Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Crash Landing on You: Episode 1. Se-Ri goes out with the guy, but they’re taken photos by the paparazzi. She checks the photos with the followers, and the man thinks interlocking fingers doesn’t mean Se-Ri is dating with someone.

Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 Recap

Crash Landing on You: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Crash Landing on You: Episode 1.

Se-Ri that she was dating with the guy, but it’s over. She asks not to blur her earrings, purse, and shoes, so people will see them.

Se-Ri walks in the mall, and the women think Se-Ri shouldn’t bring bodyguards as she isn’t a celebrity. Se-Ri asks her follower why he hired the bodyguards, and he explains that he worried that Sang Seung-Jung’s angry fans would attack her.

But Se-Ri points out that she is the one who should get angry. Purchasing Manager comforts her that the stock price is going up.

Brother calls Se-Ri and blames her for embarrassing them. He reminds her that Dad is being released on probation, and asks her to come. But she blocks his number. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is amazing.

Se-Jun’s wife Hye-Ji tells him not to care for Se-Ri, but he says that he called Se-Ri because Dad asked him to do. The two realize that Dad is going to announce the heir, and they sing.

Dad Jeung-Pyeong returns home, and Hye-Ji prepares tofu cake for him to congratulate on his release. She wonders who will inherit the company, but she thinks the families are very close.

Sang-A asks Se-Jun if he settles down the fistfight with the labor union leader. Hye-Ji laughs and says that they’re in process. She thinks it’s talking method of men.

Hye-Ji says that she heard Se-Hyeong got duped by an investment scam, and reveals people call him idiot because of the fraud. Jeung-Pyeong stops their fight, and asks where Se-Ri is.

Se-Jun explains that Se-Ri blocked his number after he contacted her many times. But Se-Ri shows up and intends to leave when Jeung-Pyeong doesn’t have anything to say. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is worth of watching.

Jeung-Pyeong asks Se-Ri to take over his position. She agrees to it but asks to appoint new CEOs for their subsidiaries as she thought some CEOs are underqualified.

Jeung-Pyeong agrees to it, and he plans to announce it at the shareholders’ meeting. Se-Ri leaves as she thinks her staying will make families get indigestion.

Chang-Sik asks Se-Ri when she learnt paragliding, and she says that she got the certification in Switzerland. He thinks she didn’t have to do it on her own, but she reveals that she needs to climb high up.

Se-Ri thinks Chang-Sik will see her name all over the news soon, but it makes him think there will be another dating scandal. She glares at him, and he reminds her that the wind is quite strong. But she thinks the wind needs to keep moving for her to fly. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is stunning.

Se-Ri flies and enjoys the beautiful color of the forest. But she is drawn into the tornado.

Korean Demilitarized Zone

There is a gunshot. Jeong-Hyeok and his team arrive after tracking down the sound. They find that the soldiers of South Korea catches their comrade and are going to kill them. Jeong-Hyeok tells them to step back as they will be entering their garrison.

The comrade claims that they got the approval to come to hunt deers and they got lost because of the tornado. But the soldier points out that they crossed the Southern Limit Line and got caught for digging up cultural artifacts.

Jeong-Hyeok asks to drop their weapons and promises to punish the comrades. But the comrade picks up the gun, and Jeong-Hyeok subdues him. The phone drops and it asks them not to get into conflict. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is wonderful.

Cheol-Gang arrives and takes a look at the comrades. Jeong-Hyeok tells Cheol-Gang that they’re grave robbers. Cheol-Gang thinks it’s a misunderstanding and asks to be lenient. Jeong-Hyeok realizes that the State Security Department gave the grave robbers permission to steak artifacts.

Cheol-Gang laughs to deny it, but Jeong-Hyeok wants to look into it. Cheol-Gang threatens Jeong-Hyeok that he will be finished on the spot if he commits the act that may threaten the army’s security.

Se-Ri finds out that she is hung on the tree, and she is scared to ask for help. Jeong-Hyeok hears her crying and finds her. She is happy to see him and thinks the army nearby dispatched to find her. But he takes the gun and asks her to come down.

Se-Ri says that she doesn’t have any energy left, but she unbuckles the paraglider when Jeong-Hyeok intends to shoot her. She falls in his arms, and he asks about her name. She says that she doesn’t feel comfortable telling him her name because they just met, and welcomes him to the Republic of Korea. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is remarkable.

Se-Ri thinks Jeong-Hyeok is a spy and promises not to report him. But he tells her that she came to the North. She is shocked, and he tells her it’s 38th parallel. She thinks it isn’t the North Korea, and he says that it’s the territory of North Korea.

