Touch: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Touch: Episode 2. Se-Joon recognizes Soo-Yeon, and takes Jeong-Hyeok back to the seat. Jeong-Hyeok tells Soo-Yeon to get out as he has known her. But Dong-Min thinks Jeong-Hyeok should give Soo-Yeon an interview as she passed the first phase.

Touch: Episode 2 Recap

Touch: Episode 2

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Touch: Episode 2.

Dong-Min asks Soo-Yeon if she was interested makeup, and she remembers her friend told her that she can be rich if she does makeup.

Soo-Yeon says that she’s quite plain compared to other trainees. So in order to fill in her “specialty” line, she earned her certification with that in mind.

Se-Joon asks Soo-Yeon if she’s no longer a singer. She says that she cannot become one. Ji-Yoon learns that Soo-Yeon’s new dream is to become a makeup artist.

Soo-Yeon says that she doesn’t have a dream in her life anymore, and claims that if they give her a chance, she’ll work diligently. Jeong-Hyeok laughs and thinks what she said is an insult to Cha Beauty as he needs the best work force. Touch: Episode 2 is amazing.

But Dong-Min doesn’t care if Soo-Yeon has a dream or not as he just wants someone who’s good. So he asks her what does makeup mean to her.

“When my mom was young, she dreamed of becoming an actress. Perhaps that’s why she wanted so much for me to become a singer. “Your dream is my dream.” She said that often. When I was 20, my family went bankrupt. My parents are running an eojuk noodle house outside of Seoul. Without any gloves, hands that used to wear pretty rings make eujuk every day. Even so, my mom puts on her makeup every morning. Even though it will get erased when she works at the restaurant with her sweat. Isn’t that what makeup means to everyone? It may be somewhat of a hassle at times. But you feel so great after you put it on. Making myself look a little better and stylish. Making me feel as though I’m taking care of myself.”

Dong-Min thinks Soo-Yeon’s got style and looks good. Se-Joon says that he was moved when she spoke of her mom. But Ji-Yoon wonders if Soo-Yeon can survive as she needs to come in early mornings and work nonstop through the weekends.

Se-Joon thinks it’s nothing to Soo-Yeon as she survived 10 years at the cutthroat Window. Jeong-Hyeok says that he doesn’t like Soo-Yeon.

Soo-Yeon waits for Jeong-Hyeok and asks him why he kept asking her why she changed her makeup. But he thinks she is cheeky, and drives away. He returns and asks her why she changed it. She says that it didn’t feel like her as she looked too pretty. Touch: Episode 2 is pretty good.

Soo-Yeon thinks they would only see the makeup instead of her, and she feels sorry for not considering Jeong-Hyeok’s position. He thinks she would get first place if she kept his makeup, and she wouldn’t get kicked out.

Do-Jin calls Soo-Yeon but she doesn’t pick up. He tells her to call him back, and Chae-Won mistakes that he has a plan. He says that he is going to rebel. She asks him if he wants to get flustered by his back throwing techniques, and tells him to come out.

Jeong-Hyeok and Se-Joon meet with the woman in the bar. She tells Jeong-Hyeok that Double X will pick one between him and Shi-Eun. He agrees to it. Se-Joon points out that Shi-Eun will use all the connections she has to create a swanky pictorial, and Jeong-Hyeok will lose.

But Jeong-Hyeok thinks it’s his opportunity to officially show him as a CEO. Se-Joon thinks Jeong-Hyeok wants to enter the American and Europen markets, and tells him that he cannot be number one if he goes there. But Jeong-Hyeok wants to know how far he can go, and tells Se-Joon to check Ha-Woon’s schedule.

Jeong-Hyeok draws Ji-Yoon, and he remembers she told him that she wants to be featured on Double X cover. She asked him to do the makeup for her back then. Touch: Episode 2 is very nice.

Shi-Eun scolds the employees for copying, and tells them to get out. Seong-Hwa thinks Jeong-Hyeok made Shi-Eun nervous, and tells her that Editor Anna said “You’re all fired,” after seeing Jeong-Hyeok’s portfolio.

Seong-Hwa adds that she told Editor Anna that Shi-Eun made Jeong-Hyeok into what he is today.

Soo-Yeon gets a call from Cha Beauty, and she is passed. She thrills to jump, and Young-A is happy to hug Soo-Yeon.

Se-Joon tells Jeong-Hyeok that Ha-Woon got sick all of a sudden. Shi-Eun tells Jeong-Hyeok that she has the model Ha-Woon in the meeting. She feels sorry for taking away from him all the time when they’re at the parking lot. He laughs and thinks it never works out for her even if she does.

Shi-Eun takes off her sunglasses, and asks Jeong-Hyeok if he got Ji-Yoon back. She tells him to take Ha-Woon if he’s able. Touch: Episode 2 is remarkable.

Jeong-Hyeok rages and wants to hit the car. But Se-Joon reminds him that his hand is valuable, and promises to bring someone higher level than Ha-Woon.

Shi-Eun tells the girl to get the contract for the commercial with Ha-Woon, and she doesn’t want people know that they stole Jeong-Hyeok’s model.

Shi-Eun is surprised to see Ha-Woon in her office, and thinks she always gets her makeup done elsewhere. Ha-Woon thinks Shi-Eun has to do a good job since she betrayed Jeong-Hyeok, and she likes the dress coming from Paris.

Ha-Woon is shocked and asks Shi-Eun how she got it. Shi-Eun says that she managed to get it because she thought it’d look better on Ha-Woon. Ha-Woon thinks Shi-Eun is the best, and she goes to get changed.

Jeong-Hyeok keeps cleaning, and Se-Joon tells Dong-Min that Shi-Eun stole Jeong-Hyeok’s model. Dong-Min learns that Shi-Eun still pulls dirty tricks, and thinks Jeong-Hyeok’d be cleaning all day.

Se-Joon thinks they shouldn’t do it and Jeong-Hyeok hasn’t have any good experience with Shi-Eun. He thinks it’d be completely humiliating if they lose. Touch: Episode 2 is fantastic.

Soo-Yeon takes the dress and thinks it’s too flashy. But Young-A thinks it’s nice and bright. Soo-Yeon worries that everyone would know that she’s from the audition program,and she thought she might look immature if she wears something bright.

Young-A offers to wear something dark and go full melancholy. Soo-Yeon says that she’s worried about everything since it’s her first day. Young-A thinks Soo-Yeon’d be wearing the uniform when she gets there. Soo-Yeon throws away the dress and thinks she should focus on making money.

Young-A tells Soo-Yeon to do something with her skin as it’s way too dry. Soo-Yeon realizes that she only uses one moisturizer, and she does a makeup.

Soo-Yeon arrives at Cha Beauty, and she finds the shower room. She gets into and spots Jeong-Hyeok shower. She intends to flee but runs into him. She tells him that she didn’t see anything, and he thinks she saw something.

Soo-Yeon looks at the painting and remembers Jeong-Hyeok. The woman tells Soo-Yeon that he was featured in an exhibit in New York because of the piece. Touch: Episode 2 is the best one.

Jeong-Hyeok spots Soo-Yeon and asks her whi she is poking around there when it isn’t even time for work yet. She explains that she came early because she didn’t want to be late. He thinks she is inflexible as people won’t come two hours early.

Soo-Yeon tells Jeong-Hyeok that she opened the door thinking no one was inside, but she quickly closed the door. She says that she really didn’t see anything. He thinks she shouldn’t open the door if she hears the water running. But she says that she didn’t hear it, and thinks the soundproofing is very good.

Jeong-Hyeok tells Soo-Yeon that he’ll be watching her, and she weren’t chosen because she’s good but she said she would work hard and could endure it. She accepts it and he tells her to write it on her forehead.

Se-Joon tells Jeong-Hyeok that Soo Ji wants to join him. But Jeong-Hyeok rejects and tells Se-Joon to take a shower. Se-Joon reveals he drank with Soo-Ji’s CEO, and he didn’t take a shower. Jeong-Hyeok reminds Se-Joon that he is a director and he cannot go around smelling like that. He tells him to get someone to fix the doorknob. Touch: Episode 2 is great.

Jeong-Hyeok goes to peek at Se-Joon when he is taking shower, and he learns that he can see everything. But Hong-Seok catches Jeong-Hyeok, and Se-Joon goes out. Hong-Seok gets something and tells Jeong-Hyeok that he will keep it to himself.

Soo-Yeon greets the girls, but they don’t like her. Because she don’t have any experience but got passed. Nobody wants to work with Soo-Yeon after she introduced herself. Jeong-Hyeok tells Hyun-Joon to work with the poor girl.

Jeong-Hyeok notes that Seul-Gi looks disheveled and does makeup for her because she is the first face the customers will see. He tells her not to date bad guys, and Seul-Gi is moved. Soo-Yeon wonders how Hyun-Joon sees people’s past, and Hyun-Joon reveals Hyun-Joon knows it by looking at the skin.

Hong-Seok says that Jeong-Hyeok doesn’t seem to know when he ate ramen the night before. Hyun-Joon points out that it’s because Hong-Seok’s always puffy. Touch: Episode 2 is wonderful.

Dong-Min scolds Seul-Gi for bring conflicts, and tells her to be smart, otherwise he will fire her. Hong-Seok lifts his fists and thinks they’re short on assistants because of Dong-Min. Hyun-Joon tells Hong-Seok to get Soo-Yeon to do the basics. Hong-Seok is happy for having a junior.

Hong-Seok tells Soo-Yeon to welcome the VIP DJ, and she is surprised that the DJ is Do-Jin. He hugs her, but she pushes him over. He learns that she works at Cha Beauty, and she asks him to pretend not to know her.

The two get in the VIP Room, and Hong-Seok reminds Soo-Yeon to keep the door open halfway when she’s alone with a male customer before he leaves. Do-Jin closes the door. Soo-Yeon doesn’t know which toner she should choose, and he tells her the right toner.

Sung-Soo meets with Jeong-Hyeok, and they agree to get Do-Jin to be the model of Cha Beauty. Se-Joon thinks they should get a female model, but Jeong-Hyeok says that he told Soo-Ji’s company to take a rain check. He takes the drawing, and thinks it’d be way more powerful on men. Touch: Episode 2 is excellent.

Soo-Yeon asks Sung-Soo to get Do-Jin a different beauty salon. Because she doesn’t have other options. He agrees to it.

Do Jin finds Soo-Yeon and asks her why she avoids him. She says that she is just busy. He asks her if they’re still friends. She isn’t sure about that. He says that he wanted to apologize but she didn’t answer his calls. She says that she resented him at first, and thinks it’s her fault for being dragged into a fight like that. But it was driving her insane, and if she sees him, it’ll be reminded of that day. So she didn’t answer his calls.

Soo-Yeon thinks it’s best that they don’t see each other for a while as it’s still hard for her to look at Do-Jin.

Soo-Yeon feels tired and tells Young-A that she ran into Do-Jin. She reveals there was a shower room, and remembers Jeong-Hyeok. Touch: Episode 2 is worth of watching.

The next day, Soo-Yeon runs into Do-Jin at the office. She notes his face, and he says that his face is so itchy and it stings. Soo-Yeon doesn’t what to do as his pictorial shoot is tomorrow. Chae-Won says that the dermatologist isn’t open so he brought him there.

Hyun-Joon sees Do-Jin and asks him of he ate anything bad yesterday, and Chae-Won reveals all he had was gimbap. Hyun-Joon asks if the artists did a heavy touch up, and she says that what they did was pat his face with a puff. Hong-Seok thinks it’s their fault, and Hyun-Joon asks if there were any new product. Hong-Seok says that the products were the same.

Se-Joon walks in and goes to call Jeong-Hyeok after seeing Do-Jin’s face. Hong-Seok tells Do-Jin to say he ate saefood, and thinks Jeong-Hyeok will fire them all. Touch: Episode 2 is so sweet.

Se-Joon tells Jeong-Hyeok that Do-Jin’s face is a mess, and Jeong-Hyeok bursts into the room. Do-Jin says that he ate marinated crab and he is allergic to shellfish. But Jeong-Hyeok points out that it’s due to cosmetics, and warns the employees not to lie to him. He says that they have to know the cause in order to find a solution.

Jeong-Hyeok asks Soo-Yeon what she used, and she says that she used the skin toner. Hong-Seok says that Do-Jin doesn’t use that because it makes his skin have a bad reaction. He claims that he told Soo-Yeon to use the second toner from the right.

Jeong-Hyeok blames Soo-Yeon for ruining the VIP’s face. She says that she knew Do-Jin is allergic to alcohol but she didn’t know the toner contained alcohol. Jeong-Hyeok tells her that she is fired. Touch: Episode 2 is very good.

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