Well Intended Love Season 2: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for Well Intended Love Season 2: Episode 7. Yi Zhou treats Xia Lin’s house as his house and makes her angry. He asks her to get him the drink, and she is furious to tell him that the drink isn’t for him.

Well Intended Love Season 2: Episode 7 Recap

Well Intended Love Season 2: Episode 7

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Well Intended Love Season 2: Episode 7.

Yi Zhou tells Xia Lin that he wants to drink her drink because he wants to understand her. She gives the drink to him but pours the hot water on his shirt. Xia Lin is nervous to tell Yi Zhou to take off the shirt. But she sees his chest.

Xia Lin tells Yi Zhou to wear the clothes, but he mentions she asked him to take it off. Xia Lin tells Yi Zhou to get lost, but he is taking a shower.

Xia Lin asks Yi Zhou to leave, but he tells her that their love will come true if she kicks him out. Xia Lin tells Yi Zhou to get Wen Li to deal with the paparazzi. But Yi Zhou says that Wen Li needs time to pursue love. Xia Lin has to leave her room to Yi Zhou.

The next day, Xia Lin goes to the bathroom and sees Yi Zhou. She gets him out of the bathroom, and asks him what it is while holding a toothbrush. He explains that he wanted to tell her that she was taking his toothbrush.

Yi Zhou thinks Xia Lin was sparkling when she took the trophy and gave an acceptance speech. Xia Lin wonders when Yi Zhou knows her, and he says that talking is bad for stomach while eating.

The girls spot Yi Zhou buying ingredients in the supermarket, and they take photos of him as they think Yi Zhou is living with Xia Lin.

The girl asks Chu Yan why he doesn’t give up. He confesses that he has loved her for many years, but everything is changed after the jerk Mo Ran appeared.

Chu Yan ends his acting, and remembers the servant asked him to go home to eat with President Chu. The assistant tells Chu Yan that President Chu was sent to hospital.

Chu Yan arrives at the hospital, and the doctor tells Chu Yan that his father needs to rest. The steward tells Chu Yan that President Chu didn’t get enough resting because of the deficit.

The steward tells Chu Yan that President Chu keeps the company is for him, and Chu Yan asks President Chu to give up the company as he can raise him. President Chu rejects it and tells Chu Yan not to shirk.

Yu Shi takes the photo of Yi Zhou and asks Xia Lin about it. Wen Li informs Xia Lin that Yi Zhou is drunk, and Xia Lin tells Yu Shi that she will explain it to her later.

Xia Lin arrives at the restaurant, and Wen Li leaves Yi Zhou to her as he needs to go home with President Chen. Xia Lin helps Yi Zhou get in the car, and he asks where the steering wheel is.

Xia Lin laughs and tells Yi Zhou that the steering wheel is in front of him, and he can go home after he catches it. Chu Yan spots Xia Lin helping Yi Zhou get off the car, and thinks the rumor is real.

Xia Lin puts Yi Zhou in the bed and takes off clothes for him. He catches the chance to hug her, and she tells him that she cannot hold herself if he does so. He opens his eyes and kisses her.

Xia Lin panics to run to the bathroom, and convinces herself that they have been engaged.

The next day, Yi Zhou wakes up and sees Xia Lin falling asleep in another room. He takes a photo of her, and he is informed that President Chu is in the hospital.

Yi Zhou goes to see President Chu, and runs into Chu Yan. Chu Yan tells Yi Zhou that he decides to return to the company after he stars the drama. Chu Yan reveals that his dream was photography, and Yi Zhou promises to help Chu Yan.

Chu Yan tells Yi Zhou that he likes Xia Lin, and he has protected her with the status of a friend. Yi Zhou tells Chu Yan that he won’t give him any chance to step in.

Xia Lin wakes up and sees the note Yi Zhou left. She feels happy, and Jia Fei asks Xia Lin out.

Wen Li sees the photo of Jia Fei and Xia Lin in the gym, and he shows the photo to Yi Zhou. Yi Zhou rages and decides to go to the gym.

Jia Fei thinks Xia Lin cannot run away from Yi Zhou, and reveals that she is studying brother and sister love while staring at the fitness trainer. But Xia Lin thinks it’s just an excuse of Jia Fei.

Yi Zhou and Wen Li are furious to show up at the gym. Jia Fei thinks the two don’t trust them, and reveals she came to see the muscle men. Yi Zhou promises to compensate the two women.

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