Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 5. Tong Yao takes her parents to go downstairs. Xiao Pang prepares the breakfast for them. The team members greet Tong Yao’s parents. Tong Yao is confused.

Jian Yang Sends Gifts To Tong Yao

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 5

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 5.

Tong Yao sees her parents off. Mother tells Tong Yao to work hard. Tong Yao turns around and sees Lu Sicheng. He smiles at her. Lao Mao brings the present to Tong Yao, and wonders who is the sunflower. Lu Sicheng reveals he’s Jian Yang.

Tong Yao asks for rejecting the presents. But Xiao Pang is against it because it’s delicious. Xiao Rui informs the team members that they cannot get up late. Lao Mao complains for it. Lu Sicheng scolds Lao Mao, and mentions Tong Yao can get up early.

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Fans Want To See Tong Yao’s Face

Tong Yao asks Lu Sicheng to tell Xiao Rui not to abuse them. But he tells her that he’s doing live streaming. The fans ask Tong Yao for live streaming. But she rejects it and tells Xiao Rui that she doesn’t like the camera. Lu Sicheng mentions Tong Yao bought beauty camera. He reminds her that Xiao Rui will deduct her salary.

Tong Yao agrees to do live streaming. But she says that she needs to prepare something. She summons Chen Jinyang. Lao Mao falls for Chen Jinyang when she visits the office. She tells him that she wants to see Tong Yao. She gets him to walk aside.

Chen Jinyang Does Makeup For Tong Yao

Chen Jinyang does makeup for Tong Yao. She thinks Lu Sicheng is very handsome. She’s surprised that Tong Yao and Lu Sicheng got together. Tong Yao denies the rumor. So Chen Jinyang mentions the legend of white snake. Tong Yao tells Chen Jinyang not to mention her past. She gets her to see the flowers Jian Yang sent.

Tong Yao tells Chen Jinyang not to laugh. She asks her if she and Ai Jia get together. Chen Jinyang says that she wouldn’t come if she didn’t do makeup for Tong Yao. Tong Yao tells Chen Jinyang to tell it to Ai Jia if she wants to live overseas with him.

Chen Jinyang Thinks Ai Jia Is Like A Vampire

Chen Jinyang complains that Ai Ji only knows to play games. She thinks he’s like a vampire. Tong Yao glares at Chen Jinyang. Chen Jinyang tells Tong Yao that she’s a good looking vampire.

Chen Jinyang takes Tong Yao to see the team members. Lu Sicheng takes a look at Tong Yao. He falls for her. Chen Jinyang wants to leave. Lao Mao opens the door for her. Ai Jia rushes out to chase Chen Jinyang’s car. But she ignores him and drives away.

Lu Sicheng Makes Tong Yao Get Angry

Tong Yao does live streaming and thinks she won’t see the barrage when she’s playing game. But Lu Sicheng reads the barrage for her. She’s furious to leave.

Xiao Rui tells Lu Sicheng that TAT asks for a training game with them. Lu Sicheng rejects it and thinks Tong Yao needs to get trained for some time.

A Tai Provokes Tong Yao

A Tai tells the reporters that Tong Yao rejected the training game. He thinks she fears to get defeated. President Li forces Xiao Rui to accept the training game. Lu Sicheng mentions what he said that it’s the the right time to do training game with TAT.

Xiao Rui points out that TAT provoked. He thinks they will encounter TAT one day. He says that the club asks Tong Yao to take part in the game. Lu Sicheng says that he won’t take the duty if something happens. Xiao Rui thinks Lu Sicheng protects Tong Yao too much.

Lu Sicheng Thinks Tong Yao Is A Gem

Xiao Rui asks Lu Sicheng if he has feelings for Tong Yao. Lu Sicheng denies. He says that he doesn’t want to ruin Tong Yao before she becomes a gem. He reveals A Tai defeated the players and made them give up e-sports. He thinks Tong Yao will be collapsed if she gets defeated.

Lu Sicheng says that A Tai will take Yu Zaoqian to defeat Tong Yao. He adds that he wants to prove who’s the world of Yu Zaoqian. Xiao Rui regrets for not protecting Tong Yao. Lu Sicheng spots Tong Yao and asks her if it’s funny. She asks him if he believes in it if she says that she heard nothing.

Xiao Rui Tells Tong Yao to Give Up

Tong Yao asks Lu Sicheng if she’s a gem in his mind. Xiao Pang complains that Lu Sicheng hasn’t praised him even if he has been his team member for many years. Xiao Rui tells Tong Yao that A Tai targets her. He says that he worries that she will be retired if she gets defeated.

Tong Yao says that she will win even if A Tai takes Yu Zaoqian. The game begins. A Tai chooses Yu Zaoqian. Tong Yao has to use Bi Anhua. She gets defeated.

Tong Yao Gets Defeated

Tong Yao tells the team members that she is fine. She thinks she will win next time. She tells the team members that she’s not weak. Xiao Rui tells the team members to go to sleep. But Tong Yao rejects it because she wants to complete the game.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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