“Ancient Love Poetry” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Ancient Love Poetry” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about the ancient god Shang Gu who sacrificed herself for saving the god realm. But her leaving hurt Bai Jue deeply because he loves her very much.

Ancient Love Poetry is adapted from Xing Ling’s novel “Ancient God“.

Zhou Dongyu and Xu Kai are the lead actors.

Zhou Dongyu starred Chinese romance drama “Behind the Scenes” in 2019. She plays the role Bu Xiaogu. She also starred “Magic City” in 2018. She played the role Xiao Yao.

Xu Kai starred Chinese historical dramaCourt Lady” in 2021. He played a general who grows up to be the hero for the woman he loves. He also starred “Dance of the Sky Empire” in 2020.

Ancient Love Poetry (2021)

Ancient Love Poetry


Shang Gu goes to the marriage place with Yue Mi. She feels happy. Yue Mi tries to give the fan to Shang Gu. But Shang Gu rejects it because she came to enjoy the beauties of the place. Yue Mi gets angry and mentions Shang Gu begged her. Shang Gu has to take the fan. Yue Mi reminds Shang Gu that they will be doom if someone reports it to Zhi Yang.

Shang Gu comforts Yue Mi that she takes the duty if the heaven falls. Yue Mi thinks the beasts are superficiality to pursue love. Shang Gu wants to go to other places. But Yue Mi stops Shang Gu. Shang Gu thinks Yue Mi concealed something from her.

Shang Gu points out that Yue Mi chose marriage place because she fell for someone. She asks her to tell her the god she loves. But Yue Mi rejects it. Shang Gu complains that there’s no god pursuing her. Yue Mi thinks Shang Gu will be upset if she has feelings for someone.

Shang Gu uses the magic and makes the people fight. She realizes that she brought a trouble. Yue Mi takes Shang Gu to flee when Zhi Yang summons Shang Gu.

Bai Jue is taking class. The two students are late. Bai Jue scolds the two for not practicing the magic he taught them. He throws them from the cliff. He tells them that they will overcome the fear if they practice it. Tian Qi shows up and begins to attack Bai Jue.

Tian Qi tells the kids to be happy like him. He intends to show off his power in front of them. But he gets defeated. The kids laugh. Tian Qi explains that he just wants to drink wine. He tells Bai Yue that he will fight with him after he drinks.

Hong Ri thinks Tian Qi brags. Tian Qi asks Hong Ri for warming the wine for him after knowing he’s a flame beast. Bai Xue gives the brushes to Tian Qi. Tian Qi is surprised that the brushes was made by nine tail fox. He thinks Bai Jue only thinks out Zhi Yang.

Bai Jue gives all of the wines in the room to Tian Qi. Tian Qi realizes that Bai Jue doesn’t forget them. Bai Jue tells Tian Qi to leave if he doesn’t have other businesses. But Tian Qi rejects it because he wants Bai Jue to attend the birthday party of Shang Gu.

Zhi Yang tells the maids that he will kick the person out if she tricks him with Shang Gu. Yue Mi learns that Zhi Yao really got angry, and reminds Shang Gu that she got three thunders. She thinks Shang Gu will lie in bed for three months. She tells her not to worry about it.

Shang Gu asks Yue Mi if she has a plan. Yue Mi tells Shang Gu that she will give some novels to her to read when she’s injured. Shang Gu tells Yue Mi that she doesn’t fear Zhi Yang at all. She adds that she just doesn’t to lose her face. Yue Mi wants to accept the thunders for Shang Gu because she accompanied her to the marriage place.

Shang Gu rejects it and wants to hide somewhere. She tells Yue Mi that she wants to go to Changyuan palace. But Yue Mi points out that the palace belongs to Bai Jue. She thinks she shouldn’t offend the god. Shang Gu thinks Bai Jue won’t return to his palace.

Zhi Yang is surprised to see Bai Jue. He tries to embrace him. But Bai Jue rejects it. He tries to give him the present for Shang Gu. Tian Qi takes a look at the present. He’s furious after knowing the gift is the peach Bai Jue picked.

