Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 1. Dong-Jin is working in his office. He tries to make himself a cup of noodles. But he messes up the noodles. Woo-Joo drinks with Yoon Joon at the restaurant. She takes a look at her message. She finds out that her father passed away.

Does Hee-Ja Sell Woo-Joo’s House?

Call It Love K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 1.

Woo-Joo goes to another restaurant with Yoon Joon. She tells him that she wants to make a bet with him. But he thinks she wants to trick him. He still asks her about the bet. She tells him that she’s going to bet it rains no matter what happens.

Yoon Joon thinks Woo-Joo checked the weather. She denies it. She tells him to check his app if he doesn’t believe her. He checks his app. He finds out that the chance is only ten percent. He wonders why she wants to make the bet with him.

Woo-Joo tells Yoon Joon that she wants to cause some trouble. It scares Yoon Joon. Dong-Jin goes to pay the bill after he ended his eating. The restaurant owner asks Dong-Jin to pay the bill of the soju. Woo-Joo points out that the soju was ordered by them.

Yoon Joon takes a look at Dong-Jin’s table. He agrees to what Woo-Joo said. Because there’s no bottle on Dong-Jin’s table. The restaurant owner scolds Dong-Jin for not telling it to her. He walks away. Woo-Joo tells the restaurant owner to apologize to Dong-Jin. She thinks he won’t visit her restaurant again. Woo-Joo walks out of the restaurant. She sees Dong-Jin off. She leaves with Yoon Joon.

Woo-Joo goes to Hye-Sung’s room to wake her up. She leaves her room. But Hye-Sung chooses to continue to sleep. Woo-Joo walks into Hye-Sung’s room again. She informs her the ten percent chance of rain. Hye-Sung yells at Woo-Joo that she has known it.

Woo-Joo takes a look at Ji-Gu’s room. She finds out that he’s studying. She walks out of her house with an umbrella when it’s sunny outside. She takes a look at her umbrella. She walks away. Hye-Sung hits Ji-Gu’s head from his back when he’s watching the show. She tells him to come to have breakfast. She leaves his room.

Ji-Gu runs out of his room. He takes photos of Hye-Sung. He tells her that he wants to send the photos to her boyfriend. He thinks it’s true love if her boyfriend doesn’t break up with her. She tells him to delete the photos if he doesn’t want to be beaten. Hye-Sung hits Ji-Gu. She takes away his phone.

Dong-Jin gets a message from his secretary who tells him that there’s a problem in the exhibition. He takes a look at outside. He finds out that it’s raining. Miss Baek reports to Dong-Jin that they failed to get the contract because of President Shin. She asks him if they need to rise the bid. He rejects it because he thinks President Shin will outbid on it.

Dong-Jin gets a call from his mother. He turns her phone off. He asks Miss Baek to sum up all of the payments because he wants to review them. She tries to leave. But he stops her and asks her if she told Sun-Woo about President Shin’s case. She admits it.

Sun-Woo goes to see Sung-Man. He asks him if he outbid on their bid. Sung-Man points out that Sun-Woo and Dong-Jin are lack of money no matter what he did. He thinks it will be good that the two work under him. Sun-Woo thinks Sung-Man did it for taking revenge. He tells him that he didn’t take away his employees. Sung-Man tells Sun-Woo that he won’t give up if he and Dong-Jin own the company.

Woo-Joo gets a call from Yoon Joon when she’s in the cab. She mentions what she told him that it’s raining. She gets off the cab when she arrives at the funeral building. She wears her sunglasses. She walks into the building. Woo-Joo arrives at her father’s funeral. Hee-Ja scolds Woo-Joo. Woo-Joo takes off her sunglasses. She tells her name to Hee-Ja. She thinks she’s aged.

It flashes back. Hee-Ja looks at Chul-Min’s family photo when he’s packing his stuff. He tells her to leave with him. She cries because she thinks it was her mistake. He hugs her. Hyun-Joo throws the flower pot to them. She stares at them. Woo-Joo returns home. She sees her father running away from home with another woman. She takes a look at her mother Hyun-Joo.

Woo-Joo eats at the funeral. She tells her aunts and her uncle not to care for her. She reveals she was told about the funeral through the neighborhood chat. The aunt explains to Woo-Joo that she didn’t tell the funeral to her because they heard that she cut ties with her father.

