You Are My Answer Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of You Are My Answer Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. The man Zhou Yuan walks in the nightclub, and tells the woman that his cell number is 623. The woman tells the waiter to take Zhou Yuan to the room, and the waiter Liu Feng shares that there are some spies. Zhou Yuan tells Liu Feng to take off their phones, and he walks in the cell.

You Are My Answer Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

You Are My Answer

Zhou Yuan gets checked by the thug, and asks Mr. Hui why he appointed him there. Mr. Hui thinks the place is good to talk business. The thug stops Liu Feng walking in, and Liu Feng explains that he came to send fruits for free. Zhou Yuan lets Liu Feng walk in, and thinks they need vitamins.

Liu Feng puts the interceptor under the table, and he leaves. Mr. Hui stops Zhou Yuan touching the fruits, and Zhou Yuan thinks he is too cautious. Mr. Hui laughs and says that he wants to live longer. He completes the deal with Zhou Yuan, and the polices in the hall catch the thugs.

Chief Police reminds polices that Sang Hui has gun, and tells them not to give him the time to react. He takes his men to arrive at the cell, but the drunk women Xiao Lu bursts into the cell.

30 minutes before.

The man yells at Xiao Lu that he didn’t touch her thigh in another cell, and tells her to get lost. But she blames him for not giving her remuneration, and vomits in the restroom.

Xiao Lu returns wrong cell, and asks where the man Lao Bao is. She smashes the beer bottle, and Chief Police takes his men to burst into the cell.

Sang Hui kidnaps Xiao Lu, and asks police to put down their guns. The police Da Ke reports to Mr. Qiao that Xiao Lu was kidnapped but she isn’t in danger. Mr. Qiao blames Da Ke for making people get involved. Da Ke shares that Xiao Lu took the wrong cell while she was drunk.

Xiao Lu is scared, and Zhou Yuan tells Sang Hui to be care of his gun, thinking they will be doomed if Xiao Lu dies. Mr. Qiao asks Da Ke to tell Sang Hui that they will prepare a car for him.

Zhou Yuan drives Sang Hui and Xiao Lu, and she tells Sang Hui that she knows nothing. Zhou Yuan asks Sang Hui where they go, but Sang Hui thinks Zhou Yuan is acting to him. He thinks he is a police, and he saw him having the eye contact with Da Ke.

Zhou Yuan denies, and Sang Hui intends to shoot Xiao Lu. Zhou Yuan tells Sang Hui that he can ask for forgiving for him, if he releases Xiao Lu. Sang Hui laughs and thinks he doesn’t need forgiving. Zhou Yuan drives to the sea, and Sang Hui tries to stop Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan catches the chance to kill Sang Hui, but he and Xiao Lu vomit after getting off the car.

Cheng Yi takes Xiao Lu to see Zhou Yuan, and Xiao Lu asks him why he took her to the police station. He asks her why she got in their cell, and she says that she asked Lao Bao for money and took the wrong cell. Zhou Yuan thinks Lao Bao is Xiao Lu’s client and Xiao Lu is the girl earning money with her body.

Xiao Lu claims she is a scriptwriter, but Zhou Yuan doesn’t believe it according her clothes. She thinks he is a thug, Cheng Yi reminds Xiao Lu that she won’t be alive without Zhou Yuan. But Xiao Lu thinks it’s Zhou Yuan’s duty to protect her. Zhou Yuan tells Xiao Lu to explain what she did, and doesn’t allow her to leave.

The next day, Da Ke tells Zhou Yuan that Xiao Lu is waiting for her friend. Zhou Yuan asks Cheng Yi to get foods for Xiao Lu. Zhou Yuan’s girlfriend Lin Yao arrives at the airport, and she calls him. She asks him for a talk at home.

Ming Qing hits Lu Hao’s car, and he tells her about it. But she tears up and says that she doesn’t have time to deal with it because her friend hasn’t eaten for one day and one night. So he lets her leave.