Bai Jue tries to leave. But Zhi Yang keeps him. He tells him that he summoned him not just for the birthday of Shang Gu. He wishes him to teach Shang Gu because she cannot use chaos power. Tian Qi is against it and thinks the one who should teach Shang Gu is him.

Zhi Yang glares at Tian Qi. Bai Jue thinks Tian Qi is enough to teach Shang Gu. But Zhi Yang points out that Tian Qi will teach Shang Gu to be a bad god. He takes Tian Qi and Bai Jue to the gate of hell.

Zhi Yang tells the two that the gate of hell will open if the power of chaos begins to dissipate. He thinks there will be a problem if the gate opens. Bai Jue thinks it’s the intent from heaven that Shang Gu’s core doesn’t complete. He tries to leave.

Zhi Yang stops Bai Jue. He asks him if he forgets the disaster of chaos. He says that the disaster is going to come, and only chaos god can contend with it. Bai Jue points out that the girl cannot contend with the disaster because they don’t what it is.

Zhi Yang tells Bai Jue to teach Shang Gu for the last wish of Ancient God. Bai Jue promises to risk his life if the day comes. He tries to walk away. Zhi Yang says that the disaster reminds him the youth days of them. He asks Tian Qi if he remembers Ancient God took them to the battle field.

Tian Qi points out that they’re not young boys. He thinks the gods will mock them if they hear it. Bai Jue reminds them that they swore. He asks them about the nature of Shang Gu. Zhi Yang tells Bai Jue that Shang Gu is a good girl. He adds that she has taken the seal of main god if her core completes. Bai Jue promises to teach Shang Gu.

Tian Qi wonders why Zhi Yang didn’t tell the real nature of Shang Gu. Zhi Yang scolds Tian Qi for bringing troubles to him. He thinks Shang Gu became a bad girl because of him.

Shang Gu stays on the tree and thinks she kept bringing troubles. She spots the snow god Xue Ying, and wonders why she came to Changyuan Palace. Xue Ying tells the flowers that Bai Jue will be happy when he sees them. Shang Gu thinks Xue Ying loves Bai Jue deeply.

Xue Ying pays her respect to Bai Jue after he showed up. She tells him that she has taken care of the Burying Sea Flowers because she knew he likes it. She wished the place would be same when he came back. He burns up the flowers.

Bai Jue mentions what he said that nobody can get into Changyuan Palace. He tells her to accept the punishment of thunder. Shang Gu spots it and thinks Bai Jue is too heartless. He makes her fall from the tree, and asks her if it was hurt. She gets up and tells him that it wasn’t hurt at all.

Bai Jue thinks he should make the tree grow up to be tall so that nobody will bug him. He tells Shang Gu that he’s not interested in knowing who she is. He tells her to leave. She stops him and thinks he didn’t care for Xue Ying because she spent so much time in the flower sea.

Bai Jue claims that he doesn’t need to be kind because he’s a god. He adds that it’s his right to burn the flowers because the palace belongs to him. Shang Gu points out that she has duty to care for God Realm. Xue Ying pays her respect to Shang Gu.

Shang Gu comforts Xue Ying that she will send the jerk to the heaven realm. Bai Jue shows the scene that Shang Gu messes up the marriage temple. He thinks the one who should go to heaven realm is her. She explains that there was an accident when she gave the marriage to heaven realm.

Bai Jue blames Shang Gu for using her power to break the rules of heaven realm. She talks back that he’s a jerk even if he has a good looking face. She thinks Snow God has had luck to have feelings for him. She adds that he was right not to return God Realm, and thinks he stains her God Realm when he breathes in front of her.

Bai Jue walks to Shang Gu. She reminds him that she’s the future Chaos God. He thinks she was trained by Tian Qi, and lifts her with his magic. He tells her not to disappoint Zhi Yang. He locks her up in the room. She is furious to yell at him. She tells him that she will make him know who is the master of God Realm.

Shang Gu meets with Yue Mi and complains that she will be dead if she has feeling for Bai Jue. Yue Mi agrees to what Shang Gu said. She thinks Tian Qi is better than Bai Jue. Shang Gu complains that she’s a grass fool since she and the three have same Ancient God father. She thinks she wasn’t given birth by Ancient God.

