Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episodes 5-6. Myung-Jin sees the posters. He takes off one of the posters. Ga-Ram is scared. Myung-Jin touches Ga-Ram’s hair. He reminds her that she’s the only one who’s nervous.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

Our Blooming Youth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episodes 5-6.

Myung-Jin tells Ga-Ram to leave with him. She glares at him when she walks. He stares at her and thinks she’s very cute. She blames him for saying cute to a man. So he says “ugly” when he puts his hands on her face. She’s scared to push him away.

Jae-Yi goes to see Myung-Jin. But he’s not at home. So she walks into his house. Myung-Min returns home. He’s surprised to see Jae-Yi. She explains to him that she walked into the house because he didn’t reply to her. She asks him why he thought the sinner resolved the cases.

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Myung-Jin points out that Yoon-Jae couldn’t resolve the cases. He tells Jae-Yi that he wants to resolve the all of the cases with Jae-Yi. Ga-Ram reminds Myung-Jin that Jae-Yi is dead. But he believes that Jae-Yi is alive. Jae-Yi tells Myung-Jin that she wishes to resolve the case with him. He agrees to it.

Ga-Ram blames Myung-Jin for taking off the poster. Jae-Yi thinks Myung-Jin did it because he thought there will be fourth murder. She asks him to recheck the second body. They tell Ga-Ram that they’re going to dig up the grave. Myung-Jin laughs.

Jae-Yi reports to Lee Hwan that they’re going to dig up the grave. He tells her that he wants to send a guy to her. Jae-Yi and Myung-Jin wait for the guy. Myung-Jin wonders who’s the guy. Jae-Yi mentions Lee Hwan said that the guy is very handsome.

Ga-Ram wonders why they need a guy to dig up the grave. Myung-Jin complains to Ga-Ram that he hates handsome guys. He asks Jae-Yi if the guy owns some skills. Jae-Yi remembers Lee Hwan told her that the guy is a perfect man. She tells Myung-Jin that Scholar Park is very useful.

Myung-Jin blames Scholar Park for his late. Scholar Park shows up. Ga-Gam is excited. Myung-Jin greets Scholar Park. Scholar Park tells Myung-Jin that he’s very famous. It makes Myung-Jin happy. Jae-Yi worries about it because Scholar Park didn’t take any follower.

Queen goes to see Lee Hwan. But the maid tells Queen that Lee Hwan went to the library. Myung-Jin pours the wine to the grave. He tells the victim that he will fine the killer for him. He tells Ga-Gam to dig the grave. He reveals he hired her for making her do it. She complains to him that her previous master never told her to do it.

Episode 5 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Sung-On taking off the killer’s mask. He recognizes her. The shaman attacks Sung-On. Jae-Yi cuts the shaman with her knife. She defeats her. But the shaman hits Jae-Yi’s head with a pot.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

King is surprised that the four people were killed by a national shaman. He asks the chancellor if they know it. Lee Hwan takes care of Jae-Yi when she falls asleep. He wonders what the killer wants. The chancellors ask King to interrogate the shaman.

Sung-On breaks into the house with his bodyguards. He sees the maids who’re tied up. He tells his followers to untie the maids. He walks into the shaman’s room. He encounters the killer. He cuts the killer’s arm with his sword. The killer flees.

Sung-On walks to the maid. He asks her what the killers looked for. But the maid doesn’t know it. Sung-On reports to Lee Hwan that the shaman smelled the incense. Lee Hwan believes that someone is behind the shaman. Ga-Ram writes something at the house. She mentions Myung-Jin didn’t come to the house.

Ga-Ram walks out of the house. She hears Bok-Soon talking about Myung-Jin was locked up by his mother. Sam-Chil wishes to hear the rumor from Myung-Jin about the eunuch. He reveals the eunuch was hurt when she fought with the shaman. Ga-Ram is shocked. She runs away. Sam-Chil complains to Bok-Soon that her husband isn’t there when they’re busy.

Ga-Ram bumps Monk Moojin when she runs. He puts the fish into the gourd. He reveals the fish was given by one of his friends. Tae-Gang brings the medicine to Lee Hwan. He tells him to go to invite a doctor for Jae-Yi. Lee Hwan scolds Tae-Gang. He tells him that he did it if he could do so.

Jae-Yi wakes up. She sees Lee Hwan. He hands over the medicine to her. She drinks up the medicine. Tae-Gang reminds Jae-Yi that the medicine was boiled by him. She smiles. He walks away. Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi that she has passed out for a day. He reveals she and Sung-On saved the baby.

Lee Hwan tells Jae-Yi that he trusts her. She tears up. She wipes off her tears. She tells him that she was killed if he didn’t trust her. He tells her that he didn’t believe that she killed those people. She sees the medicine. He applies the medicine on her wound.

Jae-Yi asks Lee Hwan where he learned the medical skills. He leaks that it was taught by her father. She asks him to tell her more about her father. He mentions Master Min told him to practice medical skills for the people. Jae-Yi tears up because she thinks her father is a warm person. She remembers his father told her to return home anytime even if she gets married.

Episode 6 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Jae-Yi walking Sung-On on the street. She takes a look at him. She’s surprised that he still keeps their marriage contract. She thinks he still waits for her. He takes a look at the marriage contract. He remembers she asked him if he still waits for his fiancee.

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