Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 10. Hye-In watches the footage. She finds out that Hae-In slept with Woo-Jin ever. She places the necklace with the flash drive. She wonders what happened to Hae-In. Hae-In sighs when she walks.

Is Hae-In Innocent?

Bitch X Rich

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bitch X Rich K-Drama: Episode 10.

Do-Eon touches Hye-In from her back. It startles her. He explains to her that he wishes to ask her something. He tries to touch her forehead because he thinks she’s sick. She tells him that she didn’t sleep well last night. He invites her to go to Woo-Jin and Yul-Hee’s party with him.

Hye-In worries that she will be bullied in the party again. She runs into Shi-Eun. Shi-Eun tells Hye-In not to trust Duk-Min. She tells her that she has her footage. She tries to post it. But Hye-In stops Shi-Eun. She asks her for some time.

Hye-In tells Shi-Eun that she will break the promise which she made to the school director if she tells people that Je-Na was the killer. She believes that she will be expelled if she does so. But Shi-Eun reminds Hye-In that she has given her a lot of time.

Hye-In takes out Hae-In’s flash drive. She asks Shi-Eun about it. Shi-Eun leaks that Hae-In threatened Je-Na with the flash drive. But Je-Na killed Hae-In. Shi-Eun feels sad for Hae-In. She thinks Hae-In should use her brain to deal with Je-Na. Shi-Eun thinks Yul-Hee is a fool because she doesn’t find out that her boyfriend cheated on her. She laughs.

It flashes back. Hae-In runs into the restroom to watch the footage Shi-Eun send to her. Shi-Eun tells Hae-In that Do-Eon won’t like her if he finds out that she cheated on him. Hae-In goes to the rooftop. She texts Shi-Eun and asks her to keep her promise. Je-Na shows up.

Hye-In doesn’t believe that Je-Na would kill Hae-In. Shi-Eun tells Hye-In not to worry about Je-Na. She threatens her that everyone will see her footage if she doesn’t do what she told her to do. She reveals Hae-In begged her. She leaves the restroom.

So-Mang opens the door of the restroom when Hye-In sighs. It startles her. He takes out the cigarette. She fails to grab the cigarette. She leaves the restroom. He apologizes to her for letting Duk-Min do the job. He thinks Shi-Eun is a bad girl.

So-Mang promises to fix it for Hye-In. He intends to report Shi-Eun to police. Hye-In thinks she cannot change anything because she’s lack of rich parents. He tells her that his parents are rich because they believed hope. He asks her if she wishes him to scold Shi-Eun for her.

Yul-Hee blows out the candle. The people wish her a happy anniversary. Woo-Jin hands over the flowers to Yul-Hee. She’s moved. The girl tells Yul-Hee that she’s jealous of her. Yul-Hee brags that her boyfriend prepared everything for her.

Woo-Jin promises to buy everything. The girls applaud. Hye-In leaves the party with Do-Eon after they had fun. She asks him if he knows why the killer killed Hae-In. He tells her that he wishes to know the answer as well. He thinks the killer had no reason to kill Hae-In because his goddess is very sweet.

But Hye-In thinks Do-Eon wronged about Hae-In. She promises to tell him if she remembers the killer. He thanks her and tells her that he wronged about her. Hye-In watches Yul-Hee play billiards. Je-Na joins Hye-In. Hye-In asks Je-Na about the necklace Yul-Hee wears.

Je-Na laughs because she mistakes that Hye-In wishes Do-Eon to buy her the necklace. She tells Hye-In that she has to wait if she wishes to buy the necklace. Je-Na tries to pour herself a drink. Do-Eon stops her. She wonders why he’s not upset at her.

Do-Eon points out that Je-Na doesn’t bully Hye-In anymore. It makes her believe that he likes poor girls. He tells her not to do that even if she’s his friend. She confesses to him that he reminds her of her mother. He tells her that she’s drunk. She yells at him and blames him for giving up their friendship for Hae-In.

Do-Eon reminds Je-Na that his father wouldn’t help Hye-In because she doesn’t come from a rich family. It makes Je-Na realize that Do-Eon thinks she killed Hae-In. She has a fight with him. She thinks he knows nothing about poor girls. Je-Na tells Do-Eon that Hae-In slept with Woo-Jin. She leaves the party. Yul-Hee cries.

Who Kills Hae-In?

Hae-In sends the footage to Woo-Jin. She threatens him with the footage. She laughs when he tells her that he’s going to kill her. Je-Na meets with Hae-In on the rooftop. She tells her to leave Do-Eon because she has known that she slept with Woo-Jin. But Hae-In tells Je-Na that she likes Do-Eon. She thinks she’s not better than her even if she comes from a rich family. She thinks it’s not a sin to change her life.

Yul-Hee blames Je-Na for doing it to her because she thinks it would be her happiest day. Je-Na apologizes to Yul-Hee for what she did to her. She explains to her that she didn’t wish Woo-Jin to fool her. But Yul-Hee laughs. She tells Je-Na that she knew Woo-Jin slept with the poor girl.

Yul-Hee tells Je-Na that she wanted to hide the secret like her father. She yells at her that she ruined everything. She leaves the club. Hye-In gets in Je-Na’s car. She asks her to give her a ride. She takes her to her room. She tells her that it’s her first time to take her friend home.

Je-Na looks around Hye-In’s small room. Hye-In shows the necklace to Je-Na. She mentions what she told her that the necklace cannot be bought by money. She thinks she didn’t kill Hae-In. She reveals the necklace was given by Hae-In. She thinks Je-Na has known the killer.

Yul-Hee asks Woo-Jin if he hid a secret from her. He denies it and goes to pick up Hae-In’s phone. Yul-Hee ruins the cake with the fork. Hae-In waits for Woo-Jin on the rooftop. Yul-Hee is furious to rush to Hae-In. She pushes her off the rooftop by mistake when she fights with her. Hae-In grabs Yul-Hee’s necklace before she falls. Yul-Hee cries. She takes a look at Hae-In who’s dead. Hye-In finds Hae-In.

Is Shi-Eun Dead?

Episode 10 of Bitch X Rich K-Drama ends with Hye-In wondering why Shi-Eun is so quiet. She mistakes that So-Mang helped her. But Shi-Eun gives Hye-In the deadline. Yul-Hee has a fight with Woo-Jin. She forgives him in the end. Hye-In calls Shi-Eun. She asks her for a meeting up.

Hye-In tells Shi-Eun that she wishes to have a deal with her. She tells her that she has known who killed Hae-In. But Shi-Eun points out that it’s not a news to her. She posts her footage when she’s on the rooftop. She turns around and sees something. She’s happy to see the person. But she gets pushed off the rooftop. Hye-In arrives at the school. She tries to call Shi-Eun. But Shi-Eun doesn’t pick up her phone. Hye-In turns around. She sees Shi-Eun falling to the ground. Hye-In is shocked. She thinks the school is cursed.

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