Liu Feng is surprised that Xiao Lu is so good at eating but isn’t fat. Da Ke thinks she is a white eye wolf. Zhou Yuan asks her what drama she wrote, and she says that they’re all web dramas. Da Ke asks Xiao Lu if she wrote the drama about police, and she denies and claims she wants to write it all the time.

Liu Feng tells Xiao Lu to write what happened last time, and she agrees. Ming Qing arrives and asks Xiao Lu why she asked money and almost died. Xiao Lu tells Ming Qing that she will share it later. Ming Qing thanks Zhou Yuan, and he says that Xiao Lu educated him that it’s their job.

Ming Qing takes Xiao Lu out of the police station, and runs into Lu Hao. Ming Qing learns that he is a police, and feels sorry for hitting him. She promises to pay the fee of the car, and he reminds her that she didn’t add his wechat. Xiao Lu wonders who the police is, but Ming Qing tells Xiao Lu not to turn around.

Chief Qiao takes Lu Hao to see Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan blames Chief Qiao for bringing him a newbie. Chief Qiao shares that Lu Hao’s grades are great, but Zhou Yuan claims what he needs is warrior. Chief Qiao orders Zhou Yuan to lead Lu Hao, and Lu Hao asks to get a resting place for Lu Hao.

Ming Qing thinks Zhou Yuan wasn’t wrong and mentions Xiao Lu’s wearing. But Xiao Lu asks Ming Qing to comfort her. Ming Qing offers to have hot pot, and Xiao Lu kisses Ming Qing. Xiao Lu asks about Lu Hao, and Ming Qing reveals Lu Hao let her leave after she hit his car.

Xiao Lu thinks Ming Qing used honey trap, and Ming Qing says that she kept crying. Xiao Lu thinks Lu Hao fell for Ming Qing, but Ming Qing isn’t interested in Lu Hao. Xiao Lu waves to the boy Juan Juan, and Ming Qing tells Xiao Lu to be in love with Juan Juan. But Xiao Lu claims that Juan Juan is her friend, and thinks Ming Qing won’t understand it because she is a gold digger.

Ming Qing claims she is a gold digger goddess. Juan Juan rushes out to pick up Xiao Lu, and she finds the packet on the table. Xiao Lu thinks it’s a bill, but Juan Juan says that it’s a contract. She opens the packet and finds out it’s a letter from her fan. The fan asks Xiao Lu to apologize, and Juan Juan finds a blade the fan left. He thinks it’s a threating letter.

Lin Yao asks Zhou Yuan when Da Tou will return the money to them, since they’re going to get married. She thinks he always stands someone else’s position to deal with her. He promises to visit Da Tou, but she thinks he never understands the woman’s feeling and thought. She says that he lent money to Da Tou without consulting with her, and it made her sad.

Lin Qiao thinks Zhou Yuan never cares about her feeling while doing anything, and he explains that he thought it was temporary when Da Tou borrowed money. She doesn’t want to talk with him, and he asks her to tell him her feeling so that he can get changed. But she offers to break up.

Juan Juan thinks the fan is a psychopath, and says that he is looking at her through the window. Xiao Lu is scared, and the producer Jiang Cheng calls Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu meets with Jiang Cheng, and Jiang Cheng tells Xiao Lu that the investor is very rich. She asks her to drive her car to the place as the place is far away.

Zhou Yuan tells Da Tou that Lin Yao wants to break up with him. Da Tou thinks it’s a good thing, and tells Zhou Yuan to stay with Lin Yi. Zhou Yuan asks Da Tou when he will return the money to him, and Da Tou says that his company is lack of money. Zhou Yuan is informed that there is a male body at the beach.

Zhou Yuan arrives at the scene, and the police tells him that the man found the body while walking dog. Liu Feng asks Lu Hao to analyze it for Zhou Yuan, and Lu Hao thinks it’s first crime scene. But Zhou Yuan says that it’s a dumping body case. Xiao Lu tells Jiang Cheng that the person didn’t answer her after she pressed the door bell.

Xiao Lu tells Jiang Cheng that she ran into a blackmailer, but comforts her that she copied the automobile data recorder. Jiang Cheng is stunned.

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