Marry My Husband: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Marry My Husband: Episode 9. The people gather to wish Ji-Won a happy birthday. Min-Hwan hugs his girlfriend when she’s very happy. He reveals he’s going to make a proposal to Ji-Won. But she knows the event is very cheap.

Marry My Husband Episode 9 Recap: Breakup

Marry My Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Marry My Husband: Episode 9.

Min-Hwan searches the second hand proposal. He thinks the proposal is too expensive. Ji-Hyeok sees what Min-Hwan does. He summons him to his office. He reveals the company will give Ji-Won a villa. Min-Hwan knows Ji-Hyeok does it because he loves Ji-Won. He reveals he’s going to make a proposal to his girlfriend. He invites him to attend the party.

Su-Min finds Ji-Won. She asks her to forgive her when she grabs her arm. But Ji-Won shakes off Su-Min’s hand. She tries to leave. Su-Min calls Ji-Won. It makes Ji-Won turn around. Su-Min reminds Ji-Won that she cannot swim when she intends to jump into the lake.

We go back to the villa. Min-Hwan tells a joke to the girls. They laugh. Ji-Hyeok is drinking wine. He sees someone falling into the lake. He runs to the lake. Ji-Won jumps into the lake to save Su-Min after Su-Min fell into the water.

Su-Min opens her eyes. She smiles. Ji-Hyeok arrives at the lake when Ji-Won and Su-Min cough after they left the lake. Ji-Hyeok takes off his suit. He puts the suit on Ji-Won. Ji-Won returns to the villa. She takes a shower and leaves the bathroom.

Min-Hwan tries to put a blanket on her. But she rejects it. She sits on the coach. She tells Hee-Yeon that she’s fine when Hee-Yeon cares for her. Min-Hwan asks Ji-Won if Su-Min jumped into the water. She reveals Su-Min slipped after she got drunk.

Ju-Ran believes that Su-Min will thank Ji-Won because Ji-Won saved her life. Ji-Hyeok hands over the hot cocoa to Ji-Won. He takes away her beer. Min-Hwan notes it. He puts the blanket on Ji-Won’s knees. Hee-Yeon praises Min-Hwan for his proposal.

He’s proud when he strokes Ji-Won’s back. Ji-Hyeok tells the people to clean up. But Hee-Yeon still wishes to drink. Ju-Ran tells Hee-Yeon that she’s tired. She takes her away. Min-Hwan asks Ji-Won to go upstairs with him. But she plans to drink up the hot cocoa.

He agrees to her plan. He leaves. He returns to his room. He swears not to do the proposal again when he kicks off his slippers. He removes the cover. But he sees Su-Min sleeping in the bed. He’s startled by her. She wakes up and thinks he’s late.

He wonders why she’s there. But she asks him to get in the bed with her. He reminds her that he just made a proposal to Ji-Won. He adds that Ji-Won is in the next room. But she thinks it’s very exciting. He notes that she’s very happy.

She reveals Ji-Won jumped into the water for her. She gets up and asks Min-Hwan to make her happy. She reaches out her hand to him. Ji-Won still sits on the couch alone. Ji-Hyeok joins her. She reveals Su-Min jumped into the water.

She thinks she knows nothing about Su-Min. Su-Min gets up after she slept with Min-Hwan. She wears her clothes. She turns around and she takes a look at him when he falls asleep in the bed. Ji-Won cries to tell Ji-Hyeok that Su-Min planned to die with her.

He grabs her hand to comfort her. They note that someone is coming. Hee-Yeon shows up in the living room. She takes a look at the table. She sees nobody in the room. She goes to get water. She doesn’t know Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won are avoiding her.

She drinks water and leaves. Ji-Hyeok takes Ji-Won to his yacht. They sit on the yacht. He reveals he came to the yacht when he didn’t know what to do. He tells her not to fear Su-Min because they know their future. He believes that she won’t be bullied since she knows Su-Min’s true side. He wishes her a happy birthday. She drinks with him. She thanks him for giving the best birthday to her.

Ji-Won arrives at the company. The colleagues greet her in front of the elevator. Ji-Won is happy to show her ring when she fixes her hair. The colleague Ga-Young notes the ring Ji-Won wears. Ji-Won shows the ring to the colleagues. She admits that she’s engaged.

Another colleague Hyung-Tae recognizes the carat on the ring. He thinks Min-Hwan did a great job. Ji-Won laughs. She takes a look at Ji-Hyeok. They’re in the elevator with the people. Ji-Won touches Ji-Hyeok’s hand by mistake. She remembers he hugged her when they avoided Hee-Yeon.

They met on the rooftop. Ji-Hyeok wonders why Ji-Won told others that she’s engaged since she plans to call off the engagement. She reveals she plans to bring a big hit to Min-Hwan. She invites him to come to Yuhan Department Store. She reveals she plans to milk Min-Hwan.

