Touch: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Touch: Episode 1. Jeong-Hyeok stops Woman applying the cream on her face, and tells her to use a facial mask instead. But she doesn’t have it and wants to use the mist spray. He tells her to put it plenty.

Touch: Episode 1 Recap

Touch: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Touch: Episode 1.

When Woman dresses up, Jeong-Hyeok tells her to use summery and cool-tones instead of shimmery stuff. He cannot stand it when she applies the lipstick, so he makes up for her in person.

Woman is surprised by her new looks, and asks Jeong-Hyeok about his job. He laughs and doesn’t tell her.

Se-Joon picks up Jeong-Hyeok at the airport, and tells him that the woman wants him to be her personal artist. But Jeong-Hyeok asks the woman to come to Korea. Se-Joon says that Jeong-Hyeok promised her.

Jeong-Hyeok thinks the woman Jennifer is very selfish, and it’s a shame that he doesn’t have more than two hands.

Se-Joon leans his head on Jeong-Hyeok’s hand and wishes he has a million of the hands too. Woman’s boyfriend gives her an embrace, and notes that she is so pretty. She is shy and thinks she just wore a bit of makeup. Touch: Episode 1 is so good.

The driver drives Soo-Yeon and wonders if she can show up with a bare face. She says that the PD told her not to wear makeup.

Jae-Myung asks why the girl is the only one who survived, and Sung-Soo explains that Ye-Jin wants to be the lead. Jae-Myung asks about Soo-Yeon’s ranking, and Sung-Soo says that she was No.7 last week.

Jae-Myung claims that he provided production money and made Do-Jin the host, and thinks they will be losers if Soo-Yeon cannot win.

The man scolds the girls for makeup, and tells them to do like Soo-Yeon. The girls glare at Soo-Yeon.

Do-Jin shows up, and the fan passes out after touching his hand. Sung-Soo tells Do-Jin not to act drunk in front of fans. Do-Jin brags that he was satisfying a fan. Sung-Soo tells Chae-Won to keep on eye on Do-Jin. Touch: Episode 1 is amazing.

Do-Jin tells Chae-Won that he likes Hoon-Hyung, but she points out that he quit because he hated him. Do-Jin goes to bathroom.

Soo-Yeon wears makeup, and Do-Jin trips her from her back. He laughs while seeing the lipstick on her face, and she messes up his hair. He rages and claims that he has a rehearsal. He wishes her to screw up, and she hopes him to get edited out.

Do-Jin reminds Soo-Yeon that she got a scar on her face, and tells her to put some makeup on. She thinks it’s his fault, and he blames her for making him cut his birthday party.

Sung-Soo stops the two’s fight, and tells Soo-Yeon to remove makeup and get ready.

Dong-Min scolds Hong-Seok for not dressing up, and tells him to be like Hyun-Joon. He thinks Hyun-Joon comes from Paris, but Hyun-Joon says that he comes from New York. Touch: Episode 1 is worth of watching.

Jeong-Hyeok arrives, and laughs at Dong-Min’s outfit. Se-Joon thinks it’s too much, but Dong-Min thinks he doesn’t understand it.

Se-Joon asks Jeong-Hyeok if he chose the one to do makeup, but Jeong-Hyeok says that it’s a secret.

The man asks Jeong-Hyeok to do makeup for top three, but Jeong-Hyeok points out that getting makeup from an artist from Cha Beauty is a premium treatment by itself.

The girls do the rehearsal, and Jeong-Hyeok takes Soo-Yeon. He walks in the dressing room, and the girls want him to do makeup for them.

Jeong-Hyeok asks Soo-Yeon if she had a fight with someone, but she denies it. He points out that she looks like fighting with someone with long fingernails, and she asks him to cover it up well. Touch: Episode 1 is perfect.

Jeong-Hyeok thinks someone did a perfect eyebrows for Soo-Yeon, and she says that she do makeup for other trainees.

Soo-Yeon asks Jeong-Hyeok to fix the makeup, and thinks it’s too strong to her. But he blames her for getting his makeup when she is just No.7.

Soo-Yeon watches the footage that people support her, and she runs into Jeong-Yeong in the waiting room. Jeong-Yeong doesn’t recognize Soo-Yeon and thinks she looks pretty.

Jeong-Yeong thinks people won’t recognize Soo-Yeon, and Soo-Yeon worries that they will vote for the wrong person. Jeong-Yeong thinks the eyes are too strong, and tells Soo-Yeon to fix it up.

Jeong-Hyeok notes that Soo-Yeon fixed his makeup, but Dong-Min thinks the makeup was done by Jeong-Hyeok. Do-Jin asks Jeong-Hyeok what he thinks of the makeup, and Jeong-Hyeok says that he didn’t like it. Touch: Episode 1 is what I want to watch.

Jeong-Hyeok waits for Soo-Yeon, but she runs away. He chases her and thinks she ruined his masterpiece. He tells her that she is out, and she asks him to take it back.

