A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 2. Gu Qianfan tells Yang Zhiyuan that the painting isn’t the real painting. He tears up the painting. Lao Jia puts his sword on Yang Zhiyuan’s neck. He asks him to tell him the location of the real painting.

Who Kills Lao Jia? Does Ouyang Xu Give Up Zhao Paner?

A Dream of Splendor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 2.

The killers sneak into Yang House to kill the bodyguards in the yard. Gu Qianfan rushes out of the house to fight with the killers. Zhao Paner tries to leave the house. But she returns to the house after she saw the killers on the rooftop.

Gu Qianfan finds out that the killer who fights with him is the imperial bodyguard. The killer tries to flee. But he gets killed by the masked archers outside. The killers cast the gas bombs to the yard. Gu Qianfan is poisoned. Lao Jia gets killed for protecting Gu Qianfan.

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Gu Qianfan casts the dart to Zhao Paner. He tells her that he will die if she doesn’t save him. The chief killer tells the killers not to keep any life. The killers throw the torches into the house. Gu Qianfan asks Zhao Paner why she wasn’t poisoned after she saved him.

Zhao Paner reveals she used the wet handkerchief to block the gas. She asks Gu Qianfan for the antidote. He tells her that he didn’t add any poison on the dart. She believes that he and the men in black are friends after he refused to look into the men in black.

Zhao Paner leaks that she saw the officer’s footprint from the blue rock. She thinks the killers wanted to kill Yang Zhiyuan. She adds that Gu Qianfan and Lao Jia just got involved. Zhao Paner tells Gu Jiafan that she can testify.

Gu Qianfan tells Zhao Paner not to care for the case. He worries that she will get killed. She tells him that she won’t give up after she made the decision. He takes out a knife to help her remove the dart. He tells her that he will kill her. She bites him. He walks away.

Zhao Paner returns to her tea house. Uncle De is waiting for her. He tells her that Ouyang Xu got third place after the imperial test. She’s very happy, thinking he came to take her to East Capital. She goes to make him tea when he tries to tell something to her. She comforts him that she will close the tea house.

Sun Sanniang shows up. Zhao Paner tells the good news to Sun Sanniang. Sun Sanniang thinks Zhao Paner is going to wear the wedding dress. She tries to help her pack her stuff. But Uncle De tells Zhao Paner that Ouyang Xu is going to get married with General Gao’s daughter. Zhao Paner passes out. The tea and the cake drop.

Sun Sanniang scolds Uncle De. She asks him if they want Zhao Paner to die. He mentions what Ouyang Xu said that Zhao Paner will understand it. Sun Sanniang points out that Zhao Paner and Ouyang Xu had an engagement. But Uncle De thinks the engagement didn’t accept by Ouyang Xu’s parents. He worries that Consort Xian will be against the marriage if she knows Ouyang Xu was engaged with a lowly girl.

Sun Sanniang is furious. She tries to push Uncle De into the river. Zhao Paner stops Sun Sanniang. Sun Sanniang wants to sue Ouyang Xu. Uncle De reminds Zhao Paner that everyone will know her history. She stops him and reminds him that she cares for it very much.

Uncle De hands over the gold to Zhao Paner. He tells her that it’s a compensation. She’s furious to throw away the gold. She mentions she bought Ouyang Xu a land. She thinks three years of relationship cannot beat the gold. She asks for more gold. Sun Sanniang closes the tea house after Uncle De left.

Zhao Paner tears up when she remembers Ouyang Xu promised to get married with her. Gu Qianfan sneaks into the morgue. He takes out the arrow from Lao Jia’s body. He finds out that the arrow belongs to the officer of Qiantang County. He remembers Lao Jia told him that the killers wanted to kill him.

Zhao Paner doesn’t believe that Ouyang Xu would give up her. She intends to go to East Capital to ask him about it in person. Sun Sanniang agrees to Zhao Paner’s plan. Zhao Paner sees the warrant of Gu Qianfan. She goes to the temple. She wishes Ouyang Xu won’t give up her for money and fame. Gu Qianfan shows up from under the table. It startles Zhao Paner.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Gu Qianfan thinks Zhao Paner just doesn’t want to accept that she was given up by Ouyang Xu. But she tells him that she believes Ouyang Xu. He mentions she scolded Ouyang Xu, thinking she doesn’t trust her fiance. She sees a woman floating on the water. She finds out that the woman is Sun Sanniang.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 2 stars Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan and Lin Yun.

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