Everyone Loves Me: Episode 16 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 16. Yue Qianling hands over Ling Yu’s drawing to Gu Xun in his office. He takes a look at the drawing. He thinks there’s no problem. He tells her not to make mistake. He asks her where she went after she left the club.

Yue Qianling reveals she went to comfort a friend who just lost her love. She receives a message from 1st Project Department. She tells Gu Xun that she needs to go to 1st Project Department. But she promises to coordinate the work of two departments. She leaves his office.

Everyone Loves Me: Episode 16

Yue Qianling notes that Fan Xing’s keyboard is broken. She persuades Fan Xing to apply for a new keyboard. But Fan Xing thinks she can just get an ordinary keyboard. Chen Xinyi joins Yue Qianling. She reveals Gu Xun bought Yue Qianling the keyboard.

Jiang Yishi introduces Yue Qianling as the team leader of art team to President Yang in the meeting room. Yue Qianling gets a call from Fan Xing. She turns off her phone. She introduces the pet system to President Yang. He’s interested in the proposal. He leaves the meeting room with Jiang Yishi.

Yue Qianling calls Fan Xing. But Fan Xing doesn’t pick up her phone. She runs to Fan Xing’s office. Fan Xing reveals Ling Yu left. The employees badmouth Yue Qianling. Fan Xing scolds them. Yue Qianling is in Gu Xun’s office. She admits that it was her mistake. She wants to make up for it. Gu Xun tells Yue Qianling to complete Ling Yu’s part. He promises to negotiate with Ling Yu.

Yue Qianling and Fan Xing study Ling Yu’s photos. Fan Xing wishes there’s an equipment which isn’t limited by space. Yue Qianling comes up with a new capture method. She reports it to Gu Xun. He thinks it will be better if they capture Ling Yu when she performs.

Yue Qianling calls Ling Yu. Ling Yu agrees to Yue Qianling’s plan. But she asks her to go to negotiate with the organizer on her own. Yue Qianling and Gu Xun meet with the organizer. Yue Qianling persuades the organizer that she will give him a promotional video. He agrees to it.

Yue Qianling watches the promotional video with Gu Xun in his office. She thinks the video is good. She promises him that she won’t make it happen again. He points out that she needs to make a choice. Gu Xun visits Yue Qianling’s house with a CCTV. He tells her that she will know it when someone visits her if she connects the CCTV with her phone.

She wonders what she can do if she’s not at home. He persuades her to connect the CCTV with his phone. But she thinks it’s weird. He hands over the bat to her. He tells her to use it to protect herself. She’s moved and she thinks he’s like her grandma.

Huang Jie texts Yue Qianling. She informs her that Jiang Yishi changed the meeting time to afternoon. But Yue Qianling needs to have a meeting at Ninth Business Department. She thinks she needs to make a choice. The people of Ninth Business Department are waiting for Jiang Junnan in the meeting room.

Wei Han wonders if Jiang Junnan forgot the time. Chen Xinyi believes that Jiang Junnan is tangled by the client. She leaves the meeting room. Jiang Junnan is having a video chat with her girlfriend Feng Ruru in his office. Feng Ruru wonders if Jiang Junnan will protect her like the man did in the video to his girlfriend.

Jiang Junnan promises it. Chen Xinyi walks into his office. She reminds him that he has a meeting. But he lets her leave. Chen Xinyi returns to the meeting room. She reveals Jiang Junnan let them have a talk first. Jiang Junnan arrives. Chen Xinyi hands over the papers she just sorted out to him. He thanks her for helping him.

Yue Qianling walks around the stairs. She wonders if she needs to go to Ninth Business Department. She casts the coin for making the decision. Stella picks up the coin. She knows Yue Qianling is upset for changing the department.

She reveals Gu Xun rejected it when she offered to transfer Yue Qianling to Ninth Business Department. She adds that Gu Xun wished Yue Qianling to make the decision on her own. She asks Yue Qianling if she made the decision. Yue Qianling reveals she threw the coin because she wasn’t sure.

But Stella knows Yue Qianling got the answer after she threw the coin. She reminds her that she will gain more if she goes to Ninth Business Department. Yue Qianling wonders why Stella created Ninth Business Department. Stella reveals she threw a coin like Yue Qianling when she couldn’t make the decision. She adds that the result told her not to do it. But the result made her to do the thing.

Stella tells Yue Qianling that she realized the thing she wanted to do at that moment. She returns the coin to her. She lets her follow her heart. Yue Qianling promises to try her best for Hero Road. She visits Jiang Yishi. She reveals she learned a lot from 1st Project Department.

But he tells her that he won’t let her go to Ninth Business Department. He reminds her that nobody can take over her project if she leaves. She thanks him for promoting her. She promises to leave until everyone adapts it. But he still doesn’t allow her to leave.

Yue Qianling is going to get the food in the cafeteria. Huang Jie persuades her not to force Jiang Yishi. She reminds her that she cannot live in the company if she offends Jiang Yishi. But Yue Qianling wants to go to Ninth Business Department. Jiang Junnan overhears it. He brings a good news to Gu Xun that Yue Qianling chose them.

But Gu Xun knows Jiang Yishi won’t let Yue Qianling leave. Jiang Junnan persuades Gu Xun to help Yue Qianling. But Gu Xun intends to let Yue Qianling resolve it on her own. He gets a call from his mother. Jiang Junnan learns that Gu Xun concealed it from his mother that he’s making games.