Se-Ri explains that she came there because if tornado, but Jeong-Hyeok asks her to be investigated. She worries about being framed as a beautiful spy, and she cannot trust him. He tells her that it isn’t his business, and she runs to the minefield.

Jeong-Hyeok tells Se-Ri that he is an expert but steps on the mine. He tells out the phone and tries to contact someone. But the phone drops in the water. Se-Ri picks up the phone and she doesn’t intend to give it to Jeong-Hyeok. He reminds her that he is taking a gun.

Se-Ri tells Jeong-Hyeok that he is shooting the only person who can help him, and asks if experts step on mines. She leaves the phone which will drift down to him as she needs time to escape. She tells him that his looks is her type, and wants to meet if their countries reunite. He tells her how to go to south. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is perfect.

Jeong-Hyeok tells Kwang-Beom his location when he looks for him, so Se-Ri runs away. Jeong-Hyeok tells Kwang-Beom to get troop to arrest Se-Ri without shooting her. But the troop is drunk. Kwang-Beom learns that Jeong-Hyeok stepped on a lost mine, and wants to call the engineer corps.

But Jeong-Hyeok asks Kwang-Beom to do it as he thinks he has disarmed mines. Kwang-Beom says that he just did it once when he was a recruit. Jeong-Hyeok tells Kwang-Beom that he trusts him, but he startles when Kwang-Beom intends to do it with bare hands.

Jeong-Hyeok tells Kwang-Beom to remove the safety pin with his first, and thinks he will hit the fuse if he doesn’t remove the pin correctly. Kwang-Beom thinks Jeong-Hyeok doesn’t trust him, and he does the job well.

Chi-Su gets the wrong order, and he tells others to shoot Se-Ri because she is a spy. Chi-Su wants to leave the job to 6th company, but the friend reminds him that he needs a promotion. Chi-Su thinks he should make a move, and the friend goes to the toilet. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is something I likes to watch.

Chi-Su hunts Se-Ri as he thinks he will get the general’s medal. But she runs too fast. So he has to ask for backup. Jeong-Hyeok joins Chi-Su. Se-Ri wonders why they chase her and she runs into the minefield. Chi-Su intends to shoot her, but Jeong-Hyeok stops Chi-Su.

Chi-Su waves to Se-Ri that it’s not the way back to her country, and he shoots her. She jumps off the fence. Jeong-Hyeok arrives and tells Chi-Su to radio the guard post. But Ju-Meok is moved by the Korean drama at the guard post, and he doesn’t note Se-Ri.

Se-Ri passes the guard post and she is tripped by the rock in the woods.

Hye-Ji tears up and tells the people that someone covets her husband’s position, when she is at the prayer meeting. But Se-Jun informs her that Se-Ri is missing. Hye-Ji laughs and thinks God has responded when she didn’t even start the prayer. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 tells a amazing story.

The police tells Se-Ri’s brothers that they’re using every method they can use for the search. But Se-Jun worries that the things will get complicated when the reporters write articles. The officer says that he will keep the personal information secret.

Jeong-Yeon stays in the car, and remembers she told Se-Ri to tell Jeung-Pyeong that she cannot do it. Se-Ri thought no mother wants her daughter to be gone.

Se-Ri calls mom and tears up after her knee hurts. She wonders why nobody is there since she crossed the fence.

Chi-Su thinks Jeong-Hyeok should take the responsibility for stepping on the mine, and he admits that he has a glass of medicine. He asks to find the woman, and thinks they will die if Se-Ri gets caught.

Sang-A reminds Se-Hyeong that the position is open, and tells him to find the person who ran away with his money.

Seung-Jung arrives at the hotel in Shanghai, and he asks Mr. Oh if he’s trustworthy. Mr. Oh thinks Seung-Jung is just kidding. But Seung-Jung points out that it was exactly what he said to Se-Hyeong before he backstabbed him. He thinks Se-Hyeong must has followed his trail to Philippines. Manger Oh thinks there is a place which Se-Hyeong won’t find Seung-Jung. Crash Landing on You: Episode 1 is fantastic.

The grave robbers tell Cheol-Gang that they have some goryeo celadon pottery and a gold Buddha statue. Cheol-Gang takes out the map and asks where are the goods. The grave robber tells Cheol-Gang the place, but they worry that they will be deported. Cheol-Gang comforts them that they will get the rewards. But he kills them.

Jeong-Hyeok takes his men to look for Se-Ri in the woods, and Kwang-Beom finds Se-Ri’s clothes.

Se-Ri arrives in the town, and Jeong-Hyeok takes her away before Cheol-Gang spots her. She smiles when seeing him. I highly recommend you to watch Crash Landing on You: Episode 1.

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