Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 37 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 37. Chief Cen thinks only Chixiao Sect can lead Immortal Sects since Xiaoyao Sect and Hengyang Sect made mistakes. The chiefs agree to Chief Cen’s plan. Chief Cen tells them that he’s going to take them to go to Demon Realm to kill Cang Jiumin.

Di Mian Absorbs Evil Bone

Till the End of the Moon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 37.

Si Ying thinks Cang Jiumin can only stay in Demon Palace since the immortals hate him. She reminds him that only Di Mian knows what happened. She tells him that immortals think he killed Qu Xuanzi. He realizes that she killed Qu Xuanzi. He asks her why she did so.

Cang Jiumin wonders why Si Ying hurt Li Susu since they just wanted to wrong him. She tells him that he wronged them. She claims that they would kidnapped Li Susu if they knew Evil Bone was in Li Susu’s body. She thinks Devil God will come back if she put Evil Bone into his body.

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Cang Jiumin thinks Di Mian killed Qu Xuanzi with Devil Sword and took away Evil Bone. Si Ying tells Cang Jiumin to wake up from his dream. She thinks she cannot avoid the fate of Tantai Jin even if he wanted to be Cang Jiumin. She mentions the people he cared were killed because of him.

Si Ying asks Cang Jiumin if he remembers Devil God’s novel. She laughs. He tells her that he’s going to accept the fate. Di Mian plays Go himself. He thinks heaven helped him. Gongye Jiwu reports to Di Mian that Li Susu woke up. He asks him to go to see Li Susu.

Di Mian visits Li Susu. He feels guilty for not protecting her and Qu Xuanzi. He begins to cough. He tells her that Cang Jiumin stabbed him. She asks him what happened. He leaks that Cang Jiumin killed Qu Xuanzi with Devil Sword. She remembers Cang Jiumin confessed to her that Devil Crossbow is in his body.

Li Susu thinks Cang Jiumin wouldn’t conceal it from her that he has Devil Sword since he told her that he has Devil Crossbow. She thinks nobody would survive under Devil Sword. She asks Di Mian if he’s sure that the sword is Devil Sword.

Di Mian claims that he knows the looks of Devil Sword because he served Devil God ever. He hates himself for not protecting Qu Xuanzi. He thinks Devil Fetus cannot be changed. He tells Li Susu to cut off her love with her sword. Cang Jiumin mentions Di Mian betrayed him. He tells Si Ying that he wishes Di Mian to get on his knees to him.

Zang Hai reports to Zhao You that Cang Jiumin is in Demon Realm. He reveals the two devils treated Cang Jiumin like their master. Zhao You tells Zang Hai not to leak it to anyone. He believes that Cang Jiumin has his own plan. He tells Zang Hai to believe Cang Jiumin because Immortal Sects are leaded by the bad immortal Chief Cen. He receives a letter from Li Susu.

Li Susu visits Di Mian with the medicine. She mentions what her older sister told her that he dressed his wound on his own. She wishes to take a look at her wound because she learned healing skills. But he rejects it because he worries that his demon body will stain her immortal body.

But Li Susu tells Di Mian that she’s fine because she’s his daughter. She thinks she should serve him since she just lost her father. He decides not to let her down since she wishes to see his wound. He sets up the enchantment after he let her in.

Di Mian worries that his wound would scare Li Susu. She asks him if his injury cannot be seen by people. He feels guilty for not accompanying her like Qu Xuanzi. But she points out that Qu Xuanzi was busy as well. She mentions Qu Xuanzi is a good father. She thinks she was very lucky to be Qu Xuanzi’s daughter.

Di Mian shows his wound to Li Susu. Li Susu remembers her old sister told her that she didn’t see Di Mian’s wound because Di Mian needs to use his own monster power to heal himself. She finds out that Di Mian’s injury was made by Qu Xuanzi’s sword art.

Li Susu tries to attack Di Mian. But he ties her up. He walks out of his house. But he’s attacked by Zhao You. He has to fight with him. Zhao You defeats Di Mian. He asks him where he’s going to flee. Di Mian realizes that it was his good daughter’s plan. Zhao You admits it.