Woo-Joo mentions the money the aunt borrowed from her mother. She asks her for the money. The aunt blames Woo-Joo for not respecting her. Hee-Ja calls Dong-Jin. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Dong-Jin visits the bank. Hye-Sung tells Dong-Jin that her chief cannot come because of a very important meeting. But he promised to call Dong-Jin.

Dong-Jin hands over his business card to Hye-Sung. He walks away. She takes a look at his business card. She finds out that he’s a president. Ji-Hyung takes away the business card from Hye-Sung. She thinks Dong-Jin is good looking. But Hye-Sung disagrees to what Ji-Hyung said. Ji-Hyung thinks Hye-Sung is bad at judging a man.

Hee-Ja walks to Woo-Joo. She tells her to leave. But Woo-Joo complains to Hee-Ja that the dishes are too cheap. She tells her that she’s too cheap to steal her friend’s husband. She mentions she took away the money from her house with her father.

Hee-Ja gets angry. She tries to slap Woo-Joo. But she gives up the mind. Woo-Joo has a seat. She tells Hee-Ja that she won’t leave before she eats up her wine. She thinks she didn’t expect that she would come to give her a lesson. She tells her father that she has waited for the day.

Woo-Joo goes to the restroom to vomit. She tells herself that she will lose if she cries. She wipes off her tears. She hears the aunts talking about that Hee-Ja is going to see her father’s house. Woo-Joo asks her aunt about it. But the aunt tells Woo-Joo to ask Hee-Ja on her own. She runs away.

Woo-Joo drags Hee-Ja. She asks her if she’s going to sell her father’s house. Hee-Ja shakes off Woo-Joo’s hand. She admits it. Woo-Joo is furious to tell Hee-Ja that the house doesn’t belong to her. Hee-Ja tells Woo-Joo to pick up the phone.

Woo-Joo picks up the phone. Ji-Gu reports to Woo-Joo that some people went to their house and claimed that the house belongs to them. Woo-Joo yells at Hee-Ja. She tells her that the house belongs to her. Hee-Ja points out that she inherited the house after Woo-Joo’s father had passed away.

Woo-Joo cries to tell Hee-Ja that she cannot take away the house because she lives in the house. But Hee-Ja tells Woo-Joo to move out. She puts the cash into her bag. She tells her to take a cab with the cash. Woo-Joo tries to drag Hee-Ja. But Hee-Ja shakes off Woo-Joo’s hand. She scolds her and walks away.

Sun-Woo plays golf at the golf club. He takes a look at his message. He sees the car photo Dong-Jin sent to him. He’s furious to go to see him. He gets in the car and asks him not to sell his car because he cares for the car very much. Dong-Jin gets off the car. He goes to see Chul-Min.

Dong-Jin pays his respect to Chul-Min at his funeral. Hee-Ja tells Chul-Min that Dong-Jin came to see him. She cries. Woo-Joo walks out of the funeral building. She bumps someone. Her bag drops. She cries when she picks up her bag.

Yoon Joon shows up. He blames Woo-Joo for wearing the clothes at the funeral. It makes her cry. She tells him that she didn’t wish her father to see her tears. Hee-Ja blames Dong-Jin for not seeing her until someone passed away. She tells him that she transferred the money to him.

Hee-Ja tells Dong-Jin that the money wasn’t stolen by her. She tries to touch his hair. But he avoids it. She cries to ask him to come to see her. Woo-Joo prepares for the moving out. She tells Ji-Gu to order something before they leave.

Sun-Woo eats with Dong-Jin. He asks him where his mother got the money. Dong-Jin doesn’t care for it. He claims that he would accept the money even if it was stolen by his mother. The lady goes to the bank to withdraw her money. Hye-Sung serves her. She takes a look at the lady’s account. She thinks it belongs to her husband. The scolds Hye-Sung. She beats her.

Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Call It Love K-Drama ends with the aunt complaining to Woo-Joo that her father married a gold digger. Woo-Joo leaves her aunt’s hair salon. The aunt stops Woo-Joo. She hands over the business card of Hee-Ja’s son to her. She tells her to ask the man for the money.

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