Walk Into Your Memory Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Walk Into Your Memory Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. An Ning is a girl who can see people’s memory through their eyes. It’s the reason why she keeps failing on the blind date. Because she can see the man’s bad history. She dreams a Mr. Right to walk to her, and it seems that Hao Qian is the one. Hao Qian is the president of the dragon restaurant, and he is rich and handsome. But he cannot touch women.

Walk Into Your Memory Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Walk Into Your Memory

An Ning cooks breakfast herself and goes out. Her friend waits for her in the car and thinks she will get nothing on the blind date according to her clothes style. She thinks her wearing is like to go to happy farm. The friend parks the car, and An Ning finds out that her clothes is clipt by the car door. The friend thinks An Ning will fail again.

An Ning looks into the mirror with Hao Qian’s car window, but he rolls down the window. She is awkward to flee, and he thinks she is a cucumber. Hao Qian meets with Uncle Wang and thinks he is going to betray him. Uncle Wang explains that the president of L Group is his old friend. The man meets with An Ning and wants to taste the food she cooks. He flirts with her while touching her shoes with his shoes.

An Ning sees him hugging the woman in the club, and the woman thought he cannot abandon her as she got his baby. But he thought the baby doesn’t belong to him, and admitted that he is a jerk.

An Ning accuses the man of hooking his girlfriend’s best friend and sleeping with girls. She mentions he got his girlfriend to be abortion, and he thinks she is a psychopath. An Ning rages to beat the man.

We find out that it was just An Ning’s fancy, and the man invites her to go to his house. But she mentions that her mom said that marriage isn’t a game and told her not to take back rotten cabbage and stinky tofu. He tells her not to mention her mom, and she thinks his eyes are beautiful and asks him to pay the bill for her. He agrees, and she orders all of the dishes on the menu. An Ning goes to restroom as her grandpa said to wash hands before eating.

Hao Qian reminds Uncle Wang that he will let him know who is the winner no matter how many benefits Uncle Wang got from L Group. The man wants to cancel the dishes, but the waitress rejects it.

An Ning yells “jerk” in the elevator, and Hao Qian gets in. He glares at her but realizes that she is a psychopath. The elevator is broken, and she’s nervous to hug him when it’s dark. The workers open the elevator, and Hao Qian runs out.

An Ning asks Hao Qian if he is ok when he is vomiting. But he tells her to stay away from him. She realizes that he was scared to vomit. Chairman calls Hao Qian and asks him to see him. He thinks Hao Qian’s failure isn’t an accident, and doesn’t want to see it next time. Hao Qian claims that he will make it up, and Chairman asks Hao Qian if his mom visited him. Hao Qian denies and leaves.

An Ning sneaks into home, and Mom’s waiting for her with a feather duster. Mom grabs An Ning’s hair. An Ning complains that she cannot be bald because she doesn’t get married. She catches the chance to flee into the house and closes the glass door.

Mom asks An Ning what she saw, and An Ning says that he is a jerk. Mom mentions An Ning ordered 30 dishes and thinks her daughter shamed her. She says that people in the group of square dancing knew that she has an insane daughter, and thinks the person Xiao Wang is nice. But An Ning thinks he should feel luck because she didn’t beat him.

An Ning flees out and praises Mom for perming hair to stop her chasing, but Mom tells An Ning not to transfer the topic. She shares that blind date websites blacklisted An Ning, but An Ning claims that she can run into a prince charming herself.

Mom takes the feather duster to chase An Ning, but Grandpa shows up to catch the feather duster. Grandpa asks Mom why she got herself a cauliflower hairstyle, and she prefers the previous mushroom hairstyle. She complains that An Ning ordered 30 dishes on the blind date and scared off Xiao Wang. She worries that An Ning cannot marry off herself.

Grandpa is surprised and asks An Ning if the dish is delicious than the dish he cooks. She thinks it cannot beat him. He laughs and asks Mom to go on a blind date. He says that he has to care for her because she is single.

An Ning wears a wedding dress in the bathroom, and remembers she asked her father if there is a prince in the world. He said yes, and revealed that the prince will take care of little princess. She wanted to be the little princess. He laughed and thought she is the kindest princess in the world. She asked him when the prince will come, and he told her when she insists on being the kindest princess, the prince will come. He said that the prince will ride the white horse and take the pumpkin vehicle to pick her up.