Yue Qianling sits in front of the laptop at home. She receives a message from Nameless Flower who asks her to attend the gathering of painters. She’s excited to accept the invitation. Huang Jie asks Yue Qianling about the gathering in the office.

Yue Qianling reveals she got an autograph from Nameless Flower. She hands over a photo with the autograph to Huang Jie. Huang Jie is surprised that Nameless Flower is a handsome guy. She reveals Jiang Yishi wished Nameless Flower to paint for him.

Yue Qianling walks into Jiang Yishi’s office. She reveals she can get Nameless Flower’s painting for him. He realizes that she does it for going to Ninth Business Department. He agrees to it. She leaves his office. Yue Qianling packs her stuff in her office.

Huang Jie reveals Yue Qianling was very cool when she was in Ninth Business Department. She wishes Yue Qianling to achieve her dream early. Yue Qianling comforts Huang Jie that she will continue to eat with her. She finds out that Yin Jun gave a snack to her. He threatens her that he won’t accept her if she’s fired. She hands over her employee ID to him. She leaves the office.

Yue Qianling arrives at Ninth Business Department. Gu Xun is waiting for her. She mistakes that he’s going to hug her. But he just carries the box for her. He gives her employee ID to her. Gu Xun takes Yue Qianling to walk into the office.

Su Zheng prepares the flowers and the poster for Yue Qianling. Gu Xun asks Yue Qianling to accompany him to a place. She thinks it’s a date. Stella has a meeting with the directors. She tells them that she will let one of them to attend the game show. The director thinks only Gu Xun and Jiang Yishi have the talent. Jiang Yishi and Gu Xun claim that they’re going to release their games. Stella decides to wait until the feedback.

Gu Xun walks into Jiang Junnan’s office. He asks him about his idea regarding the promotional video. Jiang Junan thinks the promotional video is wonderful. But Gu Xun thinks it’s lack of something. Jiang Junnan takes out a bottle. He cuts off the flower and he puts it into the bottle.

Gu Xun is surprised that Jiang Junnan liked to arrange flower. Jiang Junnan reveals Yue Qianling shared the flowers with everyone because she didn’t know how to deal with the flowers she received too many flowers. Gu Xun gets angry. He thinks Yue Qianling should reject it. Jiang Junnan points out that those guys forced Yue Qianling to accept it.

Jiang Junnan asks Gu Xun about his plan. He reminds him that he needs to take action if he wants to pursue Yue Qianling. He hands over the flowers to him. He persuades him to give it to Yue Qianling. But Gu Xun thinks Jiang Junnan is crazy. He’s furious to leave his office.

Yue Qianling returns home. She finds out that her door lock is broke. She calls the landlady. The landlady lets her call the servicing company. Yue Qianling knocks at the door of Gu Xun’s house. Gu Xun opens the door after he took a bath.

She tells him that her lock is broken. He checks the lock and he lets her live in his house. Yue Qianling is in Gu Xun’s house. He lets her wear the slippers. She’s surprised that he has women’s slippers. She reveals she likes large slippers.

She walks around the house and she sees the couple pillows. She asks him if he lived alone. He thinks she didn’t see anyone in the house except Jiang Junnan. She goes to the bathroom. Yue Qianling walks out of the bathroom. She sees Gu Xun sitting on the couch to watch movie.

He invites her to watch the horror movie with him. He tries to hug her. But she asks him what he wants to do. He tells a lie to her that he wanted to lie on the couch because he felt tired. He tries to hug her again. He explains it to her that he wanted to grab the remote.

He lets her come to him. He reveals he fears horror movie. She hears some voice. She asks him about the voice. But she finds out that he’s eating. She screams when the curtain falls to her. She goes to sleep because she thinks it’s too late. Su Zheng calls Yue Qianling. Gu Xun picks up the phone. He tells Su Zheng that Yue Qianling is sleeping. He reveals he’s going to get together with Yue Qianling. Su Zheng hangs up.

Yue Qianling wakes up in the room next day. She walks out of the room. She finds out that Gu Xun is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. He invites her to eat with him. He gives the present to her. She takes a look at the clothes. She wonders how did he know her size.

He reveals he knew her size after he took a look at it. He gives the couple cup to her. But she thinks it’s ugly. He reveals the cup is the one Jiang Junan gave to Feng Ruru. Jiang Junnan put it into his house because Feng Ruru thought it’s ugly.

Yue Qianling asks Gu Xun about the woman’s slippers. He reveals he bought her the slippers. She asks him about the pillows. He reveals it belongs to Jiang Junnan. She believes that the breakfast was prepared by Jiang Junnan. She’s happy to enjoy the breakfast.

Yue Qianling and Gu Xun walk in the neighborhood. She sees the dog Pudding. She tries to feed Pudding the dog food. But she gets a call from Yin Xue. Yue Qianling reveals she lived in her neighbor’s house. Yin Xue realizes that Gu Xun has feelings for Yue Qianling. Yue Qianling hangs up. She leaves with Gu Xun.

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Su Zheng sees Yue Qianling walking into the office with Gu Xun. He greets her. Yue Qianling is working with Chen Xinyi. She takes a look at Gu Xun who’s working with Jiang Junnan. She remembers Yin Xue told her that Gu Xun has feelings for her. Su Zheng shows something to her. He takes her to the meeting room. Gu Xun walks to the office. He finds out that Yue Qianling is very happy when she talks with Su Zheng. Yue Qianling walks out of the meeting room. Gu Xun asks her what she was talking with Su Zheng. She reveals Su Zheng talked with her about the human shape sign. He thinks she can talk with him about it when he’s close to her.

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