Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 29 Release Date

Ancient Love Poetry gets Qing Mu to make a hairpin for Hou Chi in episode 29. She likes the hairpin and praises him.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 29 Release Date

Ancient Love Poetry

Ancient Love Poetry episode 29 is going to release on Thursday, July 8, 2021. You can watch the TV series on Tengxun Video. The drama contains 49 episodes.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 29 Spoilers

Episode 29 is set to the scene that Hou Chi goes to see Qing Mu with new dress. She asks him if he doesn’t like it. He wonders why she chooses the dress since Feng Ran chose many dresses for her. She reveals she likes the stuff of God Realm after she absorbed the power of Holy Palace.

Hou Chi mentions what Feng Ran said that the dress handed down from ancient. She says that she liked it so that she got changed. Qing Mu thinks his clothes is match for Hou Chi’s dress. He hands over the hairpin to her. She says that she saw the stuff first time. She thinks it’s like the stuff of God Realm.

Qing Mu wears the hairpin for Hou Chi. He asks her if she likes it. She laughs and asks him if the hairpin was made by him. He admits it and reveals he wanted to make a hairpin. She tells him that she’s very happy because he learned to make hairpin.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 28 Spoilers

Hou Chi wakes up to hug Qing Mu. She cries to tell him that she worried that she couldn’t see him. He tells her not to cry, and claims that he’s not lack of any hair. He tells her not to get people to see her crying and laughing because she’s the senior god of Qingchi Palace.

Hou Chi asks Qing Mu if his injury on his chest is in pain. He tells her that he’s fine after he saw her. She finds out that his power was increased. He reveals Heavenly Emperor saved him, and wants to attend the birthday party of Heaven Palace.

Qing Mu tells Hou Chi that he promised to leave after he attends the birthday party of Heaven Palace. She wants to attends the birthday party as well. But he’s against it because he doesn’t want her to be unhappy.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 27 Spoilers

Qing Mu tells Hou Chi that he dreamed a girl. He says that the girl is like her, and she stands in the vortex of thunder. He tells her that the girl in his dream is her. She puts her head on his shoulder. He says that he knew what is happiness after he encountered her.

Qing Mu thinks the heaven is nice to him to let him encounter Hou Chi. He says that he’s satisfied with it. He wishes her to encounter him first if there’s a afterlife. She asks him where she should look for him if there’s no afterlife. He tells her to live alone well.

Qing Mu tells Zhou Chi that he doesn’t want her to give out life and dignity for him. Because he knows that he will feel guilty all his life. He tells her that he wishes her to be happiness. He passes out.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 26 Spoilers

Qing Mu comforts Hou Chi that he will ask Heavenly Emperor to cancel the marriage. But she thinks it won’t be easy. He says that he and Jing Jian thought Jing Yang was caught by Three Heads Fire Dragon. He adds that he will ask Heavenly Emperor to cancel the marriage once he takes Jing Yang back.

Hou Chi tells Qing Mu that Feng Ran and Jing Yang have revenge. Qing Mu thinks he should care for the feelings of Feng Ran. He asks Hou Chi why she came there. She reveals he thought Bo Xuan is there. The bodyguard shows up and asks Hou Chi and Qing Mu if they’re the relief troops of the immortal. He reveals they’re the followers of Three Heads Fire Dragon.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 25 Spoilers

Jing Jian asks Qing Mu if he actually wants to conceal Hou Chi. Qing Mu thinks he shouldn’t let Hou Chi know the thing. He thinks he should cancel the marriage. But Hou Chi tells Qing Mu that she knew the thing because she heard the talk of him and Jing Jian. He tells him that he won’t get married with Jing Zhao.

Hou Chi tells Qing Mu not to do anything if Heavenly Emperor wants to hurt him. Because she will protect him. She tells him not to talk with Jing Zhao when he goes to Heavenly Palace. Because he belongs to her now. He comforts her that he won’t take a look at any female. She hugs him.

Jing Jian asks the two when they got together. He feels happy for them. He tells Hou Chi that he will protect Qing Mu.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 24 Spoilers

Qing Mu tells Bai Jue that the flower is the most beautiful after he searched the whole Qilian Mountain. He tries to give the flowers to her. But she points out that he ruined Chang Que’s flowers. He wants to plant it back. She tells him that it won’t be alive. Qing Mu promises to get back the seeds for Chang Que.

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