Yue Mi pities Shang Gu. Shang Gu thinks Yue Mi could stand to see her getting wronged when she grabs her hand. But Yue Mi tells Shang Gu not to act. She asks her what she wants her to do. Shang Gu tells Yue Mi to ruin Bai Jue’s palace.

Yue Mi claims that she has a business, and tries to leave. But Shang Gu keeps Yue Mi. Yue Mi complains that she cannot defeat the True God. Shang Gu asks Yue Mi if she wants to see her getting angry to be dead. Yue Mi offers to let Zhi Yang help Shang Gu. Shang Gu smiles.

Zhi Yang walks into the palace and asks what happened. Yue Mi reveals Shang Gu refuses to eat because she’s in anger. Zhi Yang asks Shang Gu who bullied her. He wants to take revenge. She complains that Bai Jue threw her away in front of Snow God. She claims that she will be hungry to be dead if he doesn’t kick Bai Jue out of the God Realm.

Zhi Yang tells Shang Gu that the task is very hard. She cries because she thinks he’s bias of Bai Jue. He reveals he cannot defeat Bai Jue, and thinks he cannot kick the god out until God Realm is ruined. She asks him for a method.

Zhi Yang tells Shang Gu that Bai Jue will listen to her if she becomes Chaos God. She thinks it’s a great idea but points out that she cannot achieve it in a short period of time. He tells her to learn all of the skills from Bai Jue. He adds that he will kick Bai Jue with her once she learns the skills.

Yue Mi persuades Shang Gu that nobody can bully her if she completes the training. But Shang Gu is against it. She thinks she has no god face if she calls Bai Jue master. Yue Mi wants to take Shang Gu to take revenge. She says that she will flee with her if they cannot defeat Bai Jue.

Yue Mi tells Shang Gu that she won’t get her wronged, and wants to be the free god with her. Zhi Yang is against it. He thinks Shang Gu will get bullied once she gets into Heaven Realm. He tells her to work for Pu Hua, and thinks she will be a good marriage god. He asks Yue Mi to pack the stuff for Shang Gu.

Shang Gu stops Zhi Yang and tells him that she agrees to get trained in Changyuan Palace. She swears to learn all of the skills of Bai Jue to kick him out of God Realm. He agrees to it and tells her to wear her shoes.

Shang Gu arrives at the Changyuan Palace. She gets the goddesses to serve her. Yue Mi reminds Shang Gu that she came to pay her respect to her master. But Shang Gu talks back that she should dignity because it’s her first day to take class. She says that she wants Bai Jue to invite her to get into the palace with respect.

The goddesses bow to Bai Jue after he showed up. Shang Gu stops the goddesses. She walks to Bai Jue and asks him to teach her magic. She mentions what Zhi Yang said that he promised it. He asks her to take off her coat, and reminds her that she’s just a normal maid of the palace before she leaves.

Shang Gu agrees to it because she doesn’t have the power the enjoy the main goddess position. He tells her to ruin the stuff she takes. He thinks she cannot be the main goddess of three realms if she cannot give up the stuff she likes. He tells her to leave if she doesn’t want to do that.

Shang Gu breaks the stuff so that Bai Jue lets her in. Shang Gu tells Yue Mi that she will ruin Changyuan Palace once she learns the all of the skills of Bai Jue. She walks into the palace and tells Bai Jue that she’s sincerity. She bows to him and thinks the palace will feel great. But he hears what she said.

Shang Gu blames Bai Jue for reading her mind with magic. He waits for her to bully him after she becomes main goddess. He seals her power.

Hong Ri gives the broom to Shang Gu, and tells her to learn the basic serving knowledge. He reveals it’s Bai Jue’s order. She thinks he shouldn’t order her because he’s just a pet of him. But he talks back that he should learn the skills from him first because she’s not the main goddess anymore.

Shang Gu thinks Hong Ri is giving her hard time. She wants to see Bai Jue. He tells her not to stay there if she’s discontent. She smiles and claims that she likes to sweep floor. Tian Qi walks into the palace and stares at Bai Jue. He asks him how he got Shang Gu to sweep floor for him.

