Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 2. Lin Yiyang sees his older sister off. He receives a message from his classmate. He tells the classmate to take the kid to walk around the school. He returns home with Wu Wei.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 2 Recap

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 2.

Meng Xiaotian visits Yin Guo. She thinks he got up early because his mother called him. He denies it and he reveals he went to Lin Yiyang’s school because Lin Yiyang’s classmate invited him. She wonders if he thanked the classmate since he bothered the classmate.

He reveals he bought the classmate a meal. He brings the food to her. She thinks Lin Yiyang is nice to him. She tells him not to forget Lin Yiyang. He denies it and he lets her eat the food. She brushes her teeth and she texts Lin Yiyang.

She thanks him for letting his classmate take her brother to walk around the school. She sends a smile to him. He sends a cup of coffee back. Meng Xiaotian complains it to Yin Guo that she didn’t accompany him. She threatens it to him that he interrupted her training.

He begs her not to do so. He thinks he just act to be cute. It makes her laugh. She reveals she planned to accompany him. He shows the cafe to her. He asks her to go to the place to him. She finds out that she knows the cafe. She wonders if it’s nearby the bar they ran into Lin Yiyang.

He admits it and he tells her that he likes the place. They arrive at the cafe. Yin Guo takes a look at the cafe. She sees many people in the cafe. She worries that there’s no seat. But Meng Xiaotian comforts her that Lin Yiyang has booked the seat.

He explains it to her that Lin Yiyang asked him not to tell it to her. Yin Guo walks into the cafe. She finds out that Lin Yiyang is waiting for her. He tells her to order the food she wants to eat when she has a seat. But she asks him to make the decision for her because they don’t know the cafe.

Her friend calls her. She asks her to go to the shop to buy her two bags of coffee beans. Yin Guo asks Lin Yiyang about the shop. He volunteers to take her to the shop. She drinks up the coffee. He takes her to walk out of the cafe. They pass by Red Fish Bar.

Yin Guo is excited when she points at the bar. Lin Yiyang asks her if she wants to get into the bar. She rejects it because she knows he’s going to leave. He takes her to the coffee bean shop. He helps her buy the coffee beans. He leaves.

Yin Guo walks out of the coffee bean shop with Meng Xiaotian. She asks him to take the coffee beans home for her. She gets in the cab and she meets with her friend Su Wei at the restaurant. Su Wei introduces Yin Guo to her friend Berry.

She reveals Yin Guo defeated her in the youth competition. Su Wei notes that Yin Guo drank water after she ate the food. She thinks she cannot eat spicy food. Yin Guo reveals she likes to eat spicy food but she cannot eat spicy food.

Berry reveals there was a snooker player opening a billiard room. Yin Guo thinks her older brother Meng Xiaodong knows the player because her older brother was a snooker player. She reveals her older brother is Meng Xiaodong. Su Wei is surprised. She wonders why Yin Guo didn’t tell the truth to her.

Yin Guo explains it to Su Wei that she didn’t know how to tell it to her when she praised her older brother. Berry plans to take Yin Guo to the billiard room. Yin Guo agrees to it. Lin Yiyang walks into the billiard room. He tells the guy that he came to replace Mark.

Berry takes Yin Guo to the billiard room. Berry’s friend is excited to tell Berry that the game is going to begin. Yin Guo follows Berry to the billiard room. She recognizes Lin Yiyang. He sees her as well. He’s surprised. He defeats the billiard room owner who’s a regional champion. He doesn’t let him have a chance to play.

Lin Yiyang greets Yin Guo after he won. He wishes him to be her friend. She admits that they have been friends. She goes to play billiards with Su Wei. The waitress brings the wine to Yin Guo because Lin Yiyang defeated the billiard room owner.

Berry calls Su Wei away. Lin Yiyang has a chance to stay with Yin Guo alone. Su Wei joins Berry. Berry thinks Su Wei was a light bulb. Yin Guo tells Lin Yiyang that she has applied the nine-ball open competition. She reveals she came with her friend.

He wonders if she will need with her friend. She tries to reply to him. But Su Wei returns. She tells Yin Guo that she needs to leave. Lin Yiyang volunteers to take Yin Guo home. He tells her that it will be fine if she doesn’t think she gets bothered. It makes her laugh.

She walks out of the billiard room with him. She finds out that it’s snowing. She’s very happy because she thinks the snow is very beautiful. She intends to call a cab. He persuades her to take subway. She reveals she took the wrong subway.

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He tells her to follow him. He reveals he played billiards because his friend was defeated. He adds that his friend paid the bill when he wanted to buy the meal. She laughs because she thinks he likes to buy people meals. They arrive at the subway station. They get on the subway.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ends with Lin Yiyang walking Yin Guo on the street after they left the subway station. He walks to the left side. It makes her think he’s weird. He explains it to her that he worried that she would step on the stairs that were covered by snow.

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