Daily Dose of Sunshine K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Daily Dose of Sunshine K-Drama: Episode 12. Da-Eun arrives at the hospital. Go-Yun shows up behind Da-Eun to startle her. She laughs to ask him about his surgery. He reveals he did a great job.

Why Byeong-Hui Hurts Herself?

Daily Dose of Sunshine

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Daily Dose of Sunshine K-Drama: Episode 12.

Da-Eun holds Go-Yun’s hand in episode 11. She reveals she ate the food her mother cooked. They part after they saw the people. Da-Eun gets in the elevator with Go-Yun. She texts him because she worries that people saw them. She tells him to be careful.

The nurse reports to Da-Eun that Byeong-Hui just hurt herself. Da-Eun stops the bleeding of Byeong-Hui. She takes her away. Byeong-Hui’s mother tells Da-Eun that she worries about her daughter when she packs her daughter’s stuff. Da-Eun promises to have a talk with Byeong-Hui.

Byeong-Hui’s mother notes that Da-Eun hold her daughter tablet. She reminds her that her daughter needs the tablet. Da-Eun promises not to keep the tablet. Byeong-Hui’s mother cries because she thinks she only thought about her daughter.

Da-Eun returns to her office. She puts Byeong-Hui’s tablet into the drawer. She wonders why the patient hurt herself when Hyo-Jin shows up. Hyo-Jin thinks the patient did so because she worried that she won’t live any longer.

Da-Eun takes Byeong-Hui to the ward. Byeong-Hui thinks she’s going to get tested. She asks Da-Eun for her tablet. But Da-Eun refuses to give the tablet to Byeong-Hui. Because it’s the rule of the unit. Byeong-Hui intends to go to another unit.

Da-Eun stops Byeong-Hui when she grabs her hand. She reminds her that she needs to do many things. Byeong-Hui is furious to shake off Da-Eun’s hand. She asks her for her tablet. She threatens to herself again if she doesn’t give the stuff to her.

Does Deul-Re Wish to Resign?

The nurse Deul-Re tells Da-Eun that she wants to resign. Da-Eun mistakes that Deul-Re is going to marry the doctor Yeo-Hwan. Deul-Re denies it. She reveals she wasn’t happy when she worked as a nurse. She mentions nurse wasn’t her dream job.

Da-Eun tries to persuade Deul-Re. But Deul-Re doesn’t want to change her mind. Da-Eun wonders if Deul-Re told it to Hyo-Jin. Deul-Re denies it. Hyo-Jin receives the resignation letter from Deul-Re. She meets with Soo-Yeon at a restaurant.

Soo-Yeon tells Hyo-Jin to let Deul-Re leave. Hyo-Jin mentions what she told Deul-Re that her salary will be changed if she comes back. She thinks she should let Deul-Re leave. Da-Eun gets off the bus. Go-Yun is waiting for her. She reveals she thought of Seo-Wan after she saw the girl hurting herself.

She complains to him that she kept telling bad things to him. But he tells her that he wants to fight with the hard time with her. Da-Eun’s mother walks into Da-Eun’s room. She tells her to come out to eat. Da-Eun eats the food. She thinks she should stay under the umbrella.

Does Deul-Re Like Cruise?

Yeo-Hwan drinks with Deul-Re at a bar. The girl reminds Yeo-Hwan that Deul-Re is a free spirit. Yeo-Hwan leaves the bar with Deul-Re. He gives her a ride and he mentions she was excited when she talked about the cruise. He thinks she can do anything she wants to do.

Go-Yun waits for Da-Eun at her house. Da-Eun’s mother walks out of her house. She’s going to throw away the trash. Go-Yun helps her throw the trash. He mentions she got up early. She admits it and wonders why he came so early. He reveals Da-Eun wished to do a morning walk.

He adds that he wishes to join Da-Eun. He wonders if Da-Eun is awake. Da-Eun’s mother admits it. But she goes to Da-Eun’s room to wake her up. She mentions she told Go-Yun to do the morning walk. Da-Eun walks up. She comes out to see Go-Yun.

