Tender Light: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Tender Light: Episode 1. The people are watching the fireworks by the river. They don’t know there’s a car burning. The woman cries to chase the man who hugs a baby to run. Another woman is trembling in the house when she looks at her hand with blood.

Queen of Tears: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for Queen of Tears: Episode 14. We return to three years ago. Hae-In takes Hyun-Woo to a cemetery. She likes the place very much. She sees a man giving flowers to his wife when he visits his wife’s grave. But Hyun-Woo doesn’t see the man.

Who Is Im Sol in Lovely Runner?

Im Sol is a girl who loses her legs from an accident in Lovely Runner. But a singer Ryu Sun-Jae ignites her hope when she tries to end her life. She becomes a fan of him. But she doesn’t expect that he ends his life on the day she meets him.

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 39 Recap

This is the recap for Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 39. Xiao Yuehou walks into the palace. He sees Ling Buyi. He wonders if Ling Buyi recovered. Ling Buyi denies it. He reveals he needs to talk about the business. Emperor Wen persuades Xiao Yuehou to let his son marry Fifth Princess.