Jae-Myung blames Do-Jin for keeping changing women, and Sung-Soo promises to talk with Reporter Kim about the photos. Jae-Myung reveals Reporter Kim rejected the blank check, and he wants the exclusive story.

Jae-Myung thinks they need a scandal to protect Do-Jin, and he chooses Soo-Yeon. Do-Jin announces that Soo-Yeon gets No.2, and she cries out on the stage.

It flashes back. Do-Jin startles Soo-Yeon at the roof, and she complains that she keeps failure. He tells her that it isn’t the end.

We go back to the stage. Do Jin hugs Soo-Yeon, and says that he told her that she cold do it.

Jeong-Hyeok visits Soo-Yeon, but she ignores him and laughs with the girls. The bodyguard blocks Jeong-Hyeok’s way, and Jeong-Hyeok is taken away by Jeong-Hyeok. Touch: Episode 1 is the best episode.

Jae-Myung sees the news, and it says that the girls’ dreams touched the nation’s heart. Jae-Myung tells something about Soo-Yeon to Reporter Kim.

Jeong-Yeong sees the news that Soo-Yeon is kicked out of the group, and people know her assault.

Do-Jin fails to find Soo-Yeon, and Sung-Soo tells him to follow him.

Jae-Myung asks Soo-Yeon to explain what happened, and she says that she went with Ye-Jin in Do-Jin’s birthday party. She says that she got involved when she tried to break up the fight between Ye-Jin and some women.

Soo-Yeon claims that she didn’t drink, and thinks someone edited the clip intentionally. Jae-Myung points out that the girl almost went blind, and thinks the fact is that Soo-Yeon had a fight. He tells her that the company decided to kick her out. Touch: Episode 1 is wonderful.

Soo-Yeon is on knees to beg Jae-Myung, and he thinks she ruined the chance to buy her parents house.

Soo-Yeon packs her stuff and leaves. She misses Do Jin after she got in the elevator.

Do-Jin yells at Jae-Myung that Soo-Yeon didn’t do anything wrong to break up the fight, and Jae-Myung thinks Do-Jin shouldn’t have invited her as she was still auditioning. Do Jin wants to do an interview to explain it.

Jae-Myung tells Do-Jin that he will be chewed up like Soo-Yeon, and mentions he used to date the girl Soo-Yeon fought with.

Jeong-Hyeok wonders who did Soo-Yeon’s makeup, and Se-Joon thinks his boss is so cruel. Se-Joon thinks it was Dong-Min, and says that no one in their team would touch Jeong-Hyeok’s work other than Dong-Min.

Jeong-Hyeok thinks Soo-Yeon fixed it herself, and he doesn’t know why she had to do that.

Young-A sits on the bench with Soo-Yeon’s parents, and comforts them that she’s probably with the managers. Soo-Yeon calls Mom and tells her not to worry about it. Mom tells Soo-Yeon that she can do it again, and asks her not to read negative comments. Touch: Episode 1 is the best one.

Mom thinks there is nothing they can do for Soo-Yeon. Dad asks Young-A to take care of Soo-Yeon. Soo-Yeon looks at the house, and thinks she cannot get her parents the house back.

Soo-Yeon tells the MC that she did the makeup herself, and she didn’t like what Jeong-Hyeok did. MC thinks Jeong-Hyeok lost his touch and Soo-Yeon’s makeup is much better. They laugh at Jeong-Hyeok.

Jeong-Hyeok wakes up from the nightmare, and he asks Se-Joon to get Soo-Yeon’s number and address. He says that he got humiliated, and thinks her amateur makeup was the only flaw and people will think it was him.

Se-Joon thinks Soo-Yeon won’t tell the reason to Jeong-Hyeok as she got kicked out. Jeong-Hyeok sees people attacking Soo-Yeon, and regrets for saying she is out.

Soo-Yeon returns her family restaurant, and she cannot to walk in because people talk about her. She doesn’t know where she should go, and arrives at the beach. She yells, “You cannot force me to do it anymore!”

Dong-Min wants to fire an employee, but Se-Joon reveals Manager Park went for an interview at Shi-Eun’s office. Shi-Eun gives the position of the lead to Manager Park. Touch: Episode 1 is fantastic.

Se-Joon complains that Oh Secret steals all of their artists, and thinks they should become a franchise. But Jeong-Hyeok thinks they cannot maintain the quality if they become a franchise.

Se-Joon yells and thinks Jeong-Hyeok shouldn’t be torturing his assistants.

Cha Beauty decides to recruit assistants, and Hyun-Joon tells girls that they will do the blind test for the interview.

Dong-Min tells Jeong-Hyeok to take a look at the drawing, and Se-Joon thinks the eyebrows, the colors of the eyeshadow and lips are all wrong. But Jeong-Hyeok thinks it’s better than the original. Touch: Episode 1 is so nice.

Soo-Yeon steps in the interview room with glasses, and Jeong-Hyeok still recognizes her and takes off her glasses. He puts her hands on her shoulders, and asks her, “How dare you show up here!”

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