Bai Jue mentions what Tian Qi said that Shang Gu is a good girl. Tian Qi tells Bai Jue that the words was said by Zhi Yang. Bai Jue thinks Shang Gu isn’t match for getting into his palace if she’s not related to the future of God Realm.

Tian Qi thinks Bai Jue will know Shang Gu is a bright girl if he gets long with her for some time. But Bai Jue talks back that it cannot help the world.

Shang Gu breaks the stone book of Bai Jue. Hong Ri has to carve it himself. She volunteers to do the job because her handwriting was taught by Zhi Yang. Zhi Yang shows up and tells Shang Gu to follow him.

Bai Jue asks Shang Gu to make the people of tiger clan smile because they’re tortured by Red Blood Woods. Shang Gu thinks the task is too hard because she cannot control people’s feelings even if she’s the main god. Bai Jue thinks Shang Gu cannot take the duty if she cannot complete the task.

Shang Gu thinks Bai Jue is giving him hard time. He denies and tries to give her a simple task. She stops him and thinks she can comfort the people of Tiger Clan.

Tian Qi mistakes Bai Jue gave Shang Gu hard time. He reveals nobody wants to be close to Bai Jue except Hong Ri. He offers to throw a birthday party for her. She shakes her head. So he intends to take her to Monster Clan because it’s the Spring Day of Monster Clan.

Shang Gu realizes that Tian Qi is Monster God. She asks him how to make a monster happy. He tells her to give the most sincere affection to the monster. He hints her to hug him. But She walks away.

Shang Gu runs into Snow Goddess and other goddesses. Snow Goddess asks Shang Gu to take a look at the presents they prepared. Shang Gu accepts the presents, and asks them what they want to get. The goddess asks Shang Gu to do something for her and Bai Jue. Shang Gu gets the goddess’s point, and wonders why the goddesses like Bai Jue.


Zhong Dongyu as Shang Gu (Hou Chi)

She’s the chaos god who is destined to face the disaster of chaos.

Xu Kai as Bai Jue (Qing Mu)

He’s the god who trains Shang Gu to be chaos god. But he feels sad after knowing Shang Gu is going to disappear.

Liu Xueyi as Tian Qi (Jing Yuan)

He’s the demon god who wants to ruin the world for Shang Gu. He cares for Shang Gu and doesn’t want her to get hurt after knowing her fate. But she misunderstands him.

Lai Yi as Gu Jun

He’s just the flood dragon. Shang Gu chooses him as her disciple when everyone looks down on him because of his background. She accepts the thunder punishment for him, and helps him become god. He repays her when Hou Chi is questioned, and returns all of the honors to her.

Zhang Xiaochen as Xuan Yi

Xuan Yi was the previous chaos god. But he betrayed Ancestor God and he became devil god because he didn’t wish to die. He knows the born of Shang Gu. He sends a letter to her. He asks her to come to the demon lake. But she unites other gods to seal him. It seems that the seal is his plan.

Liu Mengmeng as Xue Ying

Xue Ying is just a little snow god. But she falls for the fire god Bai Jue after she ran into him in the plum woods on a snowy day. She’s jealous after she found out that Bai Jue fell for Shang Gu. She pours the wine to Shang Gu’s clothes. She tells a lie to Shang Gu that it’s a mistake.


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Ending Explained

Bai Jue accepts the chaos disaster. Yue Qi goes to see Shang Gu. He tells her that the obsidian bracelet his father gave him was broken. He adds that he didn’t ruin it. She’s surprised that the kid called Bai Jue father god.

Shang Gu takes a look at the bracelet and remembers the past of her and Bai Jue. She asks Yuan Qi about what Bai Jue said when he gave him the bracelet. He mentions what Bai Jue said that he thinks it’s a good thing to die for the woman he loves. Yuan Qi says that he didn’t understand what his father said.

Tian Qi shows up. He asks Yuan Qi for kowtowing to Bai Jue. Yue Qi does so. Bai Jue is in tears. He says that he feels regret for not accompanying Yuan Qi to grow up with the identity of father god. He wishes him to understand what kind of person he is. He closes his eyes and passes away.

