A Journey to Love Ending Explained

This is the Ending Explained for A Journey to Love Episode 40. Ren Ruyi loses her hope after her lover Ning Yuanzhou was killed after he saved Li Tongguang. She goes to kill North Pan King and Left Prince. She kills herself then.

Is Yu Shisan Dead?

A Journey to Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Journey to Love Episode 40.

Yu Shisan and Deng Hui were killed in episode 39. Ning Yuanzhou remembers Yu Shisan smiled to say goodbye to him. He misses his best brother. Ren Ruyi comforts Ning Yuanzhou that Yu Shisan fulfilled his wishes. They promise to be alive. But Yang Ying reports to Ning Yuanzhou that Li Tongguang went to kill the North Pan King.

Li Tongguang writes a letter to Ren Ruyi. He feels guilty for making Yu Shisan and Deng Hui die. He wishes to be a hero Ren Ruyi mentioned. Ning Yuanzhou decides to go to save Li Tongguang because Li Tongguang is Ren Ruyi’s disciple.

How Does Ning Yuanzhou Die?

Ning Yuanzhou finds Li Tongguang in the battlefield. He reminds him that he’s the regent of An Kingdom. Li Tongguang gets convinced. They decide to return to the city. But the problem is that the city wall is too high. Ning Yuanzhou get stabbed when he guards Li Tongguang.

He lets Ren Ruyi use the rope to save Li Tongguang. Ning Yuanzhou knows he’s going to die. So he rushes to the enemies. He’s killed by the enemies. Ren Ruyi thinks Ning Yuanzhou broke his promise when she stands on the city wall.

Li Tongguang apologizes to Ren Ruyi. But she thinks he didn’t make big mistake. She reveals she intended to kill North Pan King. She thinks Li Tongguang made a mistake to try to kill North Pan King on his own. She reminds him that she’s the best killer of An Kingdom.

Ren Ruyi thinks they cannot wait for it. She reminds that people that North Pan troops will attack the city soon. She asks Li Tongguang for the seal of An Kingdom. He agrees to it. She takes out the hairpin of Empress Dowager. She thinks it’s enough if she has the hairpin and the seal. Yang Ying persuades Ren Ruyi not to do that. But Ren Ruyi thinks she just go to complete the task Ning Yuanzhou didn’t complete. She looks at the snow.

Does Ren Ruyi Kill North Pan King?

Ren Ruyi pretends to be the Empress Dowager of An Kingdom. She borrows two bombs from Yang Ying. She intends to make Left Prince and North Pan King have a fight. Left Prince agrees to see Ren Ruyi after knowing she wishes to marry him.

Ren Ruyi visits Left Prince’s tent. Left Prince falls for her after he saw her. He tries to touch her. But North Pan King shows up. He mistakes that his son intends to rebel. But he finds out that Ren Ruyi is a killer. Ren Ruyi kills North Pan King and Left Prince.

Is Ren Ruyi Alive?

Ren Ruyi can flee after she killed North Pan King and Left Prince. Because she’s the best killer. But she doesn’t want to be alive. Because she lost hope after Ning Yuanzhou died. She remembers the happy hour she spent with Ning Yuanzhou. She uses the bombs to kill herself and the soldiers in the tent.

Li Tongguang rushes out of He City with his soldiers after his master died. He fights with the soldiers of North Pan Kingdom. Emperor Wu shows up with his troops. He joins Li Tongguang. The two work together to defeat the troops of North Pan Kingdom. It makes North Pan Kingdom not attack An Kingdom.

Do Ning Yuanzhou and Ren Ruyi Have A Son?

Ning Yuanzhou and Ren Ruyi are killed in the battle. It’s impossible that they have a son. It’s just Chu Yue’s imagination.

Episode 40 of A Journey to Love ends with Chu Yue becoming the queen of Shaxi Kingdom. She takes a walk. She sees someone riding horse to her. She remembers Yu Shisan rode horse to her. She finds out that the person is a boy. The boy gets off his white horse. The boy explains to Chu Yue that he doesn’t know how to ride the horse because it was just given by Uncle Ding.

Chu Yue asks the kid about his name. The boy reveals he’s Ning Shisan. Chu Yue thinks Ning Shisan’s mother is Miss Ren. Ning Shisan is surprised that Chu Yue knows her mother. He reveals he has a little sister Ren Lu. Chu Yue wishes to visit Ning Shisan’s home.

Ning Shisan asks Chu Yue if she likes wine. He believes that she will be a good friend of his parents. Chu Yue tells Ning Shisan that she likes wine. She hugs him when she cries. She sees Ren Ruyi, Ning Yuanzhou, Sun Lang, Qian Zhao, Yuan Lu and Yu Shisan riding horses. She asks Ning Shisan to take her to his house. She leaves with the boy.

Who Survives?

Ren Ruyi, Ning Yuanzhou, Sun Lang, Qian Zhao, Yuan Lu and Yu Shisan are killed in the battle. Only Chu Yue, Yang Ying and Li Tongguang survive. A Journey to Love doesn’t reveal what happened to Yang Ying and Li Tongguang. I think they will return to An Kingdom.

Li Tongguang continues to be the regent to support the new emperor. Yang Ying will help him as his wife. Li Tongguang promises Ning Yuanzhou that he will take a duty for the nation. He grows up to be a man after 40 episodes. Chu Yue becomes the new queen of Shaxi Kingdom. But she lost his lover forever. Yang Ying lost his lover Yuan Lu as well.

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Does A Journey to Love Have a Good Ending?

A Journey to Love have a bad ending. Because all of the main roles are dead. Ning Yuanzhou and Ren Ruyi don’t get together. But the drama makes their death beautiful. Their ending has been decided after Ning Yuanzhou decided to accept the task to escort Yang Ying to An Kingdom. Fortunately, Chu Yue remembers them.

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  1. I’m just wasting my time to watch this drama…Every night after my work I check every other episodes come in..Even the drama us having great scenes still useless because their efforts is definitely in vain.. Although they died as hero for their contribution for their own country, so what this is just drama what’s the problem if just to give happy ending to the Female & male Lead???
    Do they need to die?? I really hate this drama , it’s really spoiled my mood these days!.. I regreted to watch this, my time is wasted !..

  2. My bad, hw I wish I couldn’t watched this movie, i love it from the beginning but I didn’t expect them to die at the end, then why must they promise each other to bear a child after every war ends
    It a tragedy I waste so much of my time on it
    Thinking the ending is gonna be smooth.

  3. After clinging on to female heroines in these dramas .. why can’t they have a happy ending. As much butt whooping & bleeding they do throughout the movie .. a happy ending not much to ask for.

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