He added that he will picked her up to the palace, and they will sing and dance in the castle and taste the yummy snacks, and butterflies will dance for them, and little birds will sing, and people will bless them.

An Ning thinks it’s not easy to find the Mr. Right from the a huge crowd, and some of them are destined to be the passing guests of each other, and some of them are luck to find their prince charming. She believes that she will meet him one day, and maybe she is having loose bowels.

Mom bursts into and is surprised that An Ning wears wedding dress to sit the toilet. An Ning thinks there are many toxins in her body, so she didn’t run into nice men.

Hao Qian drinks with Ming Jun in the bar, and Ming Jun comforts Hao Qian that the failure is normal. The two girls walk to them and ask to drink. But Ming Jun reminds them that Hao Qian will vomit when he touches women. The girls think Ming Jun lay to them, and walk away.

Gong Chen smiles to Meng Lu, and she thinks his wrinkles can kill mosquitoes. He lets her step first, and wonders why she keeps wearing high heels since she isn’t going to dance. The employees greet Meng Lu, but she ignores them. Gong Chen tells Meng Lu to give people the reaction when they greet her, but she says that she said yes. He thinks her pride is higher than her heels, but she says that he has menopause.

An Ning runs in and calls Gong Chen uncle, but Meng Lu thinks An Ning is too old to be Gong Chen’s niece. An Ning learns that Meng Lu is 33 years old through seeing her memory. Meng Lu thinks she will get less competitors if all of the single women are with having the fashion style An Ning does.

Gong Chen tells the employees that An Ning will be the Chef Assistant, and she sees that he told employees to be diligent. The man reports to Gong Chen that Hao Qian will visit, and people are nervous. Gong Chen tells Fei Fang to take Ming Jun and An Ning to prepare.

Hao Qian arrives and tells employees that the vip guest has neat freak. He asks them to be clean in their looks, and Meng Lu promises to be perfect. He asks about the bisk ordered by the banquet team, and she says that she has confirmed with chef. The employees talk about that Hao Qian is a gay because he doesn’t touch women.

An Ning pours the bisque by mistake, and Hao Qian sees it. He calls her to his office and tells her that she is fired. She explains that she didn’t intend to turn over bisque and thinks she can make up it. But he says that he doesn’t allow his women to make any mistake, and wants to call security guard.

An Ning sneers at Hao Qian and thinks he fired her because the thing of elevator, and apologizes for it. He tells her to get out and calls her cucumber spirit. She is furious to see his memory, and learns that he failed in the business because his capacity isn’t enough. He wonders why she knew his failure and thinks she is the spy of L Group.

An Ning returns kitchen and tells people that she is fired, and she wants to deal with the thing before she leaves.

Walk Into Your Memory Comment

I have seen a girl who wants to get marry, but her ability stop her from getting happiness. Walk Into Your Memory isn’t telling us the ability An Ning has, but the desire of marriage to most of girls. They want to get married and wants to meet their Mr. Right. They dream to be the princess, but the reality is they’re not princess.

Now let’s talk about the hero Hao Qian. He is rich and handsome, and he is the one most of woman want to get married. But he will vomit when he touches women. Walk Into Your Memory tells us the men’s fear to marriage. They don’t want to get married, and prefer to live alone instead.

The drama wants to express that men and women should try to make girlfriends or boyfriends, even if the result is bad.

Walk Into Your Memory brings the interesting families, and let me show you all.

Hao Qian’s family:

Hao Qian’s father dislikes Hao Qian, and he scolds him when he makes a little mistake. It seems that he loves the son in the family photo. But the son left home.

An Ning’s family:

An Ning’s mother keeps scolding her, but she loves her daughter. She asks her to go on the blind date and gets married because she doesn’t want her to be single like her.

Grandpa loves An Ning as well. He stops mom when she beats An Ning, and he transfers the topic when he hears that An Ning ordered 30 dishes on the blind date.

Uncle Gong Chen cares for An Ning, and he protects her after she turned over the soup. But Hao Qian finds it on the end. When Hao Qian wants to fire An Ning, he tells him that An Ning can make up the mistake.

There isn’t anyone caring Hao Qian in his family, but he is luck because he has a good friend Ming Jun. Ming Jun tells the girls not to approach Hao Qian as he knows that his friend will vomit when he touches females.

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