Doona K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Doona K-Drama: Episode 8. Doo-Na laughs to hug Won-Jun from his back when he takes out the clothes from the washing machine. He thinks she’s very heavy. He rushes to her and he hugs her. It makes her scream.

Doona: Episode 8 Recap

Doona K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Doona K-Drama: Episode 8.

Won-Jun kisses Doo-Na. He walks her outside when he holds her hand. They visit the street store. Doo-Na puts the ring on her ring finger. Won-Jun thinks she’s pretty. The seller tells him that she has a matching ring. He hands over the ring to him.

He wears the ring. He takes Doo-Na to watch a show. He leaves after he got a call from his mother. He tells his mother to listen to what the doctor said. Yun-Taek drinks with Jung-Hoon at a bar. He reveals the fortune teller told him that he will be lucky in love.

Jung-Hoon is excited after hearing the good news. He asks Yun-Taek to let him hang out with him. Yun-Taek agrees to it. He receives a message from I-Ra who asks him to come to pick her up. He leaves the bar. Jung-Hoon goes to pick up I-Ra. He carries the drunk girl out of the bar.

He drops her and looks at her. She tries to kiss him. But he avoids the kiss. She thinks he did it because he doesn’t know how to kiss. It provokes him and makes him kiss her. He tells her that he has feelings for her. He leaves.

She chases him and blocks his way. She holds his face and kisses him. Yun-Taek drinks with I-Ra’s friends. They think he’s cute when they pinch his face. He drinks with them. Doo-Na remembers she was shining when she was on the stage.

She goes to the sea with Won-Jun. She thinks the view is very beautiful. She thinks she’s an ordinary girl. But he disagrees to what she said. He asks her if she wishes to return to the stage. But she worries that he won’t allow it. He tells her to do it if it’s her wish. He promises to support her. She thinks he’s very naive. She reminds him that the people won’t allow them to get together.

Doo-Na talks with Won-Jun over the phone. She finds out that it’s raining outside. He dries the cover and fixes the light. Someone bumps Doo-Na. Her phone drops. She picks up her phone. She sees her show. She reads the comments of the fans. She finds out that her fans wish her to come back.

She cries after she received the letter from the lawyer. She lets In-Wook come to her house. He reads the letter. She blames him for suing her. But he reveals he didn’t do it. She reminds him that they agreed to the contract. But he points out that President Ma won’t forgive her.

He reminds her that President Ma won’t let her reach her goal because she did something bad. He thinks President Ma will ruin her public image. He persuades her to get rid of Won-Jun if she wishes to come back. Su-Jin returns home with Won-Jun. He notes the ring when he opens the door. He realizes that he has a girlfriend.

Won-Jun admits it. He promises to arrange a meeting up for Su-Jin and Doo-Na. Doo-Na brings a present to Jin-Ju. Jin-Ju is happy to tell Doo-Na that she’s going to buy her a meal after she gets a job. Doo-Na realizes that Jin-Ju doesn’t hate her anymore.

Jin-Ju thinks she should blame the winner because it will make her look pathetic. Doo-Na tells Jin-Ju that her father is a bad person. She reveals she had a talk with her father after she passed out. Jin-Ju laughs after knowing what her father did to Doo-Na.

Doona: Episode 8 Ending Explained

Episode 8 of Doona ends with Doo-Na revealing she felt sorry for Jin-Ju since then. Jin-Ju thinks it was her mistake. Doo-Na comforts Jin-Ju that she wasn’t the only one who made mistake. Jin-Ju wonders why Doo-Na visited her. Doo-Na tells Jin-Ju that she has treated her as her friends.

Jin-Ju comforts Doo-Na. She lets her in her arms. Doo-Na tears up. The ring rolls over. Won-Jun picks the ring up. He hugs Doo-Na when she sleeps with him. He gets up from the bed. He takes a look at the ring. He finds out that she took sleeping pills. He throws the sleeping pills into the trash can.

In-Wook tries to drive away from the parking lot. But Won-Jun blocks his way. In-Wook takes Won-Jun to his house. Won-Jun sees Doo-Na’s photo in the room. He asks In-Wook not to visit his girlfriend. In-Wook wonders why Won-Jun gets angry.

In-Wook thinks Won-Jun is still a kid because he doesn’t have a job. Won-Jun asks In-Wook to let them make the decision. But In-Wook refuses to do so because there’s a big risk if he lets Doo-Na come back. He asks Won-Jun to leave Doo-Na.

Won-Jun leaves In-Wook’s house. He arrives at the bus stop. He gets on the bus. In-Wook meets with President Ma. He asks her to let Doo-Na have a say. She agrees to it. She tells Doo-Na that she’s going to support her. In-Wook joins Doo-Na. He tells her to tell what she needs to him.

She’s surprised that she can sing again. She tells him that she sings for her happiness. He reveals Won-Jun came to his house. He asks her not to contact anyone she knows. He tries to leave. She stops him because she wishes to know what he said to her boyfriend. He thinks talking with a kid was very easy. The lead singer invites Doo-Na to the stage when Won-Jun walks into the concert. She walks to the stage. She sings a song. Won-Jun leaves the concert. He runs on the street.

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