Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 7. Grand Prince Juhyang wipes the ink off his face when his follower stuns Eun-O. Cheon-Ki asks Grand Prince Juhyang for forgiving her dad. But he wants her to replace Eun-O to accept the punishment.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 7 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 7.

Cheon-Ki promises to accept the punishment. Grand Prince Yangmyung tries to stop his brother. But Grand Prince Juhyang tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that he will kill Eun-O. Cheon-Ki agrees to give up her hands. The follower of Grand Prince Juhyang tries to cut off her hands.

Ha Ram stops the follower. He tells Grand Prince Juhyang that he wants to give him some money to exchange Cheon-Ki. Grand Prince Juhyang agrees to it. He walks away. Choi Jung wants to leave with Cheon-Ki. But Grand Prince Yangmyung keeps Choi Jung. Choi Jung tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that Cheon-Ki wants to cure her dad.

Moo Young reports to Ha Ram that he locked Shwen-Nae up at the Wolseongdang. Ha Ram goes to Ha Ram. He throws the money to Shwen-Nae, and tells him not to hurt Cheon-Ki and Eun-O. Shwen-Nae wonders how Ha Ram knew it. Moo Young lifts his sword. Shwen-Nae has to flee with his followers.

Grand Prince Juhyang hands over his sword to Young-Hwe. Young-Hwe hunts the bodyguard and chases him to the cliff. The bodyguard remembers what he did to Sung-Jin. He falls off the cliff. Ha Ram’s told the death of the bodyguard. Lovers of the Red Sky informs us that Ha Ram will attack Mi-Soo. Mi-Soo worries about it when she sees the blood drops from the mouth of the crow.

King Seongjo walks Ha Ram when other ministers follower them. He thinks his eyes were cured because he recognized the holy painter. Ha Ram denies. King Seongjo goes to the painting room. He takes a look at all of the painting Cheon-Ki painted.

Grand Prince Yangmyung praises Cheon-Ki. King Seongjo sees that his son likes the girl. He announces to let Cheon-Ki fix the portrait of King Yeongjong. Ha Ram tries to leave the palace. But Grand Prince Yangmyung keeps Ha Ram and takes him to the corner.

Grand Prince Yangmyung asks Ha Ram about Cheon-Ki. He admits that she has feelings for the girl. Young-Hwe reports to Grand Prince Juhyang that King Seongjo got Cheon-Ki to be the palace painter. He wants to look into Shim Dae-Yu. Mi-Soo shows up. He tells Prince Juhyang that she plan to control Shim Dae-Yu with his black magic.

The doctor treats Eun-O. He tells Won-Ho that the herb which can save Eun-O’s life is actually expensive. Won-Ho mentions King Seongjo wants Cheon-Ki to be the palace painter. He tries to persuade her. But she rejects it because she thinks the first thing she needs to do is to take care of Eun-O.

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Ahn Gyeon visits Won-Ho and asks him if the girl made the decision. Won-Ho tells Ahn Gyeon that Cheon-Ki refused to be the palace painter. Ahn Gyeon tells Won-Ho not to stop Cheon-Ki because it’s her fate. Won-Ho reveals that he worries that the girl will be mad like Eun-O. Ahn Gyeon tells Won-Ho that the bad thing won’t happen to the girl.

Won-Ho sees Ahn Gyeon off. He thinks he forgot what Eun-O did. Ahn Gyeon visits Grand Prince Yangmyung when he takes a look at Cheon-Ki’s painting. Ahn Gyeon tells the prince that the girl rejected the king’s offer for her dad.

Ha Ram visits the astrology tower and tells the workers that the painting gave him a big impression. He looks at the stars in the sky. Cheon-Ki looks at the stars in the sky as well when she sits on the ground. She takes a nap. Grand Prince Yangmyung visits Cheon-Ki. He tells her that he knew Eun-O is her dad. She feels sorry for what she did to him.

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Grand Prince Yangmyung tells Cheon-Ki that she’s a genius. He persuades her to join painting department. But she’s silent. So he promises to look after her dad. He tells her that his dad was sick because he painted King Yeongjong’s portrait. He tells her to join painting department to find the truth. She’s happy to bow to him after knowing he will give the herb to her.

Ms. Gyeonju prepares the meal for Cheon-Ki. Cheon-Ki asks Won-Ho if he held Ms. Gyeonju’s hand when she’s eating. It startles him. She tells him to cherish Ms. Gyeonju. Ms. Gyeonju is moved. Cheon-Ki tells Won-Ho that she decides to join painting department. She intends to visit Grand Prince Yangmyung.

Won-Ho hands over the tiger drawing to Cheon-Ki. She’s happy to huge him. He sees her off and reminds her that she belongs the academy even if she’s a palace painter now. She pays her respect to him. He’s in tears after she left. Ms. Gyeonju has same feelings like Won-Ho. She hugs him and kisses him.

Cheon-Ki runs into God Samshin at the street. God Samshin asks Cheon-Ki for the drawing. Cheon-Ki rejects it. God Samshin stops the time and puts Ho Ryeong into the drawing. She disappears. Cheon-Ki tries to visit Grand Prince Yangmyung. But she finds out that she cannot leave the house. So she gets into the house and runs into Man Soo.

Cheon-Ki learns that the house belongs to Ha Ram. Ha Ram shows up and gets a tea for Cheon-Ki. She feels sorry for make him lose the money. But he tells her not to put it into her mind. She tells him that she will pretend not to know him if it’s his wish.

Cheon-Ki reminds Ha Ram that she’s waiting for him. She leaves the house but she drops the drawing. Cheon-Ki walks in the rain. Grand Prince Yangmyung shows up from her back. He keeps out the rain with the clothes for her. He takes her to run. He notes that she doesn’t feel well. So he wears the clothes on her. He touches her forehead and finds out that she has a fever.

Grand Prince Yangmyung carries Cheon-Ki to walk. He confesses his feelings to her. He intends to carry her to run. But Ha Ram stops the two when he holds the umbrella. He tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that he and the beauty had an appointment.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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