Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

This is the recap of Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1. Xie Xiang replaces her brother to join Arsenal Military Academy, and runs into Man Ting in the women restroom. Man Ting mistakes Xie Xiang as a stalker. Yan Zhen carries Man Ting after she refused to drink with him, and Xie Xiang and Yan Zhen are arrested.

Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 1

Arsenal Military Academy

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Arsenal Military Academy Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 1.

In 1911, the war of Xinhai begins. The north ocean government conducted by Yuan Shikai controls China, and people are scared. The government of Feng An decides to restart Arsenal Military Academy, and focuses on educating people, who love nation.

The paper boy runs through and tells the news of Arsenal Military Academy’s opening. The girl Xie Xiang remembers Xiao Jun picked her at at the railway station and told her that she didn’t have route of retreat after the cutting. Xie Xiang said that she didn’t want to give herself the route of retreat, and cut off her hair.

Xie Xiang with the fake name Xiang Liang Cheng. The doctor asks her to take off her clothes to pass the physical, but she says that she is shy and rejects the physical. So he lets her to get out. Xiao Jun is excited that Xie Xiang passed the physical, and tells her to the club.

Xiao Jun says that the big star Qu Manting is her friend, but Xie Xiang doesn’t believe it. The reports want to interview Man Ting, but they’re stopped by the man. The man says that Man Ting is dressing up, and answers the questions for Man Ting.

Man Ting is surprised to see Xie Xiang in the restroom, and thinks he likes her. Xie Xiang says that she doesn’t know her, and Man Ting asks him why he chased her to the women restroom. Xiao Xiang is embarrassed and explains that it’s a misunderstanding.

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But Man Ting thinks Xie Xiang took photos of her, and asks her to take out her camera. Xie Xiang runs out, and Man Ting chases her. But she runs into the reporters, and turns to be against the wall to cover her face. Xie Xiang finds Xiao Jun in the bar and wants to take her away, but Xiao Jun wants to introduce Man Jun to her.

Man Zhen shows up on the stage and sings. She thanks to the men, who gave her flowers. But Yan Zhen thinks her singing is terrible. People thinks Yan Zhen is rude, and he asks her to drink with him. Man Ting tries to slap Yan Zhen, but he holds her hand.

The manager wants to stop Yan Zhen, but his follower reminds him that they cannot offend Yan Zhen. So he tells him to call the second young master. Yan Zhen carries Man Ting to walk away, and Xie Xiang thinks Xiao Jun should help her friend.

Man Ting takes Jun Shan’s clothes and asks for help. But he ignores it. Xie Xiang stops Yan Zhen, but Man Ting thinks Xie Xiang is Yan Zhen’s partner. The man arrives with the police, and Man Ting tells him that Xie Xiang and Yan Zhen are partners.

Xie Xiang denies, but Yan Zhen hugs her. The man Ting Bai asks Police He to deal with it, and he takes Man Ting away when Yan Zhen provokes her. Xie Xiang tells Yan Zhen to speak out his behind to startle the police, but he says that he only relies on himself.

Yan Zhen says that he can defeat 10 people in one time, but finds out the people more than 10. Yan Zhen and Xie Xiang get beaten by police on the end. Zong Tang knows that Yan Zhen got arrested, and the man explains that Yan Zhen was wronged.

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Zong Tang thinks his son isn’t comfortable if he doesn’t bring trouble to him. But he tells his man to take Yan Zhen back. Yan Zhen plays mahjong and reminds Police He that people knew that he get arrested, and Police He thinks it’s a misunderstanding. But Yan Zhen points out that Police He promised to deal with it with justice.

Yan Zhen claims that he just liked Man Ting and wanted to treat her a meal, but Police He arrested him. Police He apologizes for offending Yan Zhen, but Xie Xiang thinks Yan Zhen isn’t reasonable to play women. Yan Zhen threatens to send Xie Xiang into the cell again.

Police He asks Yan Zhen to forgive him, and Yan Zhen thinks they’re friends. But he tells him to take some words to Ting Bai. The police reminds Police He that they were used as guns. The man takes Yan Zhen home, and thinks police beat Yan Zhen too heavy. But Zhong Tang thinks it’s too light, and yells at Yan Zhen that he is stupid to be shame of him.

Yan Zhen asks Zhong Tang to end the talk and tells him that he needs to take a bath. Zhong Tang rages to throw the cup to his son, and Yan Zhen asks the man Uncle Zhu to get him a cup of tea. Zhong Tang decides to send Yan Zhen to Arsenal Military Academy as it’s a cruel place, and wants his son to get some pain.

Police He meets with Ting Bai, and Ting Bai thinks he brought trouble to Police He and promises not to make Police He get involved as his father and Zhong Tang are friends. But Police He brings the words of Yan Zhen that Man Ting’s waist is very soft.

Xie Xiang visits her brother Xie Liangcheng’s grave and swears to be a good soldier. When Xie Xiang is talking with Huang Song, Wen Zhong rides the car passing by and hits Huang Song’s luggage. Wen Zhong tells Huang Song to get lost, and Xie Xiang argues with Wen Zhong. Huang Song stops Xie Xiang and thinks being bullied blessing.

Wen Zhong sees the soldier taking the gun, and brags that his father gave him two mauser guns. His friends want to see it, and Wen Zhong intends to show it to them while they drink. Xie Xiang and Huang Song arrive with the luggage, and Wen Zhong recognizes Huang Song. Huang Song recognizes the soldier’s gun mp18 assault rifle.

Wen Zhong mocks at Huang Song and calls him bumpkin. He accuses him of hitting his car and asks him to be on knees and call him dad. Xie Xiang points out that Wen Zhong is a traitor and he wears the badge of Japanese chamber. Wen Zhong is furious to hit Xue Xiang but hurts Jun Shan by mistake.

Jun Shan asks Wen Zhong to be on knees, and Wen Zhong tells Huang Song that he forgives him. But Jun Shan kicks Wen Zhong and steps on him, and says that Wen Zhong is the tray dog, who went to his family asking for food. Zhong Xi shoots to sky and asks the guys, who took part in fighting, leaving their places in the ranks.

Zhong Xi asks the guys to run for 50 rounds with their luggage. Yan Zhen arrives with drinks, and Zhong Xi orders to hang him at the train ground, even if the follower reminds Zhong Xi that Yan Zhen is General Liu’s son.

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