Not Others K-Drama: Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Not Others K-Drama: Episode 12. Jae-Won is cooking the egg. He remembers the section chief told him to watch Jin-Hee. He gives the egg he just cooked to Jin-Hee. He tells her to treat their sleeping as an accident.

What Happens In Not Others Episode 12?

Not Others

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Not Others K-Drama: Episode 12.

Jin-Hee tells Jae-Won that she slept with him because she has feelings for him. She realizes that he told a lie to her that he likes her. She gets a message from someone. She learns that her grandma passed away. She arrives at the hospital. She sees Mi-Jung and Eun-Mi.

Mi-Jung puts the flower on Jin-Hee. She tells her to send her grandma away with smiling. Jin-Hee promises it. Eun-Mi breaks into the room. She asks Mi-Jung about the funeral photo of her mother. Mi-Jung reveals she gave it to the workers. Eun-Mi leaves.

Jin-Soo tells Jin-Hee that he broke up with his girlfriend. But she doesn’t believe what he said. She thinks he doesn’t care for the death of his grandma. Tae-Kyung shows up. She gives Jin-Hee a hug. Jin-Hee smiles when she sees Jae-Won.

Sang-Gu tells Mi-Jung for taking care of herself. He leaves with Jin-Hong. Mi-Jung wonders why Sang-Gu was suddenly friendly to her. Eun-Mi points out that Sang-Gu was friendly to his patients. Soo-Jin reports to Jin-Hee that she’s going to return to the headquarter.

Mi-Jung cries when she packs her mother’s stuff. She wonders why her mother kept it. Eun-Mi hands over the tissue to Mi-Jung. Mi-Jung tells Eun-Mi not to let Jin-Hee live with her because she doesn’t wish Jin-Hee to be sad like her.

But Eun-Mi rejects it. She tells Mi-Jung that she wishes Jin-Hee to be like her. She smiles when she thinks about that Jin-Hee is going to miss her for a long time. She cries after Mi-Jung mentions what her mother did for her. Jin-Hee tells Jin-Soo that she’s going to move out.

Jin-Soo feels happy after he heard the good news. Eun-Mi doesn’t believe that her daughter will do so. But Jin-Hee thinks her mother doesn’t know her feelings. She thinks she won’t live with her forever. Eun-Mi asks Jin-Hee why she wants to do that.

Jin-Hee mentions she’s gong to return to HQ. Jin-Soo tells Jin-Hee to go to look for a house near HQ. She thinks it’s a great idea. She gives him high five. Eun-Mi blames Jin-Hee for leaving her after her mother passed away. Jin-Hee thinks her mother is too sensitive.

Eun-Mi asks Jin-Hee for telling her other reasons since she has many reasons. She thinks Jin-Soo knows the reason. Jin-Hee apologizes to Eun-Mi. She tells her that she wants to take back her words. Eun-Mi is furious to return to her room.

Jin-Soo explains to Jin-Hee that Eun-Mi was very sad after her mother passed away. But Jin-Hee claims that she’s sad as well. Eun-Mi walks Jin-Hong when she takes his arm. She complains to him that her daughter wanted to move out.

Jin-Hong laughs. He tells Eun-Mi to work out with him. But she rejects it because she’s such type of person. She claims that resting is working out to her. Eun-Mi passes by the real estate shop. She sees Jin-Soo and Jin-Hee walking out of the store. She throws a fit to them.

But Eun-Mi finds out that Jin-Soo just helped his friend look for house. She’s surprised that Jin-Soo’s friend is very handsome. Jin-Soo takes Eun-Mi to the restaurant. He orders many foods for her and Jin-Hee. Eun-Mi are on the way home with Jin-Hee. She thinks her daughter wants to move out like Jin-Soo because she’s at the perfect age. But Jin-Hee tells her mother that she won’t move out.

Eun-Mi wonders why her daughter is wilted since Jin-Soo is so youthful. Jin-Hee explains to her mother that she isn’t having fun. She sees Jae-Won walking out of his house. She calls him when she runs to him. He greets Eun-Mi. She takes a look at the guy. She thinks her daughter fell for a fool.

Eun-Mi drinks with Jae-Won. She thinks her daughter slept over at the official house often. Jin-Hee admits it because the official house is for employees. Eun-Mi tells Jin-Hee to move into the official house if she wants to move out.

