Avatar: The Last Airbender: Admiral Zhao’s Death Explained

Admiral Zhao is the main villain in Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1. His goal is to catch Aang and kill him as one of fire nation’s generals. He also has the duty to attack other kingdoms. But he’s killed when he tries to ruin Northern Water Tribe. Who kills Admiral Zhao? Here is what we know.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Admiral Zhao’s Death Explained

Admiral Zhao

Admiral Zhao is one of the generals in fire nation. He has been wished to get promoted. He knows he needs to take some credits. He knows his chance comes after he heard that the prince of fire nation Zuko is looking for Aang. He waits for the failure of Zuko.

He reports it to Zuko’s sister Azula after Zuko failed to catch Aang. He begins to work with her. He uses the Yuyan Archers to defeat Aang. But Zuko comes to save Aang before Admiral Zhao catches Aang. Aang and his friend arrive at Northern Water Tribe.

Admiral Zhao follows them to the tribe. His fleet begins to attack the city. But they’re blocked by the water benders. He knows the water benders’ power came from the moon spirit. He finds the pool where the moon spirit stays. He kills the black fish the moon spirit.

The water benders lose their powers after the moon spirit was killed. They become normal people. They cannot fight anymore. The previous Avatar tells Aang that he needs to sacrifice himself if he wants to save the city. Aang decides to sacrifice himself.

Aang gets into another fish’s body. He turns himself into the ocean spirit. Admiral Zhao’s soldiers aren’t the rivals of the ocean spirit. The ocean spirit gets angry after he found out that his people were killed by the soldiers of fire nation.

Zuko catches Admiral Zhao. He thinks he failed because he took away the Avatar. But Admiral Zhao asks Zuko the question which Zuko doesn’t dare to think. Does the king of fire nation wish Zuko to come back? Ozai has decided the heir.

The winner is the one which Ozai didn’t leave scar. Ozai just plans to let Zuko help his sister Azula grow up. Zuko doesn’t kill Admiral Zhao. He asks him to flee with him when the ocean spirit is close to them. But Admiral Zhao rejects it. The ocean spirit drags Admiral Zhao into the sea. She kills him. The ocean spirit sends him to the hell according to The Legend of Korra season 2.

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