She walks him under the sunshine. She thinks she’s a dead battery. But he thinks she’s a rapid charger. It makes her laugh. They see Yu-Chan. Da-Eun wonders why Yu-Chan got up so early. He reveals he’s going to go to the company.

He wonders why she stays with Go-Yun in the morning. She reveals she’s going morning walk with Go-Yun. She explains to him that she did it for better sleeping. But he thinks it’s the last time she does morning walk with Go-Yun. Because he knows she’s terrible at resolutions.

Why Byeong-Hui’s Mother Wishes to Test Byeong-Hui’s IQ?

She threatens to beat him. He takes a photo of her and Go-Yun. He runs away. Go-Yun walks Da-Eun by the river when he holds her hand. She receives the photo from Yu-Chan. Soo-Yeon walks into Da-Eun’s office. She asks Da-Eun if Byeong-Hui is going to get an IQ test.

Da-Eun admits it. Soo-Yeon cheers the nurses up. Da-Eun and Byeong-Hui’s mother watch Byeong-Hui when Byeong-Hui is getting the IQ test. Da-Eun wonders why Byeong-Hui’s mother asked them to test Byeong-Hui’s IQ. Byeong-Hui’s mother reveals everything Byeong-Hui did was slow.

Byeong-Hui got bad scores. The classmates mock her. She’s furious to hurt her hand. The guy takes Yu-Chan to see the manager. He finds out that the manager knows Yu-Chan. The manager introduces Yu-Chan as the best employee. But she sneers at him even if she looks sweet. Yu-Chan is given a simple task.

Deul-Re visits Na-Ra’s studio. She tells Na-Ra that she came to look for advice. Na-Ra is surprised that Deul-Re needs her advice because she never shared her thoughts. Deul-Re reveals she plans to work on a cruise ship. The doctor hands over the IQ test result to Byeong-Hui’s mother.

How Does Da-Eun Help Byeong-Hui?

The doctor Hyeok-Soo reveals Byeong-Hui’s IQ is lower than average. Byeong-Hui’s mother asks Hyeok-Soo to test Byeong-Hui’s IQ again because she thinks it’s very important to them. But Byeong-Hui is against it. She throws a fit to her mother.

Man-Cheon takes Byeong-Hui to her ward. She hurts herself again. Deul-Re thinks Byeong-Hui hurt herself because her mother asked her to do the test. She persuades Da-Eun to put Byeong-Hui under watch. But Da-Eun rejects it. She asks Deul-Re to lend her hairband to her.

Da-Eun walks into Byeong-Hui’s ward. She puts the hairband on Byeong-Hui’s hand. She uses the hairband to hurt her hand. She tells her to use the hairband when she wants to hurt herself. Hyo-Jin praises Da-Eun for helping Byeong-Hui. She thinks Byeong-Hui can be healed.

Does Da-Eun’s Mother Worry About Da-Eun?

Deul-Re goes to Na-Ra’s studio. Na-Ra invites Deul-Re to dance with her. Deul-Re is very happy. Yu-Chan runs into Go-Yun on the street. Yu-Chan reveals he found a new job. Da-Eun’s mother kicks Da-Eun off the bed. Because Go-Yun is waiting for her.

Da-Eun walks out of her house. She doesn’t want to do the morning walk. But Go-Yun takes her to do the morning walk. He dozes off when Da-Eun’s mother brings the breakfast to him. She thinks he’s tired. Da-Eun reveals Go-Yun saw patients all day. Da-Eun’s mother wakes Go-Yun up.

He tries to leave her house after he had breakfast. But she stops him and she asks him for a talk. She thanks him for taking her daughter to do morning walk. He thinks she doesn’t have to do so because he has feelings for Da-Eun. She reveals she worried about her daughter.

Episode 12 of Daily Dose of Sunshine ends with Da-Eun opening the curtains. She sees Go-Yun waving at her. There’s a new nurse Seung-Jae coming to psychiatric unit. Da-Eun smiles to welcome him. She takes him to walk around the unit.

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