The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18. The flame burns the village. The villagers run away. Chao Feng tries to take Qing Kui to flee. But the flame blocks their way. Chao Feng thinks it’s ridiculous that La Mu was killed in the flame of his clan.

Does La Mu Put Out Heavenly Flame?

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18.

Qing Kui tries to return to the village to save La Mu. But Chao Feng stops Qing Kui when he holds her hand. Ye Tan returns to the village with Qing Heng. The flame blocks their way. She has to call La Mu. Qing Heng casts the holy bottle to the heaven. It rains. Heavenly Flame is put out.

Qing Heng is tired after he used the holy magic. He mentions the spark isn’t put out. He worries about La Mu. Ye Tan wears the immortal clothes to run into La Mu’s house. She finds La Mu. But she’s hit by the rock. The holy bottle drops.

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Ye Tan casts the stones to La Mu to wake him up. He takes her to leave the basement. Qing Heng and Man Man join them. Man Man tells La Mu that the villagers are fine. He decides to leave with Ye Tan. Chao Feng decides to return to the village because La Mu isn’t dead.

Qing Kui powders Chao Feng and his followers. She tells them that she will come back to see them after she resurrects La Mu. She runs away. Qing Heng walks out of the house with La Mu. He wonders why he has blade injury. Qing Kui shows up. Ye Tan asks Qing Kui if the one who hurt La Mu was the clansmen of Abyss Clan.

Qing Kui reveals she delayed the clansmen with poison. She tells Ye Tan to leave with her. Ye Tan runs to La Mu. Man Man leaves with Qing Heng and Qing Kui. Ye Tan thinks La Mu doesn’t want to leave because he has lived in the place so long. She wants to take him to explain it to the villagers because the villagers still think he’s the fire beast. He rejects it because he thinks it’s not important that he’s fire beast or not.

Ye Tan remembers You Qin told her that there’s nobody feeling painful after Ruin was fixed when she worried about his injury. She thinks he’s still a fool. She hugs him and takes him away. The villagers return to the village. They feel happy after the flame was put out. La Mu tries to leave with Ye Tan. The boy stops La Mu. He hands over the dandelion to him. La Mu is happy to take over the dandelion. The dandelion blooms. The petals fly away.

Qing Heng helps La Mu fall asleep. He thinks they can take a break after they resolved La Mu’s case. He asks Ye Tan if she’s fine. Ye Tan thinks she will be fine when her sister is there. Qing Kui worries that Chao Feng will find them soon. She tells Ye Tan to find a safe place for La Mu.

Ye Tan complains that Di Lanjue isn’t there. She asks Man Man where Di Lanjue and Zi Wu went. Man Man leaks that Di Lanjue and Zi Wu were caught by Beast King. Beast King didn’t allow them to contact with outside. Qing Heng blames Di Lanjue for getting his younger sister involved. Man Man scolds Qing Heng.

Ye Tan thinks Beast King helped them from locking Di Lanjue up. She believes that she can take La Mu to Beast Realm, avoiding the danger. Man Man is very happy because she can return home in the end. Di Lanjue cannot sleep. He remembers Zi Wu recognized him. He complains that he turned into A Cai in front of Zi Wu. He thinks he has no face to see Zi Wu.

Di Lanjue yells at the maid that he won’t go to see the princess of Immortal Clan because of the case. The maid tells him that she came to serve him food. He lets her in. Zi Wu walks into Di Lanjue’s room. She startles him. She explains to him that Beast Queen asked her to take care of him.

Zi Wu asks Di Lanjue if he’s fine. But he tells her to leave. She asks him to taste the soup she cooked. He rejects it and tells her to leave. She tears up. He tells her not to cry. He explains to her that she treated him as dog when he was chased by heavenly bodyguards.

Di Lanjue tells Zi Wu not to see him if she thinks he had bad intention to pretend to be a dog. She tells him that she didn’t cry for it. She blames him for concealing it from her when he knew she missed A Cai. She reveals she felt guilty for losing A Cai because of her mistake.

Di Lanjue explains to Zi Wu that he concealed it from her because of his pride. He complains to her that he was treated as a dog. It makes her laugh. He drinks up the soup she cooked. He finds out that her hand was hurt when she cooked the soup.

Zi Wu thinks her injury is nothing. She mentions she took care of Di Lanjue when they were in Heavenly Realm. He reminds her that they need to go to help her older brother. She agrees to what he said. She tries to leave with him. But the door is closed.

Di Lanjue asks Beast King how long he’s going to lock him up. The guard mentions Beast King’s order that Di Lanjue should be in love with Zi Wu. Di Lanjue is happy when he sees Man Man. But his smiling is frozen when he sees La Mu and Ye Tan. Man Man pours Di Lanjue a drink. Di Lanjue thinks La Mu won’t recover.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 18 Ending

Episode 18 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Ye Tan handing over the Golden Abacus to Mei Youqing. But he closes the door. She asks him to let her get into his room to have a seat. But he tells her to sit on the rock outside.

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