As Beautiful As You: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for As Beautiful As You: Episode 1. City, bridge, cars and houses. We’re in Star Port City. Ji Xing’s mother calls Ji Xing. She asks her about the house she saw. Ji Xing reveals she’s interested in the house where’s nearby the subway station.

Ji Xing believes that she can pay the down payment with her boyfriend if she gets the project bonus. Her mother thinks she shouldn’t prepare for the marriage. She reminds her that they need to book the good hotel for two years. But Ji Xing thinks she should buy the house first.

As Beautiful As You: Episode 1

She walks out of her room when her roommate Tu Xiaomeng is having breakfast. Ji Xing takes a bun and she leaves the house. The plane lands the airport. The man is on the plane. He talks with President Yuan over the phone. He comforts her that he will give Han Ting a lesson.

Han Ting sits next to the man President Wang. President Wang hangs up. Han Ting reveals he came to protect President Wang. He takes out the papers. He mentions the supplier in Dongyang sold the house to President Wang with a cheap price.

Han Ting tells President Wang that he trusts him. But he thinks the chairman won’t think so. He promises to let him buy more houses if he helps him. Ji Xing arrives at the subway station. But the undergoing maintenance is undergoing maintenance. She rides a bike.

Han Ting walks in the hallway at the airport. He gets a call from his older sister President Yuan. She reminds him that she cannot help him if he’s late to the board meeting. The follower reports to her that President Wang won’t come. President Yuan calls Director He. She asks her about President Wang. But Director He reveals she cannot come to the board meeting.

Han Ting is in the car. The assistant complains to Han Ting that the chairman went to Hainan when Han Ting needs him. But Han Ting thinks his grandma wouldn’t let him be the CEO if he cannot deal with the directors. The assistant agrees to what Han Ting said. He thinks President Yuan is in anger.

Han Ting opens the car window. He thinks he would do so if his older female cousin gave up Dongyang Medical Care. Ji Xing is in front of the red light. Her colleague Huang Weiwei calls her. She reports to her that Lin Zhen is printing the report.

But Ji Xing believes that Director Chen will know the report was made by her. But Huang Weiwei reveals President Zeng came to the company. She believes that Director Chen won’t say that the report was made by Ji Xing. The man who rides the bike almost hits Ji Xing. The takeaway person hits Han Ting’s car for avoiding Ji Xing.

Han Ting’s assistant asks the takeaway person to compensate. But Ji Xing shares the duty with the takeaway person. Han Ting sees Ji Xing from his car. He recognizes her. He lets his assistant Tang Song get Ji Xing’s number. He closes the window. Ji Xing takes a look at the window.

Ji Xing runs into the meeting room when Lin Zhen is introducing the robot Little White. Huang Weiwei tells Ji Xing that Lin Zhen stole her peach. She reveals the man who sits in the first row is the big boss. Han Ting asks Lin Zhen to explain the presentation. But Lin Zhen cannot do that.

Han Ting realizes that the report wasn’t made by Lin Zhen. Zeng Di asks Director Chen what happened. Director Chen reveals the report was made by Ji Xing. Ji Xing walks to the stage. She recognizes Han Ting. She explains the report to him. He remembers they took part in the robot game together. She gave a speech on the stage.

Huang Weiwei returns to the office with Ji Xing. She thanks the big boss for helping Ji Xing take back Ji Xing’s peach. She thinks Lin Zhen got a lesson. Ji Xing remembers Han Ting ignored her and he left after the meeting. She gets a call from Su Zhizhou. He asks her for a meeting up at the cafe. She agrees to it when he intends to buy her a cup of black coffee.

Zeng Li and Han Ting are on the couch. She places a cup of black coffee on the table. She asks him if Little White is close to the plan he mentioned when he reads the report. He admits it and he thinks it’s interesting when he stares at Ji Xing’s photo.

Zeng Li plans to hold a party. She invites Han Ting. He agrees to it. She asks him to have dinner with her. He rejects it and he asks her to attend President Li’s party with him. She mentions President Li is close to his older sister. He claims that it’s just a business.

Ji Xing runs into the cafe. Su Zhizhou is waiting for her. She hands over the start-up proposal she improved to him. He finds out that she remade the proposal for him. He thinks she’s his real older sister. He invites her to start a business with him. But she doesn’t want to take the risk because she’s going to buy a house.

He persuades her that she owns the technology and his father is rich. She gets a call from Zeng Li. Zeng Li asks Ji Xing to attend a gathering with her. She tells her to dress up. Tu Xiaomeng puts makeup on Ji Xing in the house they rented. She thinks Ji Xing’s boss is going to raise Ji Xing’s salary.

Li Li visits. Ji Xing lets her come in. Li Li takes a look at Ji Xing’s makeup. She learns that Tu Xiaomeng did it. Ji Xing reveals she invited Li Li because she thinks the party is very important. But Tu Xiaomeng thinks Ji Xing doesn’t trust her.

Ji Xing explains it to Tu Xiaomeng that Li Li is the top seller so that she can check on for her. She tells Li Li that her boss is a beauty. Li Li learns the style of Ji Xing’s boss. She lets Ji Xing go to remove makeup. Han Ting walks into the office with Tang Song. He sees the lamp Xiao Yixiao gave to him.

Ji Xing walks on the street in a cold night. She receives a message from Li Li. Li Li asks Ji Xing if her scarf warmed her. Ji Xing is happy to praise Li Li. Zeng Li’s car shows up. Ji Xing gets in the car. Zeng Li learns that Ji Xing worked hard for her company. She promises to reward her. She asks her to take down Little President Zhao with her. She promises to give her double bonus if she introduces Little White well.

Han Ting and Little President Zhao play poker at the Star and Moon Club. Zeng Di shows up with Ji Xing. She lets Ji Xing sit with Little President Zhao. Ji Xing volunteers to play poker for Little President Zhao. Han Ting can defeat Ji Xing. But he lets her win. Little President Zhao is happy to put his hand on Ji Xing’s shoulder. She shakes off his hand.

Han Ting isn’t happy to walk out of the room. Zeng Di follows him. She joins him outside. She asks him what happened. He blames her for letting her employee accompany the client to play. She claims that Ji Xing knows Little White better than her. But he asks her to let Ji Xing leave.

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Little President Zhao is interested in Ji Xing’s project. He tries to add her WeChat. But Zeng Di calls Ji Xing out of the room. She lets her leave. Zeng Di sees Little President Zhao off. He asks her to take Ji Xing next time. He leaves. Zeng Di wants to have a talk with Han Ting. But he rejects it and he leaves. He goes to the wonton store. He eats the wonton. Xiao Yixiao finds Han Ting. He asks him if he knew Ji Xing.

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