Shang Gu learns that Tian Qi knew everything. He tells her that Bai Jue disappeared from North Ocean after he raised her to grow up with the identity of Bo Xuan. Shang Gu asks Tian Qi if he made Qing Mu for the Chaos Power. She thinks Bai Jue ended the relationship because he knew the Chaos Disaster would come one day. So he accepted the Chaos Disaster for her.

Tian Qi tells Shang Gu that Bai Jue just didn’t want her to be sad. So he concealed it from her. Tian Qi reveals Bai Jue undertook it very hard. He tells her to see him off. Shang Gu leaves. Yuan Qi asks Tian Qi if his father is dead. He reveals Bai Jue told him that death isn’t horrible and nobody can change the fate. Tian Qi lets the kid in his arms to comfort him.

Shang Gu arrives at the Blue Dragon Stage. She looks around the stage. She doesn’t find Bai Jue. She puts her hand on her chest and closes her eyes. She begins to cry. She tells Bai Jue that she doesn’t hate him all her life, and she doesn’t hear him saying that he loves her. She says that she doesn’t repay him the grace.

Bai Jue mentions what Shang Gu said that she didn’t cherish the life because the god’s life is too long, and she didn’t have other choices because people’s life are too important. He wishes her to have a long time. He thinks it’s the only thing he can do for her.

Shang Gu says that she doesn’t expect that Bai Jue would kill himself on Blue Dragon Stage. She blames him for leaving her in the world. She looks at the sky. She smiles.

Three Years Later

Zhi Yang visits Tian Qi and asks him what he’s look at. Tian Qi tells Zhi Yang not to drink because it will hurt his core. Zhi Yang doesn’t care for it because he’s an old man now. He complains to Tian Qi that Yuan Qi is too mischievous. Tian Qi tells Zhi Yang to let Dong Hua train Yuan Qi. But he thinks Dong Hua isn’t match for Bai Jue.

Zhi Yang wishes Bai Jue to be alive. Tian Qi tells Zhi Yang to take Yuan Qi to see Shang Gu. Zhi Yang walks Yuan Qi in the woods. He tells him that the snow hasn’t stopped after his father passed away. Yuan Qi asks Zhi Yang when there will be a new Fire God. Zhi Yang says that he’s not sure about it. But he knows there will be new Fire God being born on Qiankun State.

Yuan Qi joins Shang Gu and calls her mom. She is surprised that Yuan Qi and Zhi Yang came. Zhi Yang says that he wants Yuan Qi to learn how to manage the Three Realms. He adds that his son missed her. He tells her not to be sad. But she wants him to manage the God Realm for her.

Zhi Yang reveals Feng Ran will throw a banquet in Wuxi woods. He tells Shang Gu to visit Feng Ran if she’s not busy. He adds that Bai Jue doesn’t wish her to be like this. Yuan Qi leaves with Zhi Yang. He asks him if his mom won’t never return to God Realm. Zhi Yang tells Yuan Qi that Shang Gu will get back to see him after she thinks it over. He tells him that Bai Jue won’t pass away if he doesn’t forget him. He persuades him to practice because his god power isn’t stable. He offers to let Yuan Qi be a student of Dong Hua. Yuan Qi agrees to it.

Sen Yu sees Chang Qin off. He promises not to give her hard time if she stays in the palace. But she intends to go to mortal world because she wishes to do something for the world. She’s not sure if she will come back. Because they missed the things. But she thinks it’s a good ending that they missed. He wipes off his tears. She leaves.

Shang Gu flies in the sky. She sees Wu Huan. Jing Zhao finds her mother. Wu Huan wonders why her husband Mu Guang doesn’t come. She thinks the peach blossom will be wilting if he doesn’t come. Jing Zhao hugs Wu Huan. She comforts her that Mu Guang has accompanied them.

Shang Gu runs into the immortals in the Wutong Woods. They greet her. Shang Gu drinks with Feng Ran. Feng Ran complains to Shang Gu that Qing Tian let them run into the two bad guys. Shang Gu offers to let Pu Hua arrange marries for them.

