The Last Immortal: Episode 22 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Last Immortal: Episode 22. Hua Shu is furious to tell the immortals that the one who killed Lan Feng was Hong Ruo. Because Lan Feng was killed by the top treasure of Monster Clan Monster Ring. The immortals swear to take revenge.

The Last Immortal Episode 22 Recap

The Last Immortal

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Last Immortal: Episode 22.

But Yu Feng tells them not to take action before they know the truth. But Hua Mo thinks he doesn’t have to look into it. He believes that Monster King asked Hong Ruo to do so. Hua Shu plans to take action. But Yu Feng reminds her that the True God Di Juan tried his best to get the peace.

He thinks they shouldn’t hate Monster Clan. But Hua Shu asks him if he can take the duty for the fleeing of the killer. The chief of Wanyi Mountain reveals he can track the killer if he obtains the blood of Lan Feng. He takes the immortals to Great Lake Mountain. He finds out that the fox got into the mountain.

Yu Feng wonders how did the fox get into Great Lake Mountain. Qing Yi claims that they wouldn’t conceal the killer. Yu Feng comforts Qing Yi that they won’t break into Great Lake Mountain. He asks the chief Xian Shan for a meeting up.

A Yin walks out of the house with Yan Shuang. She wonders what happened. Yan Shuang thinks the immortals are enemies. She tells A Yin to leave it to her. But A Yin rejects it because Yan Shuang is the princess of Eagle Clan. Gu Jin refines God Pill. He decides to let A Yin take the pill.

A Yin goes to see the immortals. She wonders why they visited them. Yu Feng asks A Yin about Xian Shan and Xian Zhu. She reveals her two brothers are studying alone to light the Nine Stars Lamp. She adds that Gu Jin is studying as well.

A Yin tells Yu Feng to tell what happened to her. Hua Shu cries to ask A Yin to open the Mountain Gate so that they can catch the fox who killed Lan Feng. Gu Jin shows up. He confesses to the immortals that there’s a nine-tailed fox in Great Lake Mountain. He adds that the fox is Hong Yi.

He promises that Hong Yi didn’t kill Lan Feng. He reveals Hong Yi’s core was hurt when he helped them look for Feng Yin’s souls. But Hua Shu believes that Hong Yi has recovered and he waited for the chance to hurt immortals. Gu Jin knows Hua Shu is sad for Lan Feng’s death. But he points out that Hong Yi has studied in Yantian Palace.

She thinks he cannot prove that Hong Yi didn’t go to Heavenly Palace because he has studied. A Yin points out that Hong Yi cannot kill Lan Feng because he’s just a junior monster. But Hua Shu wants to use Hong Yi’s blood to pay her respect to Lan Feng.

She casts Sky Umbrella to the sky. She plans to kill all of people in Great Lake Mountain. Gu Jin stops Hua Shu. He tells her that he won’t let her take away Hong Yi. She tries to fight with him because she wishes to take away Hong Yi.

Xian Shan shows up. He promises that Hong Yi wasn’t the one who killed Lan Feng. He thinks Hua Shu did it wrong to use Sky Umbrella in Great Lake Mountain. Hua Mo tells his daughter not to bring trouble. He explains it to Xian Shan that Hua Shu did it because she just lost her husband.

Hua Shu takes Sky Umbrella back. Xian Shan lets the immortals look into Great Lake Mountain. He opens the mountain gate. Yu Feng gets into the mountain to look into the case. He tells Hua Shu to stay outside. Hong Ruo mentions the immortals are using Immortal Net to look into Great Lake Mountain.

Zhuo Ying worries that the immortals will find something. Hong Ruo points out that she can deal with Immortal Net because she’s a demigod. She believes that Immortal Net won’t find it because the demon flower in Hong Yi’s body doesn’t bloom.

Yu Feng reports to Hua Shu that Hong Yi is actually a junior monster. The immortals leave Great Lake Mountain. A Yin is tired. Gu Jin cares for her. Xian Shan praises Gu Jin for doing a great job. He hands over the badge of chief to him. He tells him to do anything he wants to do. He asks her not to let the thunder damage Yantian Palace.

A Yin passes out. Gu Jin takes her home. He tries to let her take God Pill. But God Pill is broken. Gu Jin realizes that Bi Bo told a lie to him. He decides to go to Purple Moon Mountain. Yan Shuang promises to shoulder the thunder punishment. Gu Jin carries A Yin away.

Hua Shu returns Heavenly Palace with Hua Mo. She asks him if the deal of him and Hong Ruo includes Lan Feng. She believes that Hong Ruo wanted to kill Lan Feng because Lan Feng found out her plan. She cries to ask him if Lan Feng was killed by Hong Ruo.

He reveals he didn’t expect that Hong Ruo would work with demons. He regrets for it. He believes that Hong Ruo didn’t kill Lan Feng because she just wanted to take Monster Ring back. She wonders who would kill Lan Feng since Hong Yi is innocence.

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Hua Mo tells Hua Shu not to trust the people of Great Lake Mountain. He believes that they will find the truth after the immortals look into Hong Ruo. Hua Mo meets with Hong Ruo in Wuji Cave. She mentions they agreed not to meet. She mentions she killed Lan Feng. She worries that the immortals will deal with her with the Immortal Net.

The Last Immortal Episode 22 Ending

Episode 22 of The Last Immortal ends with Xian Shan taking the immortals to kill Hong Ruo’s demon troops. Hong Yi feels uncomfortable because the immortals took care of him. Hong Ruo comforts Hong Yi that she will let him accompany the immortals after she uses him.

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