Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1-2

This is Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Episode 1-2, Princess (Guan Xiaotong) lost her memory after falling into river, and knew her followers Huan Yuan and Jiang Yan is going to rebel, Rong Zhi (Song Weilong) suspects her identify as well. She cast in a bone between Huang Yuan and Jiang Yan and sets a trap to make Rong Zhi believe her.

Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Untouchable Lovers

Emperor Liu Zi Ye kicks painter as he didn’t draw his father’s drunk nose on the painting, but the painter tells him that it doesn’t respect if he draws it. Princess Shan Yin Liu Chu Yu thinks it’s not the case and lets painter add it when emperor is going to kill him.

Liu Zi Ye asks Liu Chu Yu what she asks for? She tells him that she wants more husband since he had many wives. Liu Zi Yu accepts it and gathers all of handsome males to his palace. Liu Zi Ye’s uncles asks Tianji Pavilion to kill emperor. Zhu Que accepts the task.

Liu Chu Yu sits in her oxcart and plays her golden leaf, a child waves a piece of red cloth in front of oxcart. The ox is mad and runs when seeing the red cloth, Liu Chu Yu is dumped in a pool and is replaced by Zhu Que as they have same looking face.

Liu Chu Yu finds out that a handsome male is sleeping beside her after she wakes up, the male introduce himself as Rong Zhi and reveals he warmed her body because she had a fever last night. But Liu Zi Yu doesn’t remember him. He has to invite doctor to see her.

Doctor thinks Liu Chu Yu’s body isn’t a matter after checking her body, but she doesn’t believe what doctor said and tells him she doesn’t remember anything. Doctor tells her to have a rest. Liu Chu Yu wants to thank emperor in person as he sent her the doctor. Rong Zhi stops her and tells her that her bleeding may bring bad luck to emperor. Maid asks Liu Zi Yu why she forgot it, she blames the maid who doesn’t remind her.

Liu Se thinks it’s strange to not see princess for a few days and wants to visit her, but he is blocked by princess’s guard and taken off his pants. Servants are talking about Liu Se wears clothes which is embroidered four goldfishes, Liu Chu Yu hears it and asks maid about it. Maid tells her that Liu Se wants to see princess but is stopped by Rong Zhi.

Liu Se thinks princess doesn’t like him anymore and wants to strives a position for his older brother in the palace, Rong Zhi persuades him to follow princess’s order. Just then Liu Chu Yu hosts spring party at the garden, Liu Se decides to wear a new clothes attending the party.

Liu Se complains to princess that Rong Zhi has the privilege to see her anytime he wants, princess deprives Rong Zhi’s privilege. Although Rong Zhi isn’t happy, he doesn’t say anything. Liu Se claims he caught the murderer who is a kid and waved the red cloth in front of ox so that princess fell into water, but Rong Zhi thinks the murderer let princess falling unwittingly. Liu Se asks Rong Zhi what’s his intention since he defend the murderer. Princess lets them stop argue and orders Liu Se to wave his green clothes in front of ox. The ox hits Liu Se on the ground, hence princess sets the child free.

Princess blames Rong Zhi for transferring everybody’s intentions after followers left, as red drives ox mad doesn’t mean the child isn’t the murderer. Rong Zhi thinks she shouldn’t dispute with a kid as she is princess. She sneers that Rong Zhi is a good follower.

Zhu Que gets message from someone who lets her control princess mansion and approach emperor. Princess asks guard, “Who’s house is largest in the mansion” The guard tells her, “It’s Rong Zhi!” Princess lets guard lead her to visit Rong Zhi’s house.

Princess runs into Jiang Yan outside of Rong Zhi’s house, she thinks Rong Zhi is going to host another party. Princess finds out Jiang Yan and Huang Yuan is reading books in a room, Rong Zhi persuades princess not to disturb them and reveals Huang Yuan isn’t ill. Princess thinks Huang Yuan is sanctimonious and leaves.

Rong Zhi finds out Jiang Yan and Huang Yuan plan to betray princess and points out Jiang Yan hold book wrong. Although he tells them that he won’t disclose them, he thinks they won’t be success and denies Huang Yuan’s off after Huang Yuan tells him that it’s still a big sin even if he didn’t do anything.

Rong Zhi notices princess is watching them on the rooftop with Xu Bei Jie after Huang Yuan and Jiang Yan left. Xu Bei Jie asks princess to kill them, but princess rejects it and says, “I can kill a person easily, but it’s hard to win his heart.” Princess knows Jiang Yan is a talent but he just lacks an opportunity after looking over his document, Huang Yuan is a prince of previous dynasty and worth to use.

Jiang Yan is nervous and thinks princess is going to punish him when he is summoned and many soldiers around him. To his surprise, princess lets him out of mansion and recommends him to Prince Liu Jing Su. Jiang Yan accepts it and appreciates princess.