Feng Ran agrees to Shang Gu’s plan. She thinks she shouldn’t waste her time on the White Phoenix. Shang Gu reminds Feng Ran that Jing Jian didn’t wish to leave her. But Feng Ran points out that Jing Jian left. Shang Gu reveals Jing Jian was alive for Feng Ran.

She tells Feng Ran that she saw Jing Jian’s soul from the guy of Phoenix Clan. Feng Ran is happy to ask Shang Gu to tell the guy to her. But Shang Gu refuses to leak it. She thinks Jing Jian has a way to rebuild his body. She believes that he will tell it to Feng Ran on his own.

Hong Ri finds the wine Yue Mi concealed from the yard. He hands over the wine to Tian Qi. Tian Qi remembers Yue Mi asked him to drink the wine for her. He tears up. He asks Hong Ri to send all of the wine to Zhu Yang. He reveals he decides not to drink wine. Because he thinks he cannot repay what he owed Yue Mi. He decides not to have feelings for other girls.

Shang Gu walks in the woods. She remembers Feng Ran thought Bai Jue will be reborn like Jing Jian. But Shang Gu didn’t think so because Bai Jue was a true god. Feng Ran wondered why Shang Gu waited for the answer that doesn’t have a result.

Hong Ri finds Shang Gu. He takes out the tower. He reveals Bai Jue asked him to put the person’s soul into the tower. Shang Gu takes a look at the tower. She finds out that Gu Jun’s soul is in the tower. Hong Ri persuades her that Bai Jue wouldn’t let her family leave her.

Shang Gu is furious to ask Hong Ri if Bai Jue did something she doesn’t know. He denies it. She tears up for Bai Jue. She notes that Hong Ri isn’t sad for his master. She blames him. But he points out that he knows Bai Jue will come back because Shang Gu came back.

Shang Gu goes to the Qiankun Stage. She asks Ancestor God to return Bai Jue to her. She promises to exchange Bai Jue’s life with her life. Tian Qi and Zhi Yang show up. They persuade Shang Gu not to get on knees to Ancestor God because she’s a true god. But Shang Gu insists on doing so. Tian Qi and Zhi Yang leave.

Shang Gu has gotten on knees to Ancestor God for five hundred years. Yuan Qi asks his mother to see him off because he’s going to go to Great Lake Mansion to study. She lets him leave because she believes that Bai Jue won’t give up them.

Tian Qi persuades Shang Gu that Bai Jue won’t have the memories of previous life even if Bai Jue comes back. But she thinks it’s fine because she remembers it. The new fire god is born from Qiankun Stage. We finds out that it’s Bai Jue. The new fire god tells Shang Gu that he’s Bai Jue. She runs into his arms.

Release Date

Ancient Love Poetry is a great historical drama which tells a story about the Ancient God’s love. There’re a lot of people wishing to watch it. But they don’t know the release date.

The drama’s release date is Jun 17.

Release Schedule


Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 1-2: Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 3-4: Friday, June 18, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 5-6: Saturday, June 19, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 7-8: Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 9-10: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 11-12: Friday, June 25, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 13-14: Saturday, June 26, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 15-16: Sunday, June 27, 2021


Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 17-18: Friday, July 2, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 19-20: Saturday, July 3, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 21-22: Sunday, July 4, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 23-24: Monday, July 5, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 25-26: Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 27-28: Friday, July 9, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 29-30: Saturday, July 10, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 31-32: Sunday, July 11, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 33-34: Thursday, July 15, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 35-36: Friday, July 16, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 37-38: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 39-40: Sunday, July 18, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 41-42: Thursday, July 22, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 43-44: Friday, July 23, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 45-46: Saturday, July 24, 2021

Ancient Love Poetry Episodes 47-49: Sunday, July 25, 2021

Where to Watch?

Ancient Love Poetry proves the popular of historical dramas. You can watch it on Tengxun Video.

Shooting Location

Ancient Love Poetry was filmed in Hengdian. Most of the historical dramas were filmed in the city.

How Many Episodes in Ancient Love Poetry?

Ancient Love Poetry contains 49 episodes.

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