Di Mian flees to the lake. Zhao You hurts him with his sword. He tells him that he cannot leave Hengyang Sect. But Si Ying saves Di Mian. Jing Mie grabs Di Mian’s neck. He tells him to give Evil Bone to him. Di Mian realizes that Jing Mie found Demon Palace. He flees.

Si Ying hurts Zhao You before she chases Di Mian. Di Mian absorbs the power of Evil Bone because he doesn’t wish Si Ying and Jing Mie to get Evil Bone. Li Susu finds Zhao You. She helps him get up. He mentions Si Ying and Jing Mie showed up.

Li Susu thinks the two devils intended to save Di Mian. But Zhao You tells Li Susu that the two devils wished to take back Evil Bone like them. He believes that Di Mian will absorb Evil Bone. He asks Li Susu about Gongye Jiwu’s whereabouts.

Li Susu reveals Gongye Jiwu followed Chief Cen to Demon Realm. Zhao You thinks Gongye Jiwu went to Demon Realm to give up his life. He thinks there will be someone stopping Gongye Jiwu. Li Susu volunteers to go to stop Gongye Jiwu.

The demons welcome Cang Jiumin. Si Ying reports to Cang Jiumin that Di Mian fled. She intends to go to catch Di Mian. But Cang Jiumin rejects it. He tells her to go to summon demons. He thinks Si Ying and Jing Mie will merge with him if they get Evil Bone.

Mo Nv watches Cang Jiumin. She realizes that he will do something bad. He tells Si Ying and Jing Mie to get into Demon Palace with him. Si Ying smiles. Li Susu gets into Demon Realm. She sees the demons gathering. Cang Jiumin thinks it’s the right time since demons gathered in Demon Palace. He closes the gate.

Cang Jiumin uses Sacrifice Sword Formation to attack demons. He thinks Si Ying can take nothing to welcome Devil God if he’s dead. Devil God asks Cang Jiumin what he’s fearing. Cang Jiumin points out that the one fears is Devil God.

Devil God tells Cang Jiumin that he cannot stop his coming even if he kills himself. Cang Jiumin laughs. He tells Devil God not to stop him. Ming Ye asks Cang Jiumin why he chose to die. Cang Jiumin realizes that Ming Ye’s soul is in Dragon Scale.

Ming Ye leaks that Cang Jiumin woke his soul up when he fixed Dragon Scale. He tells Cang Jiumin to stop his formation. Cang Jiumin tells Ming Ye that he wishes to disappear to save the world. He adds that he wishes to guard everything behind him.

Cang Jiumin mentions Ming Ye wished to guard Ink River. Ming Ye tells Cang Jiumin that his living can only open the death of Devil God. He tells him to make a choice. He disappears. Cang Jiumin passes out. Mo Nv shows up. She tells Si Ying and Jing Mie that they were killed if the Dragon Scale didn’t appear.

Si Ying agrees to what Mo Nv said that Cang Jiumin is sly. She tells Nian Baiyu to watch Cang Jiumin. She tells him that his clansmen will be free when she comes back. Di Mian absorbs Evil Bone. Devil God tells Di Mian that he will be his container.

The demon flies to Cang Jiumin. She tells him that she’s going to eat him. Nian Baiyu decides to take Cang Jiumin away since he doesn’t wish to be Devil God. It flashes back. Cang Jiumin tells Nian Baiyu that he’s his benefactor. He mentions he helped him be emperor when he was a hostage. He adds that he saved him from the flame sea when he lost his hope because of Ye Xiwu. He thinks he couldn’t find Ye Xiwu without him. Nian Baiyu thinks it was Cang Jiumin’s blessing. But Cang Jiumin disagrees to Nian Baiyu said. Because he’s a demon fetus. He mentions Nian Baiyu is the only person who drinks with him.

Nian Baiyu fights with the demon. He tells her that he wishes to take away his master. She hurts him and tries to bite him. But Cang Jiumin catches the demon. He tells her that he will release her if she releases Nian Baiyu. But she sucks his blood. She tells him that she felt the sunshine from his blood.

Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama: Episode 37 Ending

Episode 37 of Till the End of the Moon Chinese Drama ends with Di Mian opening the gate of Demon Palace. Mo Nv finds Si Ying. She finds out that she’s dead. She hugs her and asks her who killed her. She tears up. She sees Di Mian killing her younger sister.

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