive him to the company.

Xing Yun is hit by the flowers, and she trips. Xia Ke catches her, and she wonders why he didn’t return home. Amy tells Xing Yun that Xia Ke is in anger. Xia Ke sees the flowers He Yu sent to Xing Yun, and Xia Ke is allergy to pollen. Xing Yun tells Xia Ke that He Yu wanted her to be his girlfriend, and she wants to call He Yu. But Xia Ke tells Xing Yun to ignore He Yu.

Xia Ke gives the car key to Xing Yun and asks her to take her stuff. She is happy that he bought her the figure, but finds out that it’s just a china doll.

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