But he cannot attend the show because he has a business trip. She feels regret. Min-Hwan flirts with Su-Min in the office. Ju-Ran sees it. She mistakes that the two plan to give Ji-Won a big surprise. Hee-Yeon is excited to show up. She believes that Min-Hwan will do something good again.

Ji-Won shows up. She reveals she has a high expectation to Min-Hwan. Hee-Yeon mentions good men buy women shoes before the family dinner. She persuades Su-Min to buy Ji-Won shoes because Su-Min is Ji-Won’s best friend. She goes to spread the news.

Su-Min visits Ji-Won when Ji-Won is studying at home. She tells her that she’s going to leave after she gives her the birthday present. She opens the box. She shows a pair of red heels to her. Ji-Won remembers Su-Min asked her to buy her the red heels in her previous life.

Su-Min puts the heels on the shoe rack. She invites Ji-Won to take the cooking class with her. Ji-Won remembers Ja-Ok asked her to take the cooking class. She agrees to take the cooking class. She thanks Su-Min for inviting her. She takes a look at the heels after Su-Min left.

She holds one of the heels. She tears up. But she laughs because she thinks she can take revenge. She arrives at the cooking class with Su-Min. She sees Ja-Ok having a fight with the reception because the reception doesn’t allow Ja-Ok to take the class.

Ji-Won smiles. She gets into the classroom with Su-Min. Ja-Ok gets angry after the reception asked her to pay for the cooking class. She walks into the classroom. She takes Ji-Won’s seat and she’s rude to throw her bag away. Ji-Won claims that she paid the seat.

But Ja-Ok tells Ji-Won to move away. Su-Min apologizes to Ja-Ok. She chooses other seats with Ji-Won. Ju-Ran is working in the office. Her daughter Yeon-Ji calls her. Yeon-Ji cries to tell Ju-Ran that she’s hungry. She reveals her father isn’t at home. She mentions what her father told her that he’s very busy.

Ju-Ran points out that Yeon-Ji’s father isn’t busy at all. She runs out of her company. She takes a cab. She asks the driver to drive fast. But they have a traffic jam. Ju-Ran calls Yeon-Ji. Yeon-Ji cries in the camera. Suk-Joon rides the motorcycle by.

Ju-Ran sees Suk-Joon. She asks him to help her. He gives her a ride. He takes her home. She thanks him and she runs into her house. She finds out that her husband Jae-Won is staying with Yeon-Ji at home. She asks him where he went. He claims that he needs to work.

Ju-Ran finds out that her daughter is eating noodles. She blames Jae-Won for feeding Yeon-Ji the noodles. He tells her to feed their daughter. He takes the noodles to walk to the couch. He complains to her that she came back early. He eats the noodles. She gets a stomach ache.

We go back to the cooking class. Ja-Ok thinks Su-Min’s hands are very fast when Su-Min cuts carrots. Su-Min reveals she likes cooking. Ja-Ok notes that Ji-Won is very slow when she cuts carrots. She believes that her family cannot have breakfast after two days.

But Ji-Won tells Ja-Ok that her boyfriend will cook for her. Ja-Ok wonders what kind of family will accept a daughter-in-law like Ji-Won. She reports to the teacher that there’s a woman who cannot cook. But the teacher finds out that Ji-Won’s dish is pretty.

Ji-Won laughs after the teacher praised her. She looks at Ja-Ok. She remembers Ja-Ok trained her to cook. Ja-Ok takes a look at Ji-Won’s dish. She likes her cooking skills. She tastes the dish. She finds out that it’s very delicious.

Su-Min goes to buy coffee with Ji-Won. She wonders who taught Ji-Won how to cook. Ji-Won reveals she learned the cooking skills from her father. Min-Hwan sees the two girls. Ji-Won sees Min-Hwan. She waves at him. She tells Su-Min that Min-Hwan will buy her clothes.

Min-Hwan doesn’t expect that Su-Min is there. Ji-Won joins Min-Hwan. She takes his arm. She tells him that she wishes to see his parents. He promises to arrange the meeting up. Su-Min tells Ji-Won that she needs to leave because she has plans. She reveals she prepared a present for her because she saved her.

Ji-Won thinks it’s the date of her and Min-Hwan. Min-Hwan is very happy. Su-Min walks to Ji-Won. She grabs her arm. She leaves. Ji-Hyeok is on the plane. Flight Attendant passes by. She asks him if he needs a duty-free item. He rejects it. So she tries to leave. But he stops her.

She hands over the brochure to him. He sees a necklace photo on the brochure. He remembers Ji-Won told him that Min-Hwan bought her an expensive necklace. Ji-Won chooses a bag from the department store. But Min-Hwan thinks the bag is too expensive.

The salesgirl shows up. She tells Ji-Won that the bag is a perfect wedding gift. Ji-Won reveals Min-Hwan’s mother has high standards. The salesgirl persuades Ji-Won to buy the bag. Ji-Won mentions she and Min-Hwan work at U&K. It makes Min-Hwan buy the bags.

