Intense Love: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama 2020 Intense Love: Episode 1. In the dressing room, the makeup artist wears the gold crown for the actress Jin Bei. She walks on the set then. The doctor Shi Yun washes his hand and walks in the operating room at the same time.

Intense Love: Episode 1 Recap

Intense Love: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Intense Love: Episode 1.

Jin Wei and Shi Yun’s parents arranged a blind date for the two, but they didn’t come. The mom gets an excuse for the two, and offers to appoint next time. But Shi Yun’s brother does the engagement even if Shi Yun didn’t come.

Yuan Song brings the food to Shi Yun, and reveals it was given by Xiao Yun. But Shi Yun isn’t hungry. Yuan Song walks to the mirror, and the nurses only gave presents to Shi Yun since he is more handsome than him.

Yuan Song thinks he is too cold, and wonders why Shi Yun’s not moved since the nurses line up to show their talent to Shi Yun. Shi Yun says that all of human are organ in his mind.

Yuan Song thinks Shi Yun won’t get married, but Shi Yun says that has engaged.

Jia Wei gets in Jin Bei’s car when he is chased by the crazy fans. He thinks she drives too fast, but she says that she starred a racing driver before. He remembers the movie she starred, and thinks she is handsome when she gets off the car.

But Jin Bei points out that she only acted the moment when the racing driver gets off the car. The two have a traffic accident then.

Jin Bei is hit on her head, and she is sent to the hospital. Shi Yun has an operation on her.

Jin Bei wakes up and tells Di Di that she saw an eyes, and Di Di visits Shi Yun. She hears that Yuan Song tells Shi Yun that he’s suitable for Jin Bei.

Di Di asks Shi Yun to arrange an individual room for Jin Bei. Yuan Song arranges it, and he asks Di Di about Jin Bei’s rumor. Di Di drives him out.

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Yuan Song notes that Shi Yun is staring at Jin Bei’s photo, and he reminds him that he is the person who has engaged. Shi Yun tells Yuan Song that Jin Bei is his fiancee.

Shi Yun goes to see Jin Bei, and she kisses him while sleeping. He returns his office and drinks water to calm down himself.

Di Di tells Jin Bei to have rest more as her head just got surgery. Jin Bei worries that he got the scar, and she cries when seeing the wound on her forehead.

Jin Bei tells Di Di that someone stole her first kiss last night, and shows the mask to her. Di Di is furious to go to see the dean.

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Yuan Song blocks Di Di’s way and flirts with her. She mistakes him as the person who kissed Jin Bei, and takes him to see the dean.

Jin Bei stares at Shi Yun, and her heart is beating fast. She recognizes that he was the person who kissed him, and thinks he will be nervous when he sees her eyes.

But Shi Yun ignores the eye contact. Jin Bei asks him if he was the person, and he forgives her. Jin Bei is confused.

The dean doesn’t believe Yuan Song would be impolite to Jin Bei, but he promises to look into it.

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Yuan Song flatters Dean and thinks he knows him most. But Dean beats Yuan Song.

Jin Bei’s furious to throw the pillow to Di Di, and tells her that the culprit came again.

Di Di regrets for giving Yuan Song a slap, and she bumps him. He’s scared to run away. Di Di tells Yuan Song that she misunderstood him, and he takes her to explain it to Dean. But she hurts his eyes with the spray.

Mom calls Jin Bei and tells her to get her fiance to treat her. Jin Bei finds out that her doctor is Shi Yun, and she wants to see his real face under the mask.

Jin Bei pretends to get pain in her head, and gets Shi Yun to see her. But he avoids it when she tries to take off his mask.

Jin Bei follows Shi Wen to his office when he’s taking off his clothes.

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