Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 4. Shin-Yu tells Hong-Jo that the love spell didn’t work. She wonders why he’s sure of it. She asks him if he thinks she got dumped again. He mentions Jae-Gyeong likes her. He reveals he likes her as well.

What Happens In Destined With You Episode 4?

Destined With You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Destined With You K-Drama: Episode 4.

Hong-Jo is excited after she knew Jae-Gyeong likes her. But Shin-Yu blames her for selectively not hearing what he said. She tells him that it’s impossible he likes her. But he points out that it happened. He tells her that the one who drank her love potion was him.

Hong-Jo wonders why Jae-Gyeong drank her love potion. She remembers she put the love potion on Jae-Gyeong’s desk. Shin-Yu shows the footage to her that he drank her love potion. He thinks she did it because she’s left-handed. He tells her that he took the love potion with his left hand because of his brain problem.

Hong-Jo complains to Shin-Yu that she worked hard on the love potion. But he asks her to do something before she made him suffer. He tells her that she shot him with a love arrow. He reveals his heart races. He thinks his hears races because of her spell.

Shin-Yu mentions he was nice to Hong-Jo when he went on a trip with her. He thinks he did that because of the love spell. He asks her to break the spell. But she claims that she cannot do that because she’s not a witch. But he tells her to find a way because he will be jealous when she stays with Jae-Gyeong.

Hong-Jo thinks it doesn’t make sense because she cast two spells. She wonders only the love spell worked. Shin-Yu reminds her that she cast the love spell first. She asks him to prove the heal spell works. He thinks she’s avoiding her duty. But he agrees to it.

Shin-Yu tries to get in his car. But he stops. He tells Hong-Jo that he’s missing her. She’s scared to return to her house. She thinks he’s a dog. Shin-Yu remembers Hong-Jo wrote “life” in his hand. He takes a look at his hand. Hong-Jo remembers Shin-Yu told her that Jae-Gyeong likes her.

It flashes back. Jae-Gyeong asks Hong-Jo why she likes him. She tells him that she had feelings for him because she found out that he likes dogs. But he tells her that he’s not close to his families. He wishes her not to like him. He tells her to go to like someone else.

Jae-Gyeong remembers Hong-Jo told him that he’s a lonely person. He asks Gi-Dong if he looks lonely to him. Gi-Dong admits it. He thinks Jae-Gyeong did it because he hasn’t dated for a long time. He tells him to go to date Hong-Jo. Jae-Gyeong gets a message from his father. Jae-Gyeong’s father tells Jae-Gyeong that he’s going to come to his office if he doesn’t meet with him.

Shin-Yu sings a song that he wants to meet the girl. Gi-Dong hears the love song. Shin-Yu is furious to throw the papers to his desk. He blames the people for having bad manners to him. He reminds Gi-Dong that he didn’t knock at his door before he came in.

But Gi-Dong tells Shin-Yu that he used the no-knocking coupon. He tells him that he’s going to use another two coupons. Shin-Yu asks Gi-Dong if Jae-Gyeong looked happy. Gi-Dong denies it. He leaks that Jae-Gyeong asked him if he looks lonely.

Gi-Dong tells Shin-Yu that he told Jae-Gyeong to date Hong-Jo. Shin-Yu is furious to ask Gi-Dong if Jae-Gyeong agreed to it. Gi-Dong thinks Jae-Gyeong won’t date Hong-Jo. Shin-Yu tells Jae-Gyeong that he’s going to go to make a confession.

How Does Eun-Young Know that Seo-Goo Bullied Hong-Jo?

Eun-Young has meeting with the employees. She finds out that Hong-Jo was given many tasks. She thinks Seo-Goo bullied Hong-Jo when she wasn’t in the office. Seo-Goo denies it. He stares at Hong-Jo. Hong-Jo tells Eun-Young that Seo-Goo didn’t bully her. Eun-Young tells the people to help each other.

Shin-Yu brings the coffee to Seo-Goo. He apologizes to him for ruining the baskets. Seo-Goo is happy to accept the coffee. But Shin-Yu brings up that Hong-Jo got bullied because of the baskets. Eun-Young tells the people to stay except Hong-Jo.

Hong-Jo is furious to blame Shin-Yu for leaking it when she walks. She thinks he made her be in a tougher spot. But he tells her that he’s in a tougher spot as well. He tells her that he’s hitting on her. She reminds him that he has a girlfriend.

Shin-Yu thinks he likes Hong-Jo because of the love spell. But Hong-Jo points out that Seo-Goo drank the love potion as well. But Shin-Yu thinks Seo-Goo only drank a little. He tells Hong-Jo that he’s not kidding. She doesn’t know what to do when she puts her hands on her head.

Shin-Yu grabs Hong-Jo’s hand. He tells her that his heart will be hurt if she feels sad. She’s startled to shake his hand. He tells her that he hates what he does. He asks her to break the love spell. She tells him to drink a lot of water to lift the spell. She’s scared to run away when he asks her to drink with him.

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Episode 4 of Destined With You ends with Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo going to the beach. Shin-Yu follows Hong-Jo. He thinks he’s better than the seagulls because he can talk. But she asks him if his girlfriend knows what he’s doing. She pours the drink to the sea. She cries to tell her father that she misses him.

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