Eun-Mi reminds her daughter that she can save money if she does so. Jin-Hee tells her mother that she wants to live with someone if she moves out. Jae-Won is stunned to spit out the wine. Jin-Hee hands over the tissue to him. Eun-Mi thinks Jae-Won is very brave. Jin-Hee explains to Jae-Won that her mother just praised him.

Jin-Hee plans to go to take wet towels. Jae-Won joins Jin-Hee because he doesn’t want to stay with Eun-Mi alone. Eun-Mi is happy to walk out of her house. Jin-Hong runs into her. He thinks she should wear the workout shoes. She disagrees to what he said because she thinks she can dress up when she works out.

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Ga-Eul comes to the police station. She asks Jin-Hee for the sanitary pads. Jin-Hee intends to go to take the pads for Ga-Eul. She tells her to wait for her. But Soo-Jin stops Jin-Hee. She puts the pads into Ga-Eul’s bag. Soo-Jin tells Ga-Eul to come to her place if she needs the pad again.

Ga-Eul thinks Soo-Jin is better than Jin-Hee. She gives the candy to her. Ga-Eul tries to leave the police station. Jin-Hee stops Ga-Eul. She asks her if she’s fine. Jin-Hee wonders why she feels drained since returning to HQ is her dream.

Jae-Won thinks Jin-Hee is just not ready for it. She claims that she can manage herself. She thinks he’s terrible at comforting people. He walks to her and strokes her hair. He tells her that she did a great job. She holds his hand and puts it on her head. She smiles when she looks at him.

Does Eun-Mi Travel with Jin-Hee?

Jin-Hee goes to the karaoke club to have fun with her colleagues. But she feels uncomfortable. Eun-Mi and Jin-Hong come to pick her up. Eun-Mi massages Jin-Hee’s shoulders. She finds out that her shoulders are stiff. She blames her for not working out.

Jin-Hee points out that Eun-Mi doesn’t have the right to scold her because she just began to work out. Jin-Hong joins them. He wonders if Jin-Hee will be fine. Eun-Mi admits it. She tells her boyfriend that Jin-Hee just hurt her back.

Eun-Mi and Jin-Hong go out for working out. They run into Mi-Jung. Jin-Hee wonders how did her mother begin to like working out. Mi-Jung believes that Eun-Mi will quit soon. She wonders if Jin-Hee is fine. Jin-Hee chooses to trust her mother. She mentions she can move.

Mi-Jung tells Jin-Hee that she brought the bone broth to her. She goes to heat it up. Jin-Hee turns on the TV. She sees the building. Mi-Jung mistakes that Jin-Hee wants to travel. Jin-Hee denies it because she doesn’t believe that she can go to the place.

Jin-Hee tells Mi-Jung that she wants to take her mother if she travels. It makes Mi-Jung believe that Jin-Hee doesn’t want to travel alone. Jin-Hee denies it. She walks into Jae-Won’s room to see the world map. She returns home with the bag and the travel books.

Eun-Mi sees Jin-Hee. She asks her if she feels better. Jin-Hee tells her mother that she wants to travel. Eun-Mi wants to join Jin-Hee. But Jin-Hee tells her mother that she wants to travel alone. Eun-Mi thinks Jin-Hee is crazy after knowing she’s going to travel for one year.

Eun-Mi thinks her daughter is going to run away from her. But Jin-Hee denies it. She comforts her mother that she will come back. But Eun-Mi wishes her daughter to be by her side. She’s against it. Jin-Hee mentions there’re many things happening to her in the past few months.

Tae-Kyung learns that Jin-Hee is going to travel all over the world. She worries about Jin-Hee because she never left Korea. She tells her to do it after knowing she made the decision. She adds that she’s going to support her. Eun-Mi tells Jin-Hong that she doesn’t wish Jin-Hee to leave her. He comforts her that her daughter will be back.

Episode 12 of Not Others ends with Jin-Hee arriving at the airport. She runs into Eun-Mi. She wonders why she wears the bag. Eun-Mi tells Jin-Hee that she’s going to travel. She adds that she has her own plan as well. They part with each other because they have different destinations.

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