Ji-Won takes Min-Hwan to other stores. She lets him buy her many clothes. He laughs when he sits on the couch with the clothes. He complains it. Ji-Won takes a look at Min-Hwan. She thinks he would buy another woman the clothes if she didn’t ask him to do that.

She shows the bag to him. She tells him that she likes the bag very much. But he gets a call from Eun-Ho. Min-Hwan grabs Ji-Won’s phone. He tells Eun-Ho that he’s Ji-Won’s boyfriend. He wishes to have an engagement party at his restaurant.

Ye-Ji meets with Eun-Ho. She wonders what Ji-Won said to him. But he tells her that he didn’t have a chance to talk with Ji-Won. Ye-Ji’s friend thinks Ye-Ji doesn’t have to apologize to Ji-Won. But Ye-Ji wishes to do something for Ji-Won because she cannot stand it after she was tricked by Su-Min.

Eun-Ho receives a message from Min-Hwan. Min-Hwan asks Eun-Ho to prepare the dinner. Eun-Ho learns that Ji-Won is going to get married. But he gets a call from Ji-Won. He plans to buy her the dinner because she’s his first love. Ji-Hyeok walks into his grandfather Han-Il’s ward when Han-Il lies in the bed.

Han-Il blames Ji-Hyeok for his late because he’s his only grandson. Ji-Hyeok explains it to Han-Il that he went to see Yu-Ra. Han-Il thinks Yu-Ra is better than Ji-Won. Ji-Hyeok claims that it’s his feelings. But Han-Il points out that Ji-Hyeok used the villa and the yacht for Ji-Won.

He reminds him that he will take over U&K. He thinks he’s just a fool who falls in love. Ji-Hyeok remembers he passed away after the car accident. He realizes that Han-Il was sad after he died. He hugs him to comfort him. Ji-Hyeok parks his car in front of Ji-Won’s house.

He takes a look at the present he bought Ji-Won. Ji-Won passes by. She sees Ji-Hyeok. She waves at him. He conceals the present. She gets in his car. She wonders why he came to her place. He tells a lie to her that he came to the company warehouse.

But he admits that he missed her. He mentions he didn’t know what to do. She remembers he told her that he wishes to be her land. She reveals she didn’t know what to do until she spilled the food over Min-Hwan. She tells him that she wishes to make friends she likes when she looks at him.

He reaches out his hand. He tells her that he wishes to hold her hand. She holds his hand. She smiles. He thinks she will be happy if Su-Min marries Min-Hwan. She tears up. Ja-Ok has a fight with her husband in the morning. She persuades him to wear the expensive suit.

Min-Hwan asks his mother if she will buy him a house. But she doesn’t reply to him. Su-Min sends a message to Min-Hwan. She tells him that she came. He’s startled to run out of his house. He sees her. He wonders why she came to his house.

She mentions it’s a family meeting. She flirts with him. Eun-Ho prepares the dinner in person at the restaurant. He tells his assistant that he doesn’t trust him. He thinks of Ji-Won. He cries. Min-Hwan shows up after Eun-Ho left. He finds out that Ji-Won doesn’t come.

He calls her and blames her for his late when his parents come. Ja-Ok thinks her future daughter-in-law doesn’t come. Min-Hwan explains it to her that his girlfriend went to the restroom. Ji-Won shows up with a black dress. She greets Min-Hwan’s parents.

Marry My Husband Episode 9 Ending

Ji-Won recognizes Ja-Ok when she smiles. The people have a seat. The waitress servers them the food. Ja-Ok thinks Ji-Won’s parents didn’t tell her how to be a good girl. Ji-Won reveals her mother had an affair and she ran away. It hits Ja-Ok.

Ji-Won hands over the tissue to Min-Hwan. She doesn’t give the tissue to Ja-Ok when Ja-Ok needs the tissue. Ja-Ok praises her son for bringing a great girl to her. But Min-Hwan thinks Ji-Won is a good girl. He asks her about the clothes.

It makes Ja-Ok believe that her son bought the girl the dress. Ji-Won claims that she only wears the clothes on a special day. She takes out the bag Min-Hwan bought her. She shows off the bag. She tells Ja-Ok that her son is great. She reveals Min-Hwan bought her many clothes.

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It makes Ja-Ok glare at Min-Hwan. Ji-Hyeok takes a look at the necklace he bought Ji-Won. He decides to protect his lover. We go back to the restaurant. Ja-Ok asks Ji-Won to work after she marries Min-Hwan. But Ji-Won rejects it because she doesn’t have time to work when she takes care of Min-Hwan and their children at home.

Episode 9 of Marry My Husband ends with Ji-Won calling Ja-Ok lady after Ja-Ok didn’t respect her father. She’s furious to stand up. She calls off the wedding. She walks out of the restaurant. Eun-Ho sees her. Min-Hwan stops Ji-Won when his parents show up. But she breaks up with him. He’s furious to grab her. She throws him to the ground. She smiles.

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