A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Ouyang Xu tells Gao Hui that the woman he saw was Ms. Wang. She tells him that she wants to get along with his female friends. She sees Du Changfeng. Ouyang Xu introduces Du Changfeng as Uncle De to Gao Hui.

Why Ouyang Xu Asked Zhao Paner to be his Concubine?

A Dream of Splendor

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

Ouyang Xu promises not to get married with another woman all his life. Zhao Paner takes a look at her portrait. It flashes back. Ouyang Xu shows the portrait he painted to Zhao Paner. He thinks she’s very beautiful. She tells him that she will call him Mr. Xu once they get married.

Gao Hui leaves. Du Changfeng shows up. He wonders why Ouyang Xu stopped him when he tried to let Gao Hui accept Zhao Paner as Ouyang Xu’s wife. He believes that Gao Hui won’t be jealousy because she looks like a good lady. Ouyang Xu denies it. He reveals Gao Hui hurt many girls who had feelings for him.

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Zhao Paner burns the portrait. She decides not to think of Ouyang Xu. Sun Sanniang brings the medicine to Zhao Paner. She asks her if she’s going to sue Ouyang Xu. Zhao Paner tells Sun Sanniang that she doesn’t have any plan. She asks about Sun Yinzhang. Sun Sanniang reveals Sun Yinzhang is falling asleep.

Sun Yinzhang has a nightmare that Zhou She beats her. She wakes up from the nightmare. She tells Zhao Paner that she has no face to leave because she thinks nobody can help her. Sun Sanniang stuns Sun Yinzhang. Ouyang Xu tells Du Changfeng that Gao Hui won’t forgive Zhao Paner because she thinks he belongs to her.

Ouyang Xu tells Du Changfeng that he asked Zhao Paner to be his concubine for provoking her. He adds that he said so for protecting her. He wants to see her after knowing she is sick. But Du Changfeng stops Ouyang Xu. He reminds him that his plan will fail if Gao Hui knows it.

Xiao Qinyan takes Gu Qianfan to visit his father’s grave. He asks him to pay his respect to his grandpa. But Gu Qianfan rejects it because he thinks his grandpa is another person. Xiao Qinyan agrees to what Gu Qianfan said. He tells him to go to take a look at the ancestor house of Xiao family.

Zhao Paner visits Ouyang Xu. He tells her that Gao Hui promised to get along with her well. She laughs and tells him that she won’t join their team. She adds that she wants to make a deal with him. Xiao Qinyan takes Gu Qianfan to the Tai lake. He tells him that he came up with his name when he saw the sailboats.

Gu Qianfan wonders how Emperor will deal with Zheng Qingtian. Xiao Qinyan thinks Emperor won’t do anything to Zheng Qingtian because he’s dead. He realizes that he worries about Lei Jing. He leaks that he sent a gift to Lei Jing. He believes that Lei Jing will be nice to Gu Qianfan. He persuades Gu Qianfan not to hate Lei Jing. He reminds him that he doesn’t have the evidence that Lei Jing accepted Zheng Qingtian’s present. He thinks they should look for Lei Jing’s mistakes later. He reveals he does it for him. But Gu Qianfan doesn’t think so.

Zhao Paner claims that she won’t be a concubine. She tells Ouyang Xu to follow the contract. She threatens him that she won’t let him live well. He agrees to it. She asks him for the Night Banquet Painting. He goes to take the painting.

Gu Qianfan mentions Xiao Qinyan will get the power of the whole Royal City Department if he forgives Lei Jing. Xiao Qinyan laughs. He thinks Gu Qianfan is actually his son. He reminds him that Lei Jing betrayed him because he’s just a little officer.

He believes that Lei Jing wouldn’t hurt Gu Qianfan if Gu Qianfan is his son. He thinks he and Gu Qianfan have bad reputations. He wonders why he insisted on staying Royal City Department. Gu Qianfan finds out that he lost something. He goes to look for it.

Ouyang Xu doesn’t find the painting. He asks Zhan Paner to give him three days to look for the painting. She agrees to it. She asks him to call her Ms. Zhao. She leaves his house. Gu Qianfan finds the hairpin. He sees the officers arresting the people after the people poured the dirty water to his grandfather’s grave. He lets the chief officer release the people. Gu Qianfan cleans his grandfather’s grave. He asks his grandfather to forgive him. He reveals he just wants to be a good person.

Du Changfeng tells Ouyang Xu that he didn’t see the painting when he sorted out. Ouyang Xu realizes that Uncle De gave the painting to his teacher by mistake. But Du Changfei thinks Uncle De intended to do that. He thinks Ouyang Xu will be a bad person if Ouyang Xu asks his teacher for the painting.

Ouyang Xu asks Du Changfeng to help him redeem for someone. But Du Changfeng is against it. He worries that Ouyang Xu will be demoted. Ouyang Xu believes that Gao Hui won’t have feelings for him if he gets demoted. But Du Changfeng thinks Gao family won’t break off the engagement.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Zhao Paner tells Sun Sanniang that she learned the tricks from Gu Qianfan. She leaks that Gu Qianfan told her that Ouyang Xu will betray her. But she told him that she believes Ouyang Xu.

A Dream of Splendor Chinese Drama: Episode 8 stars Liu Yifei, Chen Xiao, Liu Yan and Lin Yun.

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