Shen Guang Zuo reports princess that Huang Yuan is going to rebel and deliver a list to her, princess thinks he is a good guy and asks Rong Zhi’s advise. Rong Zhi persuades her to recommend Shen Guang Zuo to General Long Xiang. Princess asks why Rong Zhi do that since Shen Guang Zuo is a traitor, but Rong Zhi thinks she is waiting the traitor. Princess admits it, but she doesn’t want the traitor appears in her mansion.

Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Princess decides to deal with the followers in her mansion, the talented followers are sent to be official, the others are given gold. Rong Zhi brings wine to Huang Yuan and tells him it’s princess’s gift. Huang Yuan drinks it like a martyr, but Rong Zhi tells him that there isn’t poison in the wine and asks him, “Did you want to die so much?”

Huang Yuan smashes the dish into pieces and opens the door which warriors are waiting for him, he yells that he is a prisoner. Rong Zhi reveals it isn’t princess’s intention but him. He wants to stop Huang Yuan from seeing Jiang Yan. Huang Yuan grasps Rong Zhi’s clothes and thinks he betrayed him, but Rong Zhi tells him that princess saw everything while they planned to rebel.

Huang Yuan asks Rong Zhi why he wants to stay with princess and to be her pet since he is a outstanding person and can dominate the whole China if he goes outside. Rong Zhi doesn’t answer his question, but he thinks Huang Yuan needs to appreciate princess since she saved him under from death. Huang Yuan admits princess saved him and protected him, but she treats him as a pet, this is what Huang Yuan dislikes.

Yue Jie Fei reports to princess that everybody are going to leaves except Liu Sang, Hua Lang Jun and Huang Yuan. Princess thinks Huang Yuan needs her protecting and lets him stay in her mansion. Just then Liu Se begs princess to let him stay otherwise he will hit the wall with his head. Princess has no way but keeps Liu Se and Mo Lang Jun who jumped into a river to commit suicide.

Princess wants to drive off Rong Zhi, Yue Jie Fei asks her why, since she trusts him so much. Princess tells Yue Jie Fei that Rong Zhi isn’t a exception since everybody are going to leave, and reveals she dislikes him more and more recently.

Princess lets Rong Zhi leave her mansion while he is playing zither, Rong Zhi asks her why she urges him to leave and suspects her identify. Princess keeps him when knowing he is going to tell others his doubt. Princess sees Mo Xiang lying in her bed when returning her room, she drives him off and asks guards why they let him in. The guards reply that it’s Rong Zhi’s order.

Mo Xiang reports to Rong Zhi what the princess did on him and suspects her identify, because he was killed when she sees him lying in her bed if she is the real princess. Rong Zhi tells him that he will investigate it. You Xiang sees Rong Zhi entering princess’s room when she goes outside, she is curious about it. Rong Zhi sees some strange numbers on princess’s bed, he smiles.

Rong Zhi tells princess his doubt and takes off her clothes, he sees a scar on her should and gives up his doubt. Just then princess calls Yue Bei Jie to stop Rong Zhi. Rong Zhi is stabbed by him and apologizes to princess and tells her that he won’t suspect her anymore.

Princess blames You Lan for her carelessness and locks her in, Fen Dai goes to see her and bring some foods so that You Lan appreciates her. Princess lets Fen Dai to be her personal maid after seeing Fen Dai delivers foods to You Lan. But they hug and are happy after they return room. Fen Dai calls princess as Zhu Que and reveals only trusted follower knows there is scar on princess’s shoulder, that why she approached You Lan and got the message.

Fen Dai thinks Rong Zhi won’t suspect her and persuades Zhu Que to approach emperor, but Zhu Que thinks Rong Zhi is very smart and they shouldn’t be so eager. Zhu Que reveals to Fen Dai that Rong Zhi controls the whole mansion that everyone obey his order even if she is the master, she wants to find someone to balance his power.

Rong Zhi gives princess a pill to control Huang Yuan after he knows she is going to take Huang Yuan going outside, princess rejects it and thinks she doesn’t need it. Hence Rong Zhi lets Huang Yuan take it in person. Consort prince comes to see princess off after he knows she is going to attend the poem meeting. Liu Sang tells princess that he dislikes consort prince, princess reveals that she dislikes him also. Huang Yuan thinks princess shouldn’t so frank.

Huang Yuan, Liu Sang and princess are chased by fans while they walk on street. Pei Shu saves them and tells them they just like their good looking faces, and leads them to the poem meeting. Liu Sang lets people in the meeting call him older brother as he thinks princess is going to take them home. Princess stops him and reveals she wants to see Huang Yuan’s talent in poem.

Princess laughs while she sees Pei Shu applying powder on his face, he thinks she comes from country and doesn’t know it’s a kind of fashion. The host announces that rule that the person should drink wine and compose poems when the moved cup is fixed in front of him. Princess hopes the cup doesn’t choose her.

At the end of Untouchable Lovers Chinese Drama Episode 2, the moved cup chooses princess so that she has to compose her poem. Who is going to save her in the 3th episode of